Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey!  I can not believe you guys are such stalkers, haha , yes I DO live at (an address)
in Stroud.  How did you find that out?  What missionaries did you stalk?  I haven't really noticed it looking like Privet drive but I might just be used to that type of road.  I can't wait to read and watch Harry Potter when I get home because it'll be so much easier to imagine.  I think JK Rowling is actually from Yate, I'm going on exchange there on Tuesday.  It's a part of our district.  If you think that was nice looking, google earth the town of minchinhampton.  That's in my proselyting area, and so is Cirencester.  This area is insanely nice.  It's very old and historical.  We're in a part of England called the Cotswolds and tons of celebrities live here.  I believe that Prince William lives in our area??  Elder Olivos and I are getting on great.  He is a great missionary.  I thought I told you in the last email that he's Peruvian but grew up in London.  I think it's crazy that all of y'all are living at our house.  I can't imagine what that's like.  Are y'all enjoying it? 
To answer the question about the movie, Grand Budapest Hotel, yes I knew about it and it drives me mad.  I saw a poster for it on a bus a couple of months ago and just from the artwork of the poster I knew it was a wes anderson film.  I've heard its really great and it's on my list for when I get home.  Should be really good, I love Ralph Fiennes and all of the other people in it. 
I don't think I need any more money.  I did by a good bike, and I have money left over for shoes and a backpack and maybe even a suit.  Things have been really great here in Stroud.  I love cycling around and really feeling like i'm in an old english village.  All of the buildings are made of stone and just looks really old.  The Darracqs keep talking about a timeshare that you can get out here called Stouts Hill.  They know all the good places to go and to see cool things.  We're going with them again today to go sight seeing.  I'm really excited for that.  Last monday we saw a couple 'long-barrows' and a few beacons here in Stroud.  There's also an exciting even coming up at the beginning of next transfer called the cheese-roll.  You have to look up videos for that.  It's crazy.  Basically they roll cheese down a hill that's 60 degrees steep and people race it.  We're not doing it but we'll go and watch!  It's actually illegal because so many people get hurt every year.  
This week has been quite good.  Last Monday I emailed at the end of the day so you should know that we went and saw some sights for p-day.  After that we went and taught our investigators J and A with a member called F we had a really good lesson with them.  They are really cool people, I'll talk more about them later because we see them a lot. 
Tuesday was a busy day.  We went in the morning to see an investigator named S who doesn't want to be baptised.  We went with a member named Peter.  We had planned to drop her but we didn't.  We will this time if she doesn't keep commitments.  Then later that day we went with the Darracqs to see J and A. again.  They are really hilarious and say absolutely inappropriate things all the time.  It's such a good time every time we go over there.  We taught A the stop smoking program and as far as I know, she's still doing a great job.  Then we went with the Darracqs again to see a lady named B who has been investigating for ages and goes to church every week but doesn't want to get baptised.  It drives us crazy!  and finally after that we had a lesson with our investigator Ana who wants to be baptised and comes to church every week but has to get married to her partner first who isn't interested.  All of our investigators are really really cool.  
Wednesday we had zone meeting in Gloucester in the morning.  It was a great meeting.  The best part for me was when Elder A. Harris (not my trainer but the one from my group) talked about american football and how the line backer has to know everything he needs to do in less than a second.  Even though there's an insane amount of confusion that can happen in the backfield.  The way that they can know what to do is by watching the offensive line.  He compared this to 2nd Nephi 32:3 where it says the words of christ will tell you all things that we need to do.  No matter the confusion in our lives, we have that source to look to.  We went to teach J and A again to follow up with the stop smoking program and help them out.  We went to see B that night and had a powerful lesson with her.  We were just at her doorstep too because we didn't have a member to go in with us.  We taught Alma 32, one of my favorite lessons to teach to those who need it.  The spirit was so strong.  We identified it and she felt it.  We then taught her about personal prayer where we all kneel down and offer a personal prayer.  That invites the spirit like nothing else.  After all of this, a lot of silence, and a lot of feeling the spirit, B still says she doesn't think she needs to be baptised.  I don't understand!  Elder Olivos and I were kneeling on her doorstep for probably about 30 minutes.  Our knees were in so much pain after that.  My testimony grew during that lesson.  I just don't understand what we need to do to help her.
Thursday we had a pretty average day.  We had a lot of lessons planned but a lot of them didn't work out, we brought a member named L. S.  to meet Jamie and Angie, then we went to teach Angies mum, Margaret.  We had a quick lesson with her and had an average rest of the day.
Friday we did our weekly planning quickly and went to eat lunch with A.  We went to teach lessons and to do find people but not much happened on Friday.  We did end up teaching A. though.  Ah, something I forgot about.  On Tuesday when we taught A, she had a question about why people say so many bad things about the church.  A. has a wild 2 year old daughter named S. who had been running around and she even tore a picture out of the book of mormon and things like that.  As soon as Ana asked that question Sophia opened the Book of Mormon and demanded that her mom read to her.  Ana was like 'ugh, sophia wants me to read.'  Ana asked . to point to one place.  Sophia did and Ana read it out loud and it answered her question exactly.  It was a good experience for her! 
Saturday we weren't able to do too much.  We went briefly to R's (Jamie and Angie's 1 year old) birthday party.  We met a lot of their family there and had a good time but we had to go really quick to stake conference.  We had a Priesthood Leadership meeting, then Saturday afternoon session. 
Then yesterday morning the Darracqs picked us up and we had stake conference.  It was a really good meeting.  Our stake presidency is really good here.  Ana came and it was nice to see all of the missionaries in the Zone.  Also President and Sister Rasmussen.  After the conference, a member from Stroud, Peter was ordained an Elder and it was great to watch that.  We went with the Darracqs for dinner after the meetings then went to visit an elderly lady who can't make it to church named J.  J was just full of energy and a really nice lady.  She got so consumed in helping Elder Olivos with some things that she forgot all about her struggles.  It was a really nice visit and she had made us loads of delicious desserts. 
 We are going to London this Thursday with the Darracqs so Elder Olivos can take care of his business.  I am beyond excited!
I have loved Stroud so far.  The ward is great and willing to teach with us, the investigators are great.  The food is great here, the Darracqs are great, and just the city of Stroud and the Cotswolds are great. 
I hope all of y'all are doing well (:
Elder Pogue

Monday, April 21, 2014

40th....New Area, Stroud!

Hey everyone!

