Monday, April 21, 2014

40th....New Area, Stroud!

Hey everyone!

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY!  I only have 20 minutes to type an email but I have so much to say!  I will start off with it is a bank holiday and the library is closed, I believe next week is one too though.  I'm at the Darracqs (awesome senior missionary couple)  flat emailing right now.  I'll explain them later.  Crazy crazy week. 

Okay so on Monday was dodge night (the night transfer calls are made)  and our whole district got together and played sports all day.  That was a lot of fun!  That night we got the calls.  I've been transferred!  A Missionary named Elder Martin is taking my place.  

Tuesday was a lot of time packing and seeing a few people.  We also ate lunch as a district to say goodbye. Everyone else is staying the same.  Not too much happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning I woke up, finished packing and around 12 went to the mission home.  It was so great to see Elder Harris and a lot of missionaries from my group.  I met up with a couple of more people going to the same zone as me and got my post and headed off.  We rode a coach down to a city near where I'm currently serving.  I met my new companion, Elder Olivos from London.  He has been serving for 4 months and is a way cool missionary.  We are getting along great and having a great time.  When we got there we were met by a few missionaries.  A few of them were missionaries from my group.  We then got a lift with the Darracqs, the senior couple serving here too.  They brought us to our flat to bring the bags home and then took us to their place for dinner.  We had Mexican and it was so so good!  They are from Mountain Home Arkansas!  They are really, really cool.  

Thursday was a great day as well. I found out a lot of interesting things!  Like on the first of May I am going to London!  Really!  Elder Olivos has to go for some official business. So on May 1st we are going to London.  Crazy.  On Thursday we went around and met my investigators which are all awesome.  Ana, Jamie, and Angie are some of them.  This area is beautiful and very very hilly.  I can't believe how beautiful it is though.  Biking is very hard especially because the bike I'm riding is a death trap.   The front wheel shakes like nothing else.  By the way... I need a bike now!  Can you put just a bit of money in so I can buy a cheap one?  

Friday we had interviews with President, that was great!  I love seeing him and Sister Rasmussen.  They are awesome and are always so loving.  I also was able to see more people from my MTC group!  I'm looking forward to serving in this Zone!  

Saturday we taught a few lessons and did some good work.  Sorry, I don't have much time to email.

Sunday we went to church here in........... my new area............ and it was so great meeting everyone.  It's a small ward with lots of great people,  They were so welcoming.  After church we had an Easter dinner with the Darracqs.  It was really great with turkey and all the usual stuff.  We actually fell asleep in our flat for a long time after that.

Today was Monday, and we had such a good P-day.  This morning Elder Olivos and I went to play pool for an hour and then we went with the Darracqs all around!  To all these beacons and beautiful views of the hills and valleys.  So now that you're dying about knowing where I am, I am serving in......... STROUD!  Dad will have so much fun researching all the areas around here.  There are so many great things to see and we got to hike so many places already today.  Things are great here in Stroud.  I'm really looking forward to the work here and we have set crazy plans on doing good work.  

Sorry this is so rushed but this is all I have time to write.  But i am having a great time.  Put some money in the account so I can buy a CHEAP bike.

Love y'all!
Elder Pogue

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