Monday, September 30, 2013

11th (Eastwood)

A modern-day Apostle describes the unwavering faith Church's founders showed, even in the face of death, to remain true to their testimonies of the Book of Mormon. Read the entire talk:…
Added on 4/01/10
I can't believe that a week has passed since my last email!  This week has really gone by extremely fast!  This week was definitely very strange because we didn't seem to be doing too much, obviously we were working at every opportunity but just not much was happening but we were blessed an insane amount. 
Monday after we emailed we went to Derby and shopped around.  We bought a lot of winter gear which is good!  It got hot again since then though.  It had been pretty cold the week before.  The winter is coming though and I can't say I'm too excited for that.  Elder Harris and I got Companionship.... ONSIES.  ahaha They are union jack onsies and we ran into Elder Shipp and Elder Patten at the store and convinced them to buy some too!  It was a lot of fun and they are the most comfortable things ever.  I'm sure Elder Harris will send a picture home.  I know what's wrong with my camera so I didn't buy a new one.  It's charging right now.  Hopefully it will stay on this time.  I don't think its broken.
On Tuesday we did service a family in our ward named the Leach's and also for Rachael's mom named Elaine.  Rachel was Elder Pauly and Elder Smith's investigator but they were both transferred so we have her now.  She is sick.  Elaine owns a breakfast cafe called Eats and Treats and Rachael and Rachael's Sister Amy work there.  We drop by every now and then to eat breakfast.  They let us eat for free the next day because we did that service for them.  I think it was this week but I can't remember but we tried Black Pudding.... its rubbish.  Elder Harris thought it was okay and I didn't like it.  It wasn't the worst thing I've eaten though.  That night we went to see this guy we met named Gary who is really super depressed.  We had a good lesson with him and were excited to teach him again but he's already dropped us.  It's really a shame but he has a Book of Mormon in his home and we testified to him all that we could. 
On Wednesday I went to Derby for an exchange.  I was with Elder Shipp the whole time, he's from Arkansas and came out the transfer before me.  We had a good time and taught a couple of lessons. Elder Harris and Elder Patten did great here in Eastwood, too!  A few weeks ago Elder Harris and I met a guy named Dean and they ran into him yesterday and he said he really wanted us to be his first visitors in his new flat and that his life has drastically changed for the better since he's been reading the Book of Mormon!  It came to a surprise that he's been reading!  We haven't been able to see him since then but we have plans to. 
So Thursday we have District meeting so we exchanged back.  During district meeting the Elders all said oh we have to use the toilet and walked out... we then changed into our onsies and went back to the meeting acting like everything was all casual and stuff!  It was really funny and the sisters all want the onsies too!  Eventually we will have district onsies and be the coolest district in the mission.  ahaha.  We then went and watched the Restoration with Shaun and Louise!  Louise is going to be baptized on October 26th! :D :D  And Shaun is going to baptize her.  We are so excited about that! 
The next day was Friday so most of the day was quite boring.  We had to weekly plan and just do things in our flat until oneish then we had to go to the old flat that the missionaries used to live in and move furniture out.  We gave it to the guy downstairs.  I got a free raincoat though.  Its from CTR clothing and its pretty nice.  It was a good flat find.  We then went to Ilkeston and talked to people on the streets for a little bit.  We had tea (as in not really tea) with Claire and Shaun and burned a tie for Elder Harris' sixth month mark! 
On Saturday morning we played football finally!  It was a lot of fun and I look forward to getting better and better as these two years go on!  We ended up cancelling English classes because we needed to go to Ilkeston.  That day we didn't have too much success but we got a media referral.  That means someone got on and requested the missionaries!  We went and visited her and she said she'd go to church with us!  You'll never guess what... my bike tire is flat again.  It's all good though, I think its because of the actual tire.  We got a whole new wheel from Elder Pauly's old bike and we are going to put it on later.  That should be the end of the flat tires. 
Yesterday was the most stressful Sunday of my life. We went to pick up Ketty which is the media referral girl.  She's 21 and has a 1 year old and a 2 year old.  We walked with her to church.  It was amazing because we had 4 investigators at church!  Ketty, Amy (who has since decided that she's interested and wants the lessons!) , Rachael, and Louise.  That was so awesome but we had to run around with kids all day, then we taught gospel principles class which actually went really well.  We taught about the Book of Mormon.  Then we taught.... primary.  It was awful.  I'm pretty sure I still have a headache from that. We had a munch and mingle after church which is pretty much the same as potluck.  It was good.  We went home and sat down on the beds planning to go back out and work but we both accidentally fell asleep for 2 hours!  We woke up and did some planning and other stuff. 
This week has really been great! I miss you all and hope that all is going well!  Today I'm just going to leave the video that we used at the end of our gospel principles lesson. 
 Elder Holland is the best.
I love you guys
-Elder Evan Pogue