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY!  I only have 20 minutes to type an email but I have so much to say!  I will start off with it is a bank holiday and the library is closed, I believe next week is one too though.  I'm at the Darracqs (awesome senior missionary couple)  flat emailing right now.  I'll explain them later.  Crazy crazy week. 

Okay so on Monday was dodge night (the night transfer calls are made)  and our whole district got together and played sports all day.  That was a lot of fun!  That night we got the calls.  I've been transferred!  A Missionary named Elder Martin is taking my place.  

Tuesday was a lot of time packing and seeing a few people.  We also ate lunch as a district to say goodbye. Everyone else is staying the same.  Not too much happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning I woke up, finished packing and around 12 went to the mission home.  It was so great to see Elder Harris and a lot of missionaries from my group.  I met up with a couple of more people going to the same zone as me and got my post and headed off.  We rode a coach down to a city near where I'm currently serving.  I met my new companion, Elder Olivos from London.  He has been serving for 4 months and is a way cool missionary.  We are getting along great and having a great time.  When we got there we were met by a few missionaries.  A few of them were missionaries from my group.  We then got a lift with the Darracqs, the senior couple serving here too.  They brought us to our flat to bring the bags home and then took us to their place for dinner.  We had Mexican and it was so so good!  They are from Mountain Home Arkansas!  They are really, really cool.  

Thursday was a great day as well. I found out a lot of interesting things!  Like on the first of May I am going to London!  Really!  Elder Olivos has to go for some official business. So on May 1st we are going to London.  Crazy.  On Thursday we went around and met my investigators which are all awesome.  Ana, Jamie, and Angie are some of them.  This area is beautiful and very very hilly.  I can't believe how beautiful it is though.  Biking is very hard especially because the bike I'm riding is a death trap.   The front wheel shakes like nothing else.  By the way... I need a bike now!  Can you put just a bit of money in so I can buy a cheap one?  

Friday we had interviews with President, that was great!  I love seeing him and Sister Rasmussen.  They are awesome and are always so loving.  I also was able to see more people from my MTC group!  I'm looking forward to serving in this Zone!  

Saturday we taught a few lessons and did some good work.  Sorry, I don't have much time to email.

Sunday we went to church here in........... my new area............ and it was so great meeting everyone.  It's a small ward with lots of great people,  They were so welcoming.  After church we had an Easter dinner with the Darracqs.  It was really great with turkey and all the usual stuff.  We actually fell asleep in our flat for a long time after that.

Today was Monday, and we had such a good P-day.  This morning Elder Olivos and I went to play pool for an hour and then we went with the Darracqs all around!  To all these beacons and beautiful views of the hills and valleys.  So now that you're dying about knowing where I am, I am serving in......... STROUD!  Dad will have so much fun researching all the areas around here.  There are so many great things to see and we got to hike so many places already today.  Things are great here in Stroud.  I'm really looking forward to the work here and we have set crazy plans on doing good work.  

Sorry this is so rushed but this is all I have time to write.  But i am having a great time.  Put some money in the account so I can buy a CHEAP bike.

Love y'all!
Elder Pogue

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

39th Letter from England (Sheldon)

This week has flown by.  I had a lot of interesting experiences... You're right mom, tonight is dodge-night.  I'm excited and nervous to find out.  Everyone thinks I'm leaving because I'm finished  training, but you never really know.  I've had a couple of dreams, one that I was going to somewhere in the Cheltnum zone and one last night that I was going to Aberystwyth in wales.  I'm fairly certain that they weren't reveletory dreams but we'll see (:    It's been weird lately because I feel like I've grown so much as a missionary these past two transfers but am still struggling to get people to progress.  Though, Maria and David are doing great.  They didn't come to church yesterday though which was a bit of a heart break.  It's amazing how much sorrow these things can bring.  As a missionary you really care about these people and to quote preach my gospel, 'desire their salvation.' 
By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D  What are you going to do for your birthday?  Anything special? 
I am so proud of you spreading the Avett Bros to our family and friends.  They go through my head a lot.  And on the front of most of my planners I write their words 'decide what to be and go be it.'  as a motivation to work hard.
I'll start with the week now.
Monday,  I mentioned last week that last Monday we watched conference in the morning with our whole district. That was really good, the rest of the day we just hung around and didn't do much.  I let Elder Tupou cut my hair.  He was really proud at the job he did.  After that we went to teach English but nobody showed up. 
Tuesday right after our studies we exchanged with the other Sheldon Elders.  That was good because I was going to their area with Elder Chardon, so Elder Ruka and Elder Tupou would be together in our area.  One member said 'you put those two together?  They don't speak a word of English!  Just hope they don't get stopped by the cops!'  That's not true though.  They did amazing and ended up teaching two lessons and finding a couple of potentials.  I'm extremely proud of them both.  Elder Chardon and I went and visited some less actives.  One of them has a wife that has really bad Alzheimer's and it was incredibly sad to watch.  I really enjoyed that exchange.  It was weird, because it was the first time I stayed the night with a really good English speaker in 12 weeks. 
The next morning we had Zone meeting.  Elder Chardon and I went early for his district leader meeting.  It was a good meeting as usual.  They talked mostly about sincere prayer and scripture study rather than just praying and reading the scriptures.  It was really eye opening and did really change my prayers and the way I read the scriptures.  We exchanged back there and didn't have too much time to do other things.  We stopped by a couple of potentials but no one was really in.
Thursday was a really good day, we were able to go and see brother Rollins that morning and had a nice chat with him, then we went to teach Salin.  We taught him what we learned at zone meeting and had a really powerful lesson.  We studied 1st Nephi 3 with him and each said a personal prayer out loud.  The spirit was so strong and hopefully it influenced him.  After S we got to go and teach Maria with Jenny M, the member from Portugal.  We taught the plan of salvation.  Basically Jenny taught it while we kept their 2 and 4 year old occupied because we aren't allowed to go in the house without a male present.  Maria has still been reading and praying daily and is really feeling the spirit.  Things are going great with them, except they couldn't come to church.
Friday was our weekly planning day, so we hurried and did that then exchanged again so Elder Ruka would have the opportunity to be the leader in his Area.  Elder Chardon came to my area and we went to a Less active, Tony B that had just had an operation.  We talked to him a while about his testimony and desires, then I gave him a blessing.  The spirit was so strong during the blessing that he started crying and we nearly all were.  He started talking about how much Jesus suffered for us during the Atonement and how he just wants to get better.  After Tony's house, something interesting happened.  I could tell the story in two ways, but I like to say we got kidnapped.  Which in reality we didn't.  We GQ'ed this English Arab named Wasi and he just started talking and talking about us and comparing us to Bedouins and really respecting how we are doing our part in spreading the word of god.  He was essentially trying to convert us to Islam.  He said several times, so when are you converting?!  He wouldn't let us go for about 2 hours!  We were just walking outside though.  And he bought us chicken and chips... a lot of it.  He was a really nice guy.  It was just hilarious a lot of the things he was saying.  'you can't teach an educated man!'  'Tie up your camel, then trust god!'  which I will talk about later.  We went to visit a family Elder Chardon is teaching after we escaped Wasi.  He actually dropped us off at their house.
Saturday we went to see a girl named Mandy.  Turns out that she has to be out of her house in 2 weeks but has no where to go.  She kept saying that she's just waiting on God to provide a place for her, she's looking and doing her part and is trusting that He will provide.  Her faith was inspiring.  We then exchanged back and Elder Tupou and I went to see the Watsons for our dinner appointment.
Sunday was a good Sabbath, fast and testimony meeting.  After church we went to see Tony again and he's doing well.   We then had to study for most of the rest of the day.  We finished our 12 week training program though and I'm officially done training.  Well, I guess Wednesday I'm done training.  We made so much food for dinner to break our fast: scampi, chicken steaks, fried chicken, rice.  It was really really good. 

