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March 25

Hey  everyone!  I can't believe it's been a whole week since last time I was emailing!  Time flies on the mission.  This week has been interesting. Elder Tupou explained it perfectly.  When you watch a good movie, then the final scene is rubbish, it ruins the whole movie.  That's how this week has been but it has also been a huge learning experience.  
I am so scared to think about it being 8 months already.  Some missionaries are really sad when they see how much time has gone by because they feel guilty for wasting so much time.  Others are sad because they love the work so much they can't imagine it going by so fast.  I am definitely in the second category.  I still have a long time left on my mission though.  (:  
That's so cool that Butters is going to Mississippi, maybe I'll accidentally visit him when I get home. (;    I don't think I'd want anyone to visit me though so maybe I won't.  
So to be completely honest, my thoughts about Sheldon and this area... I'm ready to leave.  I don't know what will happen but I hope there's a change.  Things have been going really well but I don't feel like my full potential as a missionary is used here.  We've just kind of hit a brick wall with the work and don't know what much else to do.  We have some really sweet goals for this upcoming week though and we'll for sure see great miracles.  Pray that we will see miracles every day.  
Miracle #1 of this past week, I have started an insanely good workout routine.  Before I'd wake up and just totter around, do a couple of push-ups and lay on the floor.  This whole week I've done at least 100 push-ups a day with a lot of other weights and pull ups and different exercises.  I've felt great!  
That may not really be a miracle but it was just a notable change in my mission life.
Let me go through the week.
Monday, P-days are always good!  Last Monday we decided to go to Birmingham.  We ran into Sister Williamson and Sister Anderson there and then a crazy bloke started talking to us and yelling and things.  It was way out of line.  We meet a lot of loony tunes on the mission.  In Birmingham we just did some shopping, didn't buy anything.  We taught English on Monday night.  The Albania crew is really cool.  They're all so funny.  They're also learning a lot!  They are all doing a great job.

Tuesday, our plans Tuesday were full. We went to see a lot of people.  When we had exhausted our plans, it was only about 2 or 3.  That happens sometimes when nobody answers their doors. We did see the Rollins (less actives), and had a short lesson with them.  We were supposed to see Salin, but he cancelled on us.  We had a dinner with the Martins (WML) and then we went with Elder Martin to visit a 92 year old named Dennis.  He's such a funny guy!  He supposedly was a performer when he was younger and always has funny stories to tell.  He asked us our Christian names and I said Evan, he said 'evan?!'  That's where I want to go when I die!  In England it's a common accent to not say the h in words.  Tuesday we met a lady named Joline.  On Wednesday we went to see Joline and she wasn't in and we haven't been able to get in contact with her.  I’m sure we will soon.
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting.  We went to Zone Meeting with Elder Eldredge and Elder Fonseca from Solihull.  It was a good meeting where all the district leaders gave some training then the Sister Training Leaders (Sister Stapley and Sister Dodds) did some training.  That lasted until about half two then we headed home.  Ate some, changed and went out.  We went to contact Joline but no luck there.  We then went to visit our amazing Romanian family.  We stayed there about 20 minutes and ended up being extremely late to our ward coordination meeting.  We ate a kebab that night..  
Thursday we had another full day, tons of names of people to go and see.  We have been working hard and speaking with a lot of people.  I don't really know why we aren't having more success than we are.  I'm constantly trying to refine my finding and teaching.  I guess at this point it just comes down to faith and patience.  We taught English on Thursday night and had a great time.  
Friday was weekly planning, which is no secret that I hate it.  This Fridays weekly planning wasn't too bad though.  It was the longest planning I've ever had but that's beside the point.  We have a lot of people to talk about this week, Salin, the R family, and less actives we're working with.  We set great goals and had a good time.  At the end of it, Elder Tupou and I had a really good talk about helping each other reach our goals.  It ended up being a really uplifting and spiritual experience for the both of us.  After that, we had a baptism to attend!  Elijah Roberts who just walked into the church a few weeks ago got baptized.  He was in the other Elders area so that's great.  The Albanians came, thinking it was an English lesson and seemed to really enjoy it.  We are slowly putting the gospel into them.  A couple of them seem really interested so that's great.

Saturday, was a lot of fun.  We had been invited by Elijah to play football with him and some of his mates.  We went thinking it would be a good finding opportunity but it actually wasn't.  It also started pouring down freezing rain, which turned into hail.  It was a great English experience though, playing football in rain that's going sideways, then hail.  We were all wet and freezing.  We couldn't move our hands but it was a good time and Elijah was happy we came.  We then went to the Watsons for our usual Saturday dinner, that was really good.  Brother Watson’s been home alone a lot because his wife works a ton.  We had a good time there.  
So Sunday is that disappointing final scene... oh man Sunday.  (he wanted this omitted)
So this week was decent until Sunday.  Things are looking GREAT for this week to come though.  I hope all of y'all are doing great.
Love you!
-Elder Pogue

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