Monday, September 23, 2013

10th Letter (Eastwood)

Hey everyone!
Sad, but I knew Chelsea would be dead by now... (our dog died)
Yes, I talked to Janet, she's awesome!  She loved Hot Springs.  And Shaun is way awesome!  He was actually sick this week but Claire and Shaun's daughter Louise still came to church.  I find it very hard to believe that you haven't napped... I'll remain skeptical no matter what you say.  That's awesome that y'all are going to the gym everyday.  Elder Harris and I are going to start doing crossfit in the morning.  Hopefully that will show some good results. Ruby is great.  She really does do so much for us!  She's awesome. 
So yes, as you know Elder Harris and I are still in Eastwood!  We're both extremely excited about that.  Elder Harris will pretty much for sure leave next transfer, though.  I think I'll probably stay in Eastwood.  I'd really like to train but it would be rare to train on my 3rd transfer.  We'll see though.  So Elder Pauly is back in Germany, that's so weird to think about.  It was weird saying bye to him and quite sad really.  He seemed nervous to go home but I'm sure he'll get there and have a great time.  Elder Smith is also gone, he went to Nottingham so he's not too far.  We got Sisters in Eastwood!!  I'm really happy about that, they are going to do great here.  There names are Sister Stapley and Sister Eldredge.  Stapley is from Arizona and Eldredge is from Spanish Fork.  They're both really solid missionaries. Sister Eldredge is brand new out of the MTC. 
This week has been the slowest of my mission.  It was weird because every day there was a conflict.  So last Monday we went to Nottingham to bring Claire and Shaun to Chinese because they quit smoking.  That was great.  Then that night was what we call 'dodge night' and thats were we get the call about transfers and who's going and staying.  That was an extremely exciting night.  It was sad to hear that a couple people from our district are transferred away though. 
Then we literally spent the whole day Tuesday at the other Elders' flat.  We said goodbye to them at about noon and we scrubbed and cleaned the place for hours.  It was really a mess.  We didn't have time to do anything else that day.
Then Wednesday morning we went to buy a new toilet seat and installed it in the other flat.  The group of elders two transfers ago broke it and nobody ever fixed it.  So Elder Harris and I decided it'd be nice to do for the Sisters.  That didn't take too long.  We headed off on our bikes that day for Ilkeston and as we were on the path there guess what... I got ANOTHER flat tire.  I had just gotten it fixed two days ago!  There's supposedly some type of liquid you can put in your tire that fills up holes when you get them.  I'll have to look for that.  Anyways we locked up our bikes near Shaun's house and did some finding and followed up with a couple of people we'd met before.  Nothing really came of any of it yet though. 
The next day we had district meeting.  This was nice because we got to meet our new district leader and the new sister in Derby.  They're both really awesome.  We all went to McDonalds after. We did some finding in Heanor on the way back.  We found this literally crazy guy who kept asking us tons of questions.  'Where are you from?' 'What's the most prosperous place in your country', 'Where would you least like to live?' 'What do you feel about Ronald Reagan?' 'What do you feel about George Bush?' 'What do you feel about George Bush, Sr?' It went on for like 20 minutes of constant questions!  Then we tried to incorperate the gospel and suggested that we could come by some other time and talk to him more and he turned and RAN AWAY!  Literally ran away.  Elder Harris yelled WAIT! ARE YOU LEAVING!?!  and he yelled back YEAH!  It was really bizarre because nobody had ever just turned and ran. ha  We had a Dinner Appointment that night and we did some service for a lady in our ward named Sue. She was moving into a smaller flat so we carried her furniture up and stuff.  It was a miracle that some of it got up the stairs.  That took a lot longer than expected.