So today we will be playing sports with the district. and tonight we get the big call.  We'll see what will happen!  I'm happy you don't know until next week though!  I want it to be a surprise!  Check the other mom's rosters, maybe I'll be serving with one of their sons.  How do they know though?? 

So a little spiritual thought today, inspired by Wasi.  'Tie up your camel, then trust God.'  He explained this to mean that if you don't tie up your camel, and it runs away or is stolen, or is blown away in a storm or something you can't complain to God asking why it happened.  We have to do our part.  Basically it's a funny, Arab way of saying Faith without works is dead.  I came across this in my studies this morning too with the Brother of Jared.  He knew he wanted light in his vessels so he went out, came up with a plan, carved rocks, then went to the Lord.  He did everything he knew to do, then asked God to help.  When we pray for things we need to make sure we are doing everything in our power to achieve the things we pray for.  Especially with revelation.  We have to search diligently for our answers, pray, search some more, and when we've done everything, we will be answered.  Tie up your camel, then trust God.
I love you all!
Again, happy birthday mom! :D
Elder Pogue the way, I may need shoes soon.  The shoes I bought fooled me and are wearing out quickly even though the sole looks like it will last.  I may need some eccos, maybe get taylor to pick some out?  I dont need them right now immediately though.  I also may want to get a suit soon.   Also, SEND ME TONY'S.  I'm running out.

38th Letter from England (Sheldon)

I'm so happy to hear that baby Mollie is here!  That's awesome!  I did get the pictures too.  I was thinking about how weird it is that she'll be so old when I get home.  Things will be so different by then!  I can't believe it's only been one week since last time I wrote home.  Things have been so up and down this week.  In some aspects it was a great week, in other aspects a really really hard one.  A lot has transpired though.  This whole transfer has just flown by.  Transfers happen next Wednesday, so we'll get the 'dodge call' next Monday.  Honestly, I hope there's a big change.  I was thinking about it the other day and I just don't feel like a missionary here in Sheldon.  We just don't teach very many lessons, and aren't asked to do much for the ward.  It's kind of like I have a desire to serve as hard as I can and do everything I can but the opportunities for me to aren't there.  We'll see though, I'll be happy with whatever happens. 
  This week was Elder Tupou's 'senior week'  where he takes the lead in everything: planning, phone calls, proselyting, teaching, everything.  He did a great job too.  He took on a whole new demeanor where I could tell he really wanted to prove himself and give it his all. 

On Monday we had Zone P-day where most of it we just played volley-ball.  It was a lot of fun but we didn't have any time to do anything else because of travels and things like that.
Tuesday was a packed day.  We had tons of names out of the Area book to stop by. (former investigators)  We ended up having a lesson with S. that was really good and powerful.  He knows the gospel is true but can't commit to being baptized because of his family situation.  I wish he would just realize that everything would work out fine, and even better than before.  Doing the area book thing kind of sucks because in this area most people have moved so we find ourselves just walking from place to place and the person doesn't even live there, but it needs to be done.
Wednesday was a really great day!  We had a lesson at 11 with Maria R. (the romanian family) and we brought Jenny M. with us because they both speak Portuguese.  Elder Tupou and I basically sat outside because we weren't allowed to go in without a male and let Jenny teach the lesson.  We played with her kids Dennis and Elizabeth who are 2 and 4.  Later, we had two lessons scheduled but neither one of them worked out.  And ward coordination that night as usual.  Maria it turns out had also been meeting with her Jehovah's Witness friend but stopped seeing her because she felt really good when she met with us and not good when she met with the JW. 

We had a huge and great miracle on Thursday morning.We were at district meeting and we got a call from Jenny because she had called Maria to see how reading and praying about the Book of Mormon went.  She had read and prayed and felt the spirit as well, but that night she went to sleep and had a dream!  Her prayer was answered in a dream in which two guys came to her with a Book of Mormon and said this is the truth, this is the path you need to go.  That was such a powerful and exciting moment.  We had district meeting that morning and had a regular day.
Friday was our weekly planning day so we planned most of the day.  We had to go on a mini exchange because Elder Ruka was sick so I stayed with him for a couple of hours while the other Elders went to a lesson they had scheduled.  That night we had the opportunity to go to the chapel and watch the British Pageant on DVD.  It was so great to see it again!  You can see me walking by at the end just for a brief second.  It's such a great show, I wish all of y'all were able to see it. 

Saturday,   We went to see Maria breifly but we couldn't go in because there was no man there and we couldn't really talk because she doesn't speak English but it was a good visit.  Right after that we saw two women fighting.  In a fist fight, it was a bit awkward.  I didn't know what to do.  One girl got kicked in the face.  It didn't last long.  We went to conference right after that.  To the Saturday morning session.  What powerhouse talks.  I loved it. 

Sunday was a great day as well because we just woke up early and went to Harborne chapel and stayed all day.  We watched Priesthood, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning sessions.  Some of my favorites from that were Elder Hollands of course, Both of Elder Eyrings in priesthood (made me think a lot of people like Dad, PaPa, Mr.Zack and others) just people I really look up to and think of why I look up to them.  Of course President Monson.   I can't even list them off because I really enjoyed them all a lot.  I feel like the theme of this conference was both, love, and building up your testimony (build upon the rock of our redeemer).
This morning we got up and went to Solihull for studies to watch the Sunday afternoon session.  President Packers talk was insane.  So powerful.  I really don't think we'll here from him again.  We just ate at a chippy and for the rest of today we really don't have much planned but we'll see. 
I hope all of y'all are doing great!  
Love you all!
Elder Pogue

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


March 31, 2014

Hey! :D 
 I never know who to talk to in these letters, all of the readers in general, to my whole family, to just mom?   I always just type and see how it comes out.
So do you like The Fault in Our Stars?  John Green is kind of a guilty pleasure for me... ahaha, Looking for Alaska by him is really good too.  Maybe that should be your next read.  I heard that the Book Thief film was rubbish, but if you liked it maybe we'll see.  I've been seeing the posters for Noah around lately and it's making me so jealous.  What a great cast, and director.  I'm really happy to hear that Rhett has a good taste in church hymns.  'I stand all amazed' at how smart he is too (:   Yeahh I think I got the pictures you sent last week.  That's good, I really like pictures!  What a party, living with the Zacharys!  That will be fun. 
So this week has been like the rest of them.  We've worked hard, we're constantly becoming better missionaries, but having very very very little success (numbers wise).  We taught a total of 2 lessons this week to investigators and 4 to Less Actives.  In Preach My Gospel though it says this:

'When you have done your very best, you may still experience disappointments, but you will not be disappointed in yourself. You can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you feel the Spirit working through you.'
It also talks about we can know we're successful when we do things like feel the spirit work through us, serve others, obey with exactness, develop Christ-like attributes, etc. 
It doesn't say anything about numbers of baptisms or people you teach.  I feel that the Lord is pleased with the work we are doing.  It does suck though being in what is called in the mission field a 'drought'.
Last Monday was just a normal P-Day, we just hung out, did some shopping, and ended up at the chapel at around 6.  We went on a small exchange to go finding and Elder Ruka and I talked to a couple really nice ladies.  We then taught English.  At English Ladi, one of the Albanians, whispered in Elder C's ear 'what do I need to do to get baptized?'  That was a great miracles but, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Tuesday morning we woke up and went to see Maria after the disaster last Sunday.  We just could stop at the doorstep and had another huge disappointment when she said that they couldn't come to church this week because it was their sister in laws birthday and they were having a party.  We then went to teach S and had a really really powerful lesson with him.  We promised him powerful blessings and left him a commitment to essentially make a decision now.  I left, personally feeling like I had been more bold than I ever imagined I would be.  It's great when you feel the power and authority of your calling coming out when you're faithful to the promptings you get. 
That night we went around looking for old names out of the area book, and going to find them.  Turns out most of them have moved away.

Wednesday we had a district meeting in the morning where we talked a lot about our desires and what the Lord desires.  Most people's lives are centered around themselves.  Some missionaries at the end of their missions 'lose their desire'  This shows us that they haven't aligned what they want with what the Lord wants.  It shouldn't be our personal desire motivating us, although having the desire is a big benefit, it should be the commitment we have to the Lord and his Gospel.  We went to visit CW, a Less Active because his wife has been working a ton.  We had ward coordination then  a lesson scheduled with a guy we found the day before but he had given us a false address...  I wish they wouldn't waste our time and just tell us no the first time.

Thursday was a day full of fixing the area book.  We spent all day going around and knocking on former investigators doors.  Most had moved just like on Tuesday.  We talked to this 77 year old man named George that was hilarious.  He was moving big logs to his back garden and we went to help him but he didn't want it.  We helped him anyway and started talking.  He was cussing so much and laughing.  He was a really nice and funny guy.  He called us the God Squad and then started laughing at how Americans eat syrup all over their breakfast.  We had ward council and English at the same time on Thursday night so I took English with Elder Ruka and the rest went to ward council.  Ladi didn't come to English that night, not sure why. 
Friday we had a lesson at 11 AM with a referral.  A sikh guy named Seera, this was sad.  Elder Tupou and I were just a little late, and we had missed him.  I felt so bad that it was our fault this time.  We went back to the flat and weekly planned then after that went on exchange.  I was with Elder Ruka for the night and the next day.  We had a DA with the Maloneys then a ward activity.  We indexed and did some other family history activities.  It was well fun.  We won the indexing contest because of that activity we did years ago where we indexed.  Once at the Johnsons and once at our house. 

Saturday Elder Ruka and I got up and studied, then went out to work.  The weather was insanely beautiful.  We spent a lot of time in the Sarehole Mill footpaths.  This is were JR Tolkien the Author of the Lord of the Rings books grew up and this area inspired the books.  We went there and talked to a lot of great people.  Everyone there was just so happy and willing to talk to someone.  Nobody was interested really in the gospel though.  We also stopped by a former investigator named Sharon who opened the door and nearly in tears said she really needed our help.  We set an appointment for Sunday at 3.  That was a miracle we were really excited about.  We had Shepherds pie for dinner at the Watsons house.  We exchanged back at about half 8.
This Sunday was mothering Sunday in England!  'mothers day'.   We went to church and had a good first couple of meetings.  Elder Tupou and Elder Chardon were speaking.  They both gave great talks about mothers.  I was thinking how in just over a month I'll skype y'all for mothers day.  It seems like yesterday I skyped for Christmas!  After Church we came to our flat and changed then went straight to Sharon's... her son answered the door and said she wasn't in, that she went out.  All the great things are just falling through time after time.  We went finding in the same Sarehole mill for a little bit and talked to the most stout athiest I've ever met.  He would have nothing to do with God.  Then to some Chinese people and whoever else we saw.  We then visited a the less active named tony and invited him to watch conference.  Then it was dinner time and call ins.
So another week of not much happening, even though we're working hard.  I sometimes wonder what more we can do.  We constantly are making goals to talk to more people and to change what we are doing but nothing seems to be working.  This past week we were trying the area book.  This week, I'm not sure yet.  We'll see. 
I'm glad that everything is going well at home.  I love you all,
-Elder Pogue