On Friday we helped Jay move.  We were there all morning just making runs from his old house to his new place and carrying it inside.  That was really nice and they're about done with all the moving.  We had a Dinner Appointment that night at the Rigby's.  They are awesome.  They practically run EFY in England.  Our dinner appointments are really for us to kind of spiritually uplift the members but with the Rigby, every time we go there we are the ones uplifted!  I love them.  That night we had an activity planned at the church.  We're going to have games and stuff every Friday.  We played some games, the Wii and ping pong.  It was fun.  Elder Harris is supposedly the Orem Ping Pong Champion....
On Saturday we taught English classes as we usually do.  That went really well.  I think it's good for the Spanish members and they seem to really like it.  After that we got a bus to Ilkeston and were going to fix my bike... this is where the bike story gets worse.  We walk up to the bikes, unlock them and then notice that I don't have a front wheel!  At all!  Somebody had pinched my front wheel!  Ahh it was so aggrevating.  Shaun walked with us down to a store called Halfords and now my bike is there getting a new wheel and a tire fixed.  We talked to several people that day and hopefully something good will come out of that.  We ate kebabs that night and I was officially 'Kebabtized' (:  Ahaha we are really having a great time together. 
So yesterday we went to church.  It was really a good Sunday.  All the classes were based around the Priesthood, actually really this whole week has been.  I've realized how lucky I've been to have the priesthood in our home my whole life.  It's something I guess I've always taken for granted.  We went to Janet Stinsons after that and had a delicious Sunday Dinner!  We talked a lot about her mission to Arkansas and just really had a great time.  She's an extremely funny lady. 
Today we are going to Derby and going to shop at Primark :D  I'm really excited.  I love Derby.  Elder Harris has been feeling quite sick but he claims that he's okay today.  I can tell he still doesn't feel to great.  Hopefully he gets better and I don't get what he had. 
So I was thinking about Alma 32:27 which says:
27 But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than adesire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words.
I was thinking about how when we teach people and even when we learn things, they don't always come real easily to us.  We gain a testimony slowly and as we follow the teachings of the Book of Mormon.  I think that it's so interesting that it says experiment on my words and how that implies that we have to maybe not be sure what the outcome of our actions will be, but we have to exercise that faith and do these actions and these steps that are taught in the Book of Mormon and by doing this we will eventually get to a point where we do have a strong belief and testimony in this gospel.  I guess that's my 'spiritual thought' for this week.  If there's something anyone struggles with testimony wise, just read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, follow the teachings of it and the testimony will come. 
I love and miss all of you.
-Elder Evan Pogue