March 25

Hey  everyone!  I can't believe it's been a whole week since last time I was emailing!  Time flies on the mission.  This week has been interesting. Elder Tupou explained it perfectly.  When you watch a good movie, then the final scene is rubbish, it ruins the whole movie.  That's how this week has been but it has also been a huge learning experience.  
I am so scared to think about it being 8 months already.  Some missionaries are really sad when they see how much time has gone by because they feel guilty for wasting so much time.  Others are sad because they love the work so much they can't imagine it going by so fast.  I am definitely in the second category.  I still have a long time left on my mission though.  (:  
That's so cool that Butters is going to Mississippi, maybe I'll accidentally visit him when I get home. (;    I don't think I'd want anyone to visit me though so maybe I won't.  
So to be completely honest, my thoughts about Sheldon and this area... I'm ready to leave.  I don't know what will happen but I hope there's a change.  Things have been going really well but I don't feel like my full potential as a missionary is used here.  We've just kind of hit a brick wall with the work and don't know what much else to do.  We have some really sweet goals for this upcoming week though and we'll for sure see great miracles.  Pray that we will see miracles every day.  
Miracle #1 of this past week, I have started an insanely good workout routine.  Before I'd wake up and just totter around, do a couple of push-ups and lay on the floor.  This whole week I've done at least 100 push-ups a day with a lot of other weights and pull ups and different exercises.  I've felt great!  
That may not really be a miracle but it was just a notable change in my mission life.
Let me go through the week.
Monday, P-days are always good!  Last Monday we decided to go to Birmingham.  We ran into Sister Williamson and Sister Anderson there and then a crazy bloke started talking to us and yelling and things.  It was way out of line.  We meet a lot of loony tunes on the mission.  In Birmingham we just did some shopping, didn't buy anything.  We taught English on Monday night.  The Albania crew is really cool.  They're all so funny.  They're also learning a lot!  They are all doing a great job.

Tuesday, our plans Tuesday were full. We went to see a lot of people.  When we had exhausted our plans, it was only about 2 or 3.  That happens sometimes when nobody answers their doors. We did see the Rollins (less actives), and had a short lesson with them.  We were supposed to see Salin, but he cancelled on us.  We had a dinner with the Martins (WML) and then we went with Elder Martin to visit a 92 year old named Dennis.  He's such a funny guy!  He supposedly was a performer when he was younger and always has funny stories to tell.  He asked us our Christian names and I said Evan, he said 'evan?!'  That's where I want to go when I die!  In England it's a common accent to not say the h in words.  Tuesday we met a lady named Joline.  On Wednesday we went to see Joline and she wasn't in and we haven't been able to get in contact with her.  I’m sure we will soon.
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting.  We went to Zone Meeting with Elder Eldredge and Elder Fonseca from Solihull.  It was a good meeting where all the district leaders gave some training then the Sister Training Leaders (Sister Stapley and Sister Dodds) did some training.  That lasted until about half two then we headed home.  Ate some, changed and went out.  We went to contact Joline but no luck there.  We then went to visit our amazing Romanian family.  We stayed there about 20 minutes and ended up being extremely late to our ward coordination meeting.  We ate a kebab that night..  
Thursday we had another full day, tons of names of people to go and see.  We have been working hard and speaking with a lot of people.  I don't really know why we aren't having more success than we are.  I'm constantly trying to refine my finding and teaching.  I guess at this point it just comes down to faith and patience.  We taught English on Thursday night and had a great time.  
Friday was weekly planning, which is no secret that I hate it.  This Fridays weekly planning wasn't too bad though.  It was the longest planning I've ever had but that's beside the point.  We have a lot of people to talk about this week, Salin, the R family, and less actives we're working with.  We set great goals and had a good time.  At the end of it, Elder Tupou and I had a really good talk about helping each other reach our goals.  It ended up being a really uplifting and spiritual experience for the both of us.  After that, we had a baptism to attend!  Elijah Roberts who just walked into the church a few weeks ago got baptized.  He was in the other Elders area so that's great.  The Albanians came, thinking it was an English lesson and seemed to really enjoy it.  We are slowly putting the gospel into them.  A couple of them seem really interested so that's great.

Saturday, was a lot of fun.  We had been invited by Elijah to play football with him and some of his mates.  We went thinking it would be a good finding opportunity but it actually wasn't.  It also started pouring down freezing rain, which turned into hail.  It was a great English experience though, playing football in rain that's going sideways, then hail.  We were all wet and freezing.  We couldn't move our hands but it was a good time and Elijah was happy we came.  We then went to the Watsons for our usual Saturday dinner, that was really good.  Brother Watson’s been home alone a lot because his wife works a ton.  We had a good time there.  
So Sunday is that disappointing final scene... oh man Sunday.  (he wanted this omitted)
So this week was decent until Sunday.  Things are looking GREAT for this week to come though.  I hope all of y'all are doing great.
Love you!
-Elder Pogue


March 17, 2014
I have had a great week!!  
I got a message Tuesday from Amy telling about Kelcys mission call, she didn't mean to tell me where she went but she mentioned the England MTC so I guessed it.  That's really cool, I know a few people there!  I hear that it's beautiful and just really great.  Lots of curry wurst can never be a bad thing.  Also Hunter emailed me and that is so exciting as well!  Cambodian!  Who would've guessed that!?  It's so great to see all of my friends going on missions around the world.  I can not believe I've been out 8 months.  I'm still a young missionary but I'm starting to be one of the 'older' ones.  It's weird to talk about missionaries I served around in the past then realizing, awh man!  They're home!  Speaking of missionaries going home, it's also been a bit of a bitter sweet week.  
A lot of people have been emailing me lately, It's been good!  I hear from almost everyone periodically.  Do you know anything about Butterfield?  Is he putting papers in soon?  
 I have been studying a bit of Arabic, not as much as I'd like though, we've been too busy to have very much language study at all.  To answer your question, I decide on which badge I'm wearing depending on where we are going.  If we are going to Small Heath, Sparkhill, Sparkbrook, Balsall Heath I'll wear Arabic, anywhere else, English.  

The weather this week has been incredible.  I can't believe how nice it's been.  I'm getting excited for the summer months to come!  Which also weirds me out because it'll mark a year in the mission.  When it starts getting hot, it will really feel like it's been a year.  Then I'll know once it gets cold then hot again it'll be time to go home.  I'm not ready to even start thinking about that being a possibility. 
So for my week!  
Monday, we really just hung around and rested for P-day!  We cleaned a little in fear that we might have a flat inspection soon.  That didn't happen.  Then at night we taught English lessons.  The Albanians are really cool.  I'm enjoying teaching English but it's beginnig to be too much.  It just takes a lot of time.
Tuesday was a great day, we got out immediately and started doing work, then we had a lesson with Salin at 2.  We taught the Plan of Salvation again, which ended up being really confusing and not the best of lessons but it was alright.  We then walked up to the Romanian family, the David and Maria Rada that we taught last Sunday.  We gave them the Resto and Finding Faith in Christ DVD's.  I'll talk more about them later.  Then on Tuesday night we had dinner and a lesson at the Stilger home because Jeremiah (16) invited his friend to take the lessons!  That went really well, and Robert, his friend, seemed to really enjoy it.  Hopefully we will see him again soon.  So that was a great day,
Then Wednesday was amazing!  So last Sunday we had Stake Conference where we heard from Elder Adler an Area 70.  But then Wednesday, we had Zone Conference with Elder Teixeira of the 1st Quorum of the 70 and President of the Europe area.  Sister and President Rasmussen spoke, then Elder Teixeira and Sister Teixeira.  They were all so motivating.  I especially like Elder Teixeira.  He was really personal with us and told us a lot of great stories and encouragement. I took a lot of notes and things like that, so don't worry, I won't forget what he taught.  That was such a great meeting.  That took a lot of the day, so then we went home and studied.
Thursday we woke up nice and motivated for the day and went to Solihull for a last district lunch with Elder Hyde.  We ate at Pizza Hut and had a good time.  It was really sad to see him go and we'll miss him a lot.  (Whitney should find him on Facebook he's a stud.  Jarom Hyde)  We knocked on a chinese ladies door named Susan and she started saying loudly 'Jesus!?  Can Jesus give me money?!  I want money!'  It was really funny, but also really sad that her priorities are so off.  We were in a town called Mosely when at two different times people waved us down, 'Elders!  Elders!'  saying they're less actives.  One of them really wants to start coming back to church.  That's really exciting.  They are in the Harborne ward boundaries though.  We had dinner with the Camisani family, we went there on Christmas.  He's a really good cook especially with all the Italian he makes. 
Fridays.... I hate fridays.  Weekly planning is just the worst.  It takes so long.  But we finished weekly planning at around 1:30 and went to a referral we were given but that ended up being a false address.  We ate at a chippy that night, I had battered sausage and chips.  I'm so in love with fish and chip shops.  Especially chips with salt and vinegar, and sometimes with curry. We taught English at night though so that went well.  We're planning on starting to just teach the gospel at English class.
Saturday, we had a long list of people to go and see and we were able to make it to all of their homes.  But none of them were home.  That's okay though because we took the opportunity to go see the Rada's and see if we could get them to church on Sunday.  We were almost to their house when we saw David walking and we went with him.  Someone had broken into their house the night before and flipped so much upside down looking for stuff to steal.  Luckily nothing valuable was taken.  We talked to him on his way to the store then he drug us into Lidl and bought us cookies and juice... he and is family is so nice and giving.  The whole time he was just saying thank God for what we have and that my family wasn't there at the time.  Thank God that it wasn't worse.  What a good mentality to have.
Sunday we had church as usual which was good.  The Albanian crew, not the Romanians came to church.  The Romanians were sick and still recovering from the break in.  The Albanians came and seemed to enjoy it so that was good.  Sacrament meeting was quite sad because the Morris' (missionary couple that works in the office) are leaving.  That was their last Sunday in England.  We had gotten pretty close to them serving in their ward.  They've been in Sheldon for the whole year and a half.  We're all so sad to see them go.  Elder Morris would always take my Dr.Peppers and shake them up so they'd either fizz when I opened it or be flat.  He's always just joking around with people.  We had a munch and mingle after church for them.  Then we said goodbye and they fly out Tuesday.  
   After that we had our lesson with the Rada family.  David, Maria, and Nelu.  We went at 5 and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That went really well and we talked for a while about different things.  We then got into the Law of Chastity, turns out David and Maria aren't married but David said they want to take care of that as soon as possible.  They said they will get married so they can keep all of the commandments!  Then we talked about hte Word of Wisdom and they accepted that straight away too!  Even though it's so new to them.  David was so prepared for us to start meeting with him.  He'd been praying to know which church is true and where is the path he needs to go.  Then we met him and he says that he thinks that we are the right one.  It's such a miracle,  I'm so happy to be a part of it!  Hopefully we will get all of the marriage and baptism things worked out soon.  I left the house jumping down the street saying 'we're going to a wedding!' over and over again.  It's hard not to show that excitement sometimes when things are going so well!
They also always feed us! 
I hope all of you are doing great.  
Love y'all,
Elder Pogue

34th Letter from England (Sheldon) plus a letter he was asked to write to the youth

March 10, 2014

Hey!  Okay, I got loads of emails this week  (that's a good thing) so I'm going to have to hurry through all of these!  I also forgot my planner, so I don't really remember what we did this past week... I'll try to remember though.  That's weird that the Zacharys are moving into our house ahaha?  And I hear that Emma has claimed my room.  That's good.  She'll enjoy the loft, especially with the books and bean bag up there.  Sulphur really won't be the same without them.  I'm actually pretty sad that they're moving.  Its strange to think about how much time I've spent there.  I remember tons of sleep overs and parties and just late nights hanging out over there.  I'm sure it'll be a good change for them though (:

This week has been pretty good, Sunday was crazy. 
Last Monday we had district p-day.  It was actually quite sad because Elder Hyde who is supposed to go home in 6 weeks got a call and said he's going home this Friday.  I guess he had visa problems.  We're all kind of sad about that.  We went to Pizza Hut then went to play sports in the Solihull chapel.  That was well fun.  Then... I know what mom is dying to hear... we got the transfer call.  I'm still here with Elder Tupou.  Not much changed in our district.  But Elder Harris is now a Zone Leader!  That's really cool, he was never even a district leader.  He's not in my zone though.

Tuesday we had planned to go meet that guy named Yves, but we couldn't get in contact with him.  I guess Tuesday was Mardi Gras!  Here in England it's 'shrove Tuesday' or 'pancake day'.  We taught English that night but I went on a mini exchange to help with an addiction recovery class.  Weird to say, but after 7 months on my mission I have quite a bit of experience with helping people over addictions!  The Young Women made us pancakes for their activity so that was good.  I miss king cake and parades though.

Wednesday, we took a bus down and found a new place to find people to teach.  I was so excited for this area!  There were tons of people down a high street and it just seemed golden.  We stayed there for a few hours then headed in.  I looked at our map and... that area is JUST out of our boundaries.  That sucks but I guess it's good to know.   