Monday, September 16, 2013

9th Letter from England (Eastwood)

I'm glad to  hear that everything is going well!  I find out tonight about transfers... really hoping we both stay together here in Eastwood!
Okay this week has been really so awesome. Last P-Day we went to Derby and shopped around.  I fell in love with this place called Primark.  Everything there is insanely cheap.  I bought 3 ties for £2 each.  Then I bought a £4 belt.  I'm going to buy a suit there eventually.  We had fun there.  We were supposed to take Claire and Sean to eat Chinese but we had a little miscommunication and that didn't work out but we're doing that today after I email.  That's because they did stop smoking. 
So I don't know if I told you this but every morning we have been going to the church building to practice because Elder Harris and I committed on a musical number at Sean's baptism!  Me playing the piano and him singing When I Am Baptized from the Children's Songbook. I'll talk more about that later. (:
On Tuesday we went to a place called Hole in the Wall with an amazing guy named Peter Morrison.  He's always willing to help us and do things for us!  Every time he's around us he wears a suit out of respect because we give up two years to serve the Lord.  He's an awesome guy and he has a crazy testimony.  The Hole-in-the-wall place was like a huge 'Sunday Dinner' which is all of the stuff we generally eat at Thanksgiving just without the pies and stuff.  We followed that by going to see Sean and Claire again. 
On Wednesday we had a zone meeting in Nottingham.  It was really awesome.  I feel like it was the most informative meeting we've had.  But that takes a lot of the day.  We didn't get back till about half three.  We then had a Dinner appointment at Betty's.  She's the seminary teacher here and she has an amazing voice.  She sounds like Doris Day singing Que Sera.  Ahahh I love to hear her sing at church.
On Thursday we saw an awesome miracle.  At Zone meeting we were promised that if we did a role-play in the morning about how to teach the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ then we would find more people to teach.  So we did it.  That day in Ilkeston we had a meeting set up but the lady wasn't home but as we were walking away we saw an old potential investigator that was dropped but we said hey to him and just talked as friends for a couple of minutes and these two guys walked up and said 'Hey!  Don't talk to the Jehovah's Witnesses!' We told them that we weren't JW's and explained that we were just around looking for ways to help people and asked if they needed any help.  One of them said that his mate had died a few days ago and he really needed someone to talk to.  An hour later we were teaching him the Plan of Salvation in a Church of England Cemetery and he was in tears.  We gave him a book of Mormon and he held it and said 'whoa, I feel a sort of power coming from this book' Elder Harris and I were both just thinking yeah that's right!  Hopefully he progresses more and we can help answer all of his questions.  That's just another testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it's the proof that this is the true church.  If everyone would just give it a chance than they would just know!
We were really busy the next day trying to get ready for the baptism!  We tried so hard to get the boiler to work for the church.  But we couldn't!  This meant the baptism would be really cold!  We tried but to no avail.
Saturday was an awesome day!  We went straight to the church and helped decorate the cultural hall for the Spanish Night that night, and tried to work on the boiler again, and I practiced the piano... eeeh.  I was extremely nervous.  The boiler never worked but I even tried boiling water myself and pouring it in which neutralized the temperature a little.  We went to KFC with Ruby which was awesome of course.  She is awesome.  Then come 3:30 Sean, Claire, and Louise get to the chapel!  The baptismal service started at 4:30 and we were all prepared.  Sister Carol Rigby spoke then Elder Harris, then we had our musical number which seemed to go really, really well!  People acted like they enjoyed it at least and I don't think I messed up really too much at all.  Then I baptized Sean and I'm not going to lie, the water was FREEZING, but the spirit was insanely strong.  He knows he made the right decision.  After the baptism we had a ward activity, Spanish Night, which was filled with music and dancing, Paella and just tons of fun.  It was an awesome day.  We were literally at the church from 9 AM to 9 PM but had tons of fun and it was really one of the best days of my mission 'so far'. (: 
Yesterday was church and Elder Harris confirmed Sean a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The spirit was so strong during that as well.  Elder Pauly was told just before church that he had 10 minutes to speak.  It's his last Sunday on the mission and he did really well.  We are all going to miss Elder Pauly a lot.  We went to the Stinson's for lunch and had the best lasagna I've ever had.  You should ask Jackie how she made it (: 
So overall this week has been awesome and I'm still loving my mission.  My testimony of this Gospel grows daily.  The miracles we experience and the spirit we feel every day is undeniable.  Especially when pertaining to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  That really is what missionary work is focused around, getting people to read that book because that is the keystone of everything we teach.  If its true, everything else is true.  And if they just read it, nobody will be able to deny that its true. 
I love you all and miss you every day. 
-Elder Evan Pogue

Monday, September 9, 2013

8th (Eastwood)