Thursday we had district meeting!  The whole district is the same except the Solihull A team is shut down for a while.  And Elder Fonseca from Cape Verde is now here taking Elder Hydes place.  He's in my MTC group.  After District Meeting we went to Solihull A's old flat with Subway and scavenged tons of stuff.  We got a guitar, a ukelele, an american football, some weights, and things like that!  It's also been really warm lately!  The weather is dead nice.  I just can't even believe it. 
Friday is our typical weekly planning day, we woke up, had studies then weekly planned.  We had a lunch appointment with a less active called the Rollins.  He always makes us such great food.  He made us a homemade curry.  I tried black pudding again, it wasn't bad this time around!  It was higher quality for sure.  Still not a big fan.  We went back to our flat and finished planning, then had another DA with the Hadley family.  That was a really funny DA.  We challenged them to role-play, and showed them our role-play about how we're devastated when people don't keep commitments.  It's brutal. (:
Saturday was cool!  All morning we helped a member named Richard move house.  He's getting married in May so they're preparing a place to live.  He's living down the road from us too so that's good.  We had a good time doing that.  Then we showered and got ready to go to Stake Conference.  Elder Adler of the 70 spoke to us.  He gave a powerhouse talk.  He's a really cool guy.  Elder Tupou got to meet a guy in the stake from Tonga named Hezekiah.  He was happy about that. 

Sunday we got to go to stake conference again of course.  It was a good meeting that was insanely full.  We actually ended up sitting on the edge of the stage at the back of the cultural hall because we gave our final two chairs to a couple of old ladies.  President and Sister Rasmussen spoke and so did Sister and Elder Adler with a few other people like President Griffiths the stake president.  It was a really great meeting!  Hezekiah gave us a lift home and we took a nap and ate.  Then something crazy happened.
We went to teach the Romanian family.  We were about an hour later than planned which was perfect because David had just gotten home.  We started talking to him and answered his questions then taught the plan of salvation.  For some reason this lesson went on for ages, then right at the end, Davids brother Pedro came to visit.  He started listening in as we extended the baptismal commitment for the 28th of March.  We then turned to him and asked him a couple of questions and by this time we'd been at their house for 2 hours!  1 1/2 hours too long.  (:  They brought out some food for us to eat and David and Pedro talked for a bit.  Then Pedro started asking us questions.  After a long time of talking, we concluded the restoration and committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  We had a 4 hour lesson.  We didn't end up getting out until 9.  We were getting calls from the Zone Leaders worried that we were in trouble or something because on Sunday nights at half 7 we're supposed to have call ins.  I've never heard of a 4 hour lesson before but the spirit would just not let us leave!  It was crazy, and so spiritual.  I'm excited to teach all of them!  In total there are 5 Romanians we're teaching now,  Pedro, his wife, David, Maria, and Nelu.  Miracles.

This work has been doing amazing.  The Lord is proving every day that people are prepared and ready.  That His work will be done.  That the work is being hastened in these days!  I'm excited to be a part of it!  I'm excited that so many of my friends are a part of it!  We started an email group between me, Elder Price, Sister Haynie, Sister Johnston, and Sister Randall.  We are literally all spread around the world.  Finland, England, Korea, Albania, California. 
I hope all of you are having a great week.  Can you believe it's almost been 8 months!  I can't
Love y'all!
-Elder Pogue     

Evan was asked to write a letter to to the youth of the branch, here it is:

Hey Young Men and Young Women!

I'm excited to write to y'all and share a few things about my mission with you!  I've heard a lot of things has changed in Dhahran since I've been gone.  I want you to know though, that the leaders you have are amazing.  The Dhahran branch has to be one of the best in the world.  I'm so thankful for all the time I was able to be there, and for my leaders and teachers.  I never realized how much I learned from them until it had to be put to use! 

The answer to the question 'what specific item would I focus on to prepare?' is so easy to answer.  Preach My Gospel.  I'll be honest, before my mission, I hated Preach My Gospel.  I didn't understand it.  It didn't seem to be applicable to me.  I didn't know how to study it or how to understand it.  I'd encourage all of you to read through Preach My Gospel.  Know it before the MTC.  Maybe start on Chapter 3 and know the lessons.  Then move on to the other chapters.  All missions are Preach My Gospel missions and by following PMG is how we become effective missionaries.  Study it with the scriptures.  

Secondly, If I could do it all over again what would I do more of?    Before my mission, I would have worked, studied, and served more.  The mission requires a lot of long days but if you know how to work it won't be hard.  By study I of course mean the gospel, but not only the gospel.  Develop good study habits for school.  This will help you in your daily personal study on your mission.  Maybe take suggestions from chapter 2 of preach my gospel.  And serve others selflessly as often as possible.  Building a habit of service builds so many Christ-like attributes.  Be charitable always.  Look out for the kid that doesn't have as many friends.  Make sure everyone is involved in all activities or social events.  Learn to be more Christ-like in all that you do. 
The people I have met on the mission are some of the best people I know.  I look up to all of my leaders.  Kind of to echo myself, they are constantly serving others.  Looking for opportunities to help others at all costs.  Making sure everyone is taken care of.  Also, their spiritual power.  Spiritual power doesn't come from having more knowledge, but by studying faithfully, being diligent, and understanding our purpose as missionaries (before, during, and after the mission).  Mainly, they have become more and more Christ-like in all of their thoughts and actions.  That is key. 
As far as attributes to improve on, I'll share something with you.  I had a companion who didn't really like to work, who was a slob, and didn't talk to people including the members.  Become a diligent worker.  And know how to keep things clean and organized.  The spirit could not be there when the flat was overflowing with rubbish.  And I'd say most importantly, learn how to talk to people.  Don't be scared to make phone calls, or to talk to people you don't know.  Learn how to make conversation and be relaxed in doing it.  Our call as a missionary is to talk to as many people as we can.  We have to find people to teach by talking to strangers, we have to help the ward by listening to their needs and concerns and trying to help them out.  I assume a few of you have the calling of a home teacher.  Use this as an opportunity to learn how to talk to people, to lead in teaching a short lesson, and helping someone you love.  We can be called on missions all over the world, to all different countries and cultures.  If we know how to serve others, and love them, we won't have any problem adjusting to their cultures and unique personalities.  This also works with companions who's personalities you might clash with. 
I am so happy that I am here on a mission and would not want to be any where else right now.  So far on my mission I have been a part of many miracles.  I was able to help a girl who had a history with hard drugs, and alcoholism, and who smoked over 60 cigarettes a day, walk into the waters of baptism.  I am so thankful that God has trusted me in such a huge responsibility.  I am in no way qualified by anything except the Spirit to do this work.  Alma 26:12 is one of my favorite scriptures.  It says:
 'Yea, I know that I am anothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will bnot boast of myself, but I will cboast of my God, for in hisdstrength I can do all ethings; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.'
This is the Lords work and I know that he is leading it.  I am so grateful to be able to share my testimony every day with so many of God's children.  My brothers and sisters.  The mission experience is far greater than anyone could have ever expressed to me.  Far greater than I ever imagined.  I know that I am a better person for it, even after just 7 months.  I really hope that EVERY young man makes the choice to go on a mission and that you are already preparing.  Stay away from the evils of the world.  Listen to the prophet.  Obey every word he says.  And I hope that EVERY young woman prayerfully considers going on a mission.  

To the young women, I've been so lucky to serve around a few Sisters in my mission and I promise you, they are so much better than Elders.  Sisters are so much better at serving and listening to the needs of investigators and members.  The Lord needs you to help in this work.
I know that this gospel is true.  My testimony has grown so much since I've been here in England.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it has more power to bring joy and happiness than anything else in this world.  I man I was teaching once held the book of mormon and said 'I can feel a power coming from this book.'  I testify of that spiritual power.  I know that Thomas S Monson is called as a living Prophet today.  He has the same authority as all of the Prophets in the Bible.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves us far more than we could ever comprehend.  And I know that His son Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer.  I am so grateful for this knowledge.  I pray that all of you are making the right decisions and preparing yourself to serve the Lord.  and I do say all of this in the name of Jesus Christ. 
I love y'all!  :D
-Elder Evan Pogue  

33rd Letter from England (Sheldon)

Hey y'all!

I'll answer the questions first.  I have about a quarter of the bottle of Tonys left!  But you should send some extra, maybe a small bottle that I can give to Elder Harris.  He loved it and that'd be nice to give him!  That's awesome that Whitney got that job!  She emailed me and told me she had the interview and that's the one she really wanted!  I'm happy for her!

Alex Preston.  I'll have to listen to him when I get home.  Would I actually like him or just maybe?  I heard a pretty good band the other day in Solihull.  They were called the Secrets. I think.  They were just playing on the street and I was really impressed.  Going on a vacation to Las Vegas.  That sounds like fun!  I can't believe little Molly will be around in a month!  That's so great!

This week has really picked up and has been really great.
On Monday we had zone p day where we went and I ended up playing Volleyball the whole time.  I was buzzing for it!  It was good to play again, I wasn't too good in high school but I'm glad I played for the team because I am one of the better ones now!  Elder Chardon actually played in the Netherlands national league at home, so he's basically a professional, he won't admit it though.  It was funny to watch how restrained he was!  We went to the Maloneys house after, I love going there.  They have 3 sons, C who is 18, J 16, and N who I'm not sure about his age 11 maybe?  We taugh English after, it's cool to teach English to these Albanians.  Ladi, Adi, and Bledi.  Now it's just getting the gospel in.

Tuesday we actually had a return appointment planned but we got flogged... I couldn't say I was too shocked but it still sucks.  We went finding all day but didn't really find anyone.  We taught English again that night and had a good time.

Wednesday we had district meeting.  The last district meeting of the transfer!  Transfers are Wednesday which means tonight is Dodge night!  We'll find out where everyone is going.  I can't believe the transfer is already up!  District meeting was good, we all had pizza after.  We had gotten a weird call from missionaries in another area, outside of the zone even with a request to go give a member a blessing that lived down the road from us.  Turns out she was baptised when she lived in their area and moved.  She still takes a bus an hour and a half every sunday.  We went and gave her a blessing and invited her to Sheldon ward.  Hopefully members will pick up on that.  We then had another lesson scheduled but got flogged again.  Not the best start to a week.  But it gets better!

On Thursday morning I got the Arabic PMG in the mail!  I'm really excited for that.  Memorizing some of the lesson statements and trying to understand more.  Then we had a lesson with Salin, it went well and he committed to come to church on Sunday.  On the way to Salin I had seen a guy smoking down a main road and felt good about him but felt like we didn't need to talk to him right then.  Turns out after our lesson with Salin we walked far down the road and saw him again!  His name is Yves and he's from the Congo and we have an appointment to teach him tomorrow.  He seems like a cool guy.  We then went to stop by the house of a Romanian guy we met last week named Nelu.  He is living with his cousin, David and his wife Maria.  Maria was the only one in and doesn't really speak English.  She invited us in because she wanted to talk about the bible!  That was a great sign already!  We said we'd have to come back but didn't say when.  We went to Ward Council that night and that went well.  It's cool to be a part of all of these meetings.

Friday was pretty typical, weekly planning, some finding, not much success. We did end up running into Nelu though!  We set an appointment for Sunday at 5! We were supposed to teach English again but they couldnt come that night so that didn't work out either.

On Saturday we went and had a full day of finding then we went to the Watsons for dinner again and had lasagne, he's a really good cook!

Sunday was such a great day!  We woke up and got a call from Salin saying that he no longer had a ride and didn't know if he could come.  I talked to him for a while and we ended up deciding that Elder Tupou and I would get a bus over to him then we could get a taxi to church.  By the time we got to Salin, and in a taxi we would be an hour late to church.  That's okay though because Sacrament meeting isn't until the 3rd hour.  Both Salin and Tony came to church and enjoyed it!  They said they want to come to Stake Conference next week!  They left after church and Elder Tupou and I went to our flat for 'lunch' even though we were fasting.  I ended up taking a nap.  We left the flat after our lunch hour and headed to Nelu, Maria, and David.  A little nervous and a little excited.  I felt good about this meeting.  It'd finally be new investigators and a first lesson taugh.  We got there and they immediately said come in!  They brought us food and water (temporarily forcing us to break our fast) and told us to make ourselves comfortable.  We gave them a Book of Mormon and David was very curious about what it was.  He had met with JW's and CofE representatives before and you could kind of tell he didn't like what they told him.  We started giving the first lesson, and when we got to the part where Joseph Smith sees God the Father and Jesus Christ he was buzzing for it!  He was so excited and impressed!  He said after all he's ever learned, it was not hard to believe!  It makes sense!  He was saying he's never heard of this and asking how are people missing this!?  It was a really powerful lesson and we answered a question he had about the plan of Salvation.  It was kind of a testing question to see if we were actually different than the other people he'd met with.  He seemed to like what we said.  We committed them  to baptism but not on a specific date.  It went really great and we finally have not 1 but 3 new investigators!

I've had a good week, and we've had a lot of fun!  Hopefully all of these miracles will stand and the Romanian family will progress to baptism.  I hope all of y'all are doing great!

Love you!
Elder Pogue