Hi Everyone,
Finally a Monday Email.... (:
This week has been pretty great.  I sit here every Monday I think that there's so much to tell you but then again I can't really think of it.  Luckily I have all the stuff written down though. 
I got your post and I got another letter from Kelcy- I think I may be the most popular Elder in the mission.  haha I like it!  Just kidding but Keep it up!  I love getting mail. 
I think it's cool that my people are adding people you on Facebook!  Yeah I've thought that you and Jackie look a lot alike.  Funny that you said that.  The Stinsons are awesome.  They have us over almost every Sunday.  I love going to their house.  
That's so sick about American Football!  As long as the Saints, LSU and BYU are winning I'm happy!  Elder Harris and I talked a lot about American Football this week.  I wish we could watch a couple games!  Football (meaning soccer) is obviously the primary sport here.  Arsenal isn't doing too bad.  They just bought a pretty decent player so I'm excited to see how they do with him. 
The stop smoking program thing, we had to buy each of them things like vitamin c pills, grapefruit juice (which tastes like proper rubbish) and a lot of snacks.  And for an update for that... today we are taking them both out to Chinese for their VICTORY PARTY!! :D  Yesss.  They haven't had a 'fag' as they call it here in a week!  So that's awesome.  I'm so stoked for them.  Sean's baptism is this Saturday so we are super excited about that!  Keep him in your prayers though because you know how the adversary works the hardest right before we do something he doesn't want us to. 
After we emailed you last week we went to the Stinson's house for a Dinner appointment and we rode the train there so that was awesome!   That was a good day but everyone we planned on talking to before the Stinson's claimed that they were busy or they weren't home. 
Wednesday was probably the biggest day of my whole mission.  It was hard and very trying but great.  I'll go through the day. ......We first studied until 11.  Right at 11 we had an appointment set up with this lady named Rachel.  We got to her house and called her and we could hear her talking inside, saying that she was too busy.  We then just decided to eat lunch.  We went back to the flat and ate lunch.  After lunch we went to Ilkeston.  This time in Ilkeston we had to go up a huge hill alongside a busy road.  So we're going up the hill on the road and cars are flying by us.  This was the hottest day of my whole mission so far.  When we got to the top we were exhausted.  We finally made it to our second appointment, and the lady was outside.  She practically just turned us away.  It was annoying because both of those appointments were planned and not just random stop bys.  We just decided to keep going though and we went to a referral of a less active that bishop had given us.  We rode our bikes like 6 miles there and it was mostly uphill and she wasn't even home. We went and knocked on a couple more potential investigators doors and nobody was home. It was ridiculous.  Anyways we went to see Claire and Sean cause we had an appointment with them. This is when we started being blessed for our obedience and hard work.   We got there and had an amazing lesson.  Sean accepted all that we said and undoubtedly felt the spirit.  After the lesson we gave each of them a blessing for their smoking and stuff.  The spirit was insanely strong.  We had to leave right after that and ride as fast as we could to the church for ward counsel.  We got there then after that we taught a recent convert that Elder Harris Baptized named Susan.  We had an awesome lesson and discussion with her.  Then when we got to our flat last night Ruby texted us with 2 really solid referrals.  Anyways I learned that obedience and hard work leads to blessings.  It reminds me of Ether 12:6
And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that afaith is things which are bhoped for and cnot seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no dwitness until after the etrial of your faith.
We had our trial of faith throughout the day but we kept going with faith that God would lead us to where we needed to be and the witness came shortly after.
It was a great day.
We had district meeting the next day and not much happened.  I bought Elder Harris a Kebab that night as a late birthday present.  It was the first night we really didn't have a dinner appointment or something else going on.  He bought be dinner on my birthday so I was returning the favor.  We had a great time doing that. 
On Friday we had a trainers meeting in Birmingham so everyone who was training a new missionary and us new missionaries went.  We got to ride the train there which is fun.  I love the train.  It was extremely cold and rainy that morning though.  We got to Birmingham and it was so great to see all of the kids from my MTC group.  They seem to be doing great.  President Rasmussen talked to us for a while and then the meeting ended and we got post!  Something very interesting happened on the way back!  There was a large group of missionaries getting on the train and I got on and we're all having a good time.  The door starts to shut and people are pressing the open button but it keeps shutting and Elder Harris tries to put his foot in but it doesn't open back and Elder Harris is still on the outside of the train!  So The train starts going and Elder Harris and I are separated!  It was really weird but funny!  We were with a bunch of missionaries though so it was alright.  A few Elders were willing to stay with me until the next train made it back! 
We taught Sean and Claire that night and had such an amazing lesson on tithing.  We were nervous about it because its what most people struggle to accept.  Anyways literally like 80 seconds into the lesson Sean says  'yeah, I know I should be paying it'.  We shouldn't have been nervous because the spirit testifies of everything we say.  That night Sean asked me to be the one that baptized him and it made my week.  It made me so happy.  So next Saturday I should be gettingin the font (:
On Saturday we taught English again and that was fun!  A couple families always come.  We then cleaned the font for next Saturday!  We had to do our weekly planning that day though so not much else happened. 
Yesterday we had Stake Conference in Nottingham.  It was really so great.  President and Sister Rasmussen spoke at it.  The whole conference was on member missionary work.  Elder Harris and I had been praying for that!  It was such a good meeting.  We went to the Stinson's after for Lunch. 
This week has been awesome and full of blessings.  Sorry this email is so long.  Its just been a good week and things have been progressing so well.  Elder Harris and I have really been blessed and its amazing how the work is picking up.  If we can just get everyone to read the Book of Mormon they would all know that this church is true.  The Book of Mormon is the key to everything.  If someone says they didn't feel the spirit or don't believe the church is ONLY because they haven't read that book.  If the Book of Mormon is true than every aspect of this church is true.  It's just getting people to read it. 
I love and miss you all so much. 
-Elder Evan Pogue

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7th Letter from England (Eastwood)

Sorry about yesterday!  Of course I have a good excuse but I'm going to write in the order of the week.  So I wrote last Tuesday.  This week seemed  uneventful but I look back and tons of good things have come from it!  After we emailed Tuesday  we went and visited the Kerr's who are an inactive family from Lehi, Utah.  She hasn't been to church in over 10 years though but she likes it when we visit so that's sweet. 
I went on exchange on Wednesday with Elder Eckelt, he's the zone leader.  We had a lot of fun together and he is an absolutely amazing teacher.  The Zone leaders arrived at our flat at about 11 and said 'You two must be the most popular two elders in the mission!' as they carried in a pile of POST!  I was so excited!  I got the raincoat, 4 letters (one dear elder from you, one from Kelcy, a letter from Jordi Schumaker, and  a package from Kelcy and a mystery package of candy... was that from you??  Anyways it was extremely exciting!  It was Elder Harris' birthday on the 29th so he got a lot of stuff too!  I then went to Nottingham with Elder Eckelt.  It was really cool being in the bigger city for a day.  The proselyting is quite a bit different.  We taught one Chinese girl and got her a baptismal date so that's awesome.  It really was just a good time and I learned a lot from him.  He goes home pretty soon.
The next day we had district meeting and it was Elder Harris' Birthday.  We had cake and stuff that some of the members, the Stinsons, gave us.  And Elder Harris' mom had sent some TMNT plates and stuff so that was funny!  We had a great time!  He's been juggling non-stop because he got some juggling balls and didn't know how to before.  He's awesome.
After the District Meeting we went to this kind of dodgy place,  and before I tell you this I should tell you that damn and hell are not swear words here.  The British Elders and stuff even say it, members in our ward and everything.  So that's kind of interesting.  Anyways we asked this guy that was walking if he knew anyone that could use our help or service of any kind and he replied 'No, but if I were you I'd get the hell out of here!'  I don't know why we thought that that was so funny.  We took his advice and left. 
The next day we went to Ilkeston again!  We seem to go there all the time, we both love it!  We were at the hill top and its kind of like city center and just talked to people.  We actually waved some guy down and he was like 'Hey Elders!!' it threw us way off guard.  It turns out he was an ex-mormon from Idaho!  He loves the church though... which is strange.  He was a great guy and we talked to him for probably about 10 minutes.  Then Elder Harris and I went into the big church of England just to look at the building and it was really nice.  Here's where the most exciting part of the week happens:
We went to our investigator Sean's place to give him the stop smoking program.  He's so ready for it.  Anyways we just introduced it and the rest of that story comes from last night.  We went to Ruby's for supper which was really good of course. 
      Another day we had a flat inspection so we cleaned for a while in the morning, then we had English classes that only one family could show up to.  We knew that was going to happen though, lots are coming this week. 
Sunday was awesome, it was of course fast and testimony meeting.  It starts at 10 and its like 9:58 and we can see that the people who were supposed to pick up Sean were already there and Sean wasn't!  We ran out to the Stinson's car and drove to Ilkeston real fast and got him!  He had a great time at church!  The whole sacrament meeting was just tons of people bearing there testimony and I couldn't have thought of a better day for him to come.  Ruby taught Sunday School and it was a really great and powerful lesson. 
And now yesterday and why I couldn't email... we had Zone P-day in Nottingham so at 10 we were on a bus to Nottingham.  We had a whole lot of fun though!  The ZL's told me to bring my Frisbees so we played Frisbee and basketball and football!  It was great.  Its always awesome to get together as a zone.  Our zone is the best in the mission actually!  The work in this area is doing so great!  Then immediately after Zone p-day we had a DA which was really fun.  We went to a little barbecue.  Then we had to go to Ilkeston and buy all the stuff for Sean and Claire to stop smoking.  We got all the stuff and brought it over to them.  We talked for a while and I'm SO EXCITED!  They totally have it!  I just know they going to be able to stop for sure.  I'm just really excited for both of them.  Sean's baptism is going to be amazing.  Claire already a member by the way.

So that was my week, it was really good!  I'm glad everything is great there!  I miss you all! 
Love, Elder Evan Pogue