Monday, October 7, 2013

12th Letter (Eastwood)

Hey everyone!
I did get Piper's picture and loved it!  I opened it up in district meeting and all the Sisters were jealous of Piper and Rhett!  I loved all the things that I can tell Piper made you put in the box, like a roll of tape.... ha!    Oh, can you please thank Brother Dille for me or give me his email!  He sent me some root beer extract so we can make rootbeer here.  They don't have it.  It means a lot to me that he took the time to do that!  Ask him what areas he served in.  Also, if he knows anyone that I should look up or something. 
It has been a really, really fast, great week! 
On Monday after we emailed Elder Harris and I really just chilled out and did nothing.  We didn't have any plans and really nothing to do.  It was nice though. 
Tuesday was the funniest day of my mission.  It was not Elder Harris' day.  First off we fixed my bike PERMANANTLY.  There was a nail in my tire that was tiny and practically invisible.  We took it to Mick the bike guy and he hooked me up and there have been no problems since.  Then we were cycling down a path to a dinner appointment we had at Bill and Nancy Marinas.  On the way there Elder Harris half fell off his bike and his foot sunk deep into mud. Then!  We get to our dinner appointment where we had this seafood pasta dish which was amazing.  So there were shrimp in it and being from the south I knew how to peel them and stuff but Elder Harris had not seen shrimp like that before so he asks Bill how to eat them and Bill tells him to peel them.  It turns out Elder Harris had already eaten two shrimps with the shell, legs, head, eyes, everything!  Everyone laughed pretty hard at that!  It was a pretty good day.  We did have two teaching appointments scheduled but both of them flogged which means didnt show up or answer their doors.  Flogging is a common theme of this week.
Going back to the seafood dish.  Missionaries that learn a language get the gift of tongues to learn the new language and stuff.  I'm a firm believer that all missionaries get the gift of tongues to eat food that the might not have necessarily enjoyed back home and love it on their missions.  That's happened several times, the most strange for me being the squid and muscles in the pasta, and a few weeks ago, a mushroom filled meat pie thing.  I still hate mushrooms though. (:
On Wednesday we went to Ilkeston to visit Shaun and Claire.  They have been redecerating their houses and painting the rooms and stuff and they really look great!  We stayed for just a short while because we had to teach a lesson back in Eastwood.  This was one of the best lessons of my mission yet.  We taught the Law of Chastity and were pretty nervous about it.  Rachael is way awesome and already has such a big testimony.  We taugh them and it went great.  We ended up calling Elder Smith who was transferred last transfers and he gave a hilarious analogy for the Law of Chastity that I'll use for the rest of my mission!  We had a dinner appointment at the Evan's house that night (:
The next morning was Thursday so that means district meeting.  At district meeting I got 2 letters from Mom (which by the way, Cameron and I are in touch and are sending each other our emails so you have no need to do that, also remember that I am in England and anything JK Rowling does probably gets to me first (:  I am excited about the films though, and also The Avett Brothers are so sick.  You better buy that album the day it comes out.) 
I also got a letter from Kelcy, the package and letter from Piper and Rhett, and a package from the Dilles!  It was great!  After District meeting we went to teach Louise (Shaun's daughter who is getting baptized on the 26th.) and then we had a meeting with the girl named Ketty, who... flogged us. 
Friday was a pretty good day, except we have to weekly plan on Fridays at that takes all morning.  We generally dont leave our flat till the afternoon.  We had a lesson with a past investigator named Sarah.  She was so funny and as our member present we brought Shaun!  So that was awesome.  She's a new investigator so hopefully she keeps her commitments and all of that.  We were supposed to meet with Ketty again that night... once again... she flogged.  We held a drop in night at the church though and we played wii and pictionary and ping pong with some people from the ward.  Elder Harris has a video of me dancing to Just Dance on the Wii.  Can't have much more fun than that!
On Saturday we had a flat inspection... ugh.  We spent all morning cleaning our flat.  It looks nice though now!  We then taught english class which went well as always.  We finally got one non member there which is the point of the thing really.  He taught Elder Harris how the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families in English it was so awesome!  So then we had service for about an hour and then Elder Harris and I stopped by McDonalds, and went to the chapel and watched Saturday Morning conference!  It was so sick!  Elder Uchtdorf is the man!  Everyone needs to go and watch that talk.  They were all so amazing though.  Everyone in the world needs to hear conference.  It has been the best one I've heard ever.  I've also paid much more attention this time around though (:  After that we treated ourselves to nice Kebabs.  Oh yeah.
On Sunday we went back to the chapel and watched Saturday Afternoon.  When I say the chapel, I just mean Elder Harris and I.  We sit in the Clerks office and watch it on the computer there.  The ward doesn't show it.  We then went to Shaun and Claire's and then to Ruby's to have a delicious Sunday dinner and watch Sunday Morning session.  It all has been so great. 
This week really has been awesome!  I can't wait for this coming week.  Elder Harris and I have plans to do tons and tons of finding!  Hopefully we have success!  Please pray for all of our investigators and stuff;  Ketty, Sarah, Rachael, Amy, Louise!
My spiritual thought this week is Watch General Conference!  It's so amazing that there is a prophet on the earth and apostles who speak with us!
I love and miss you all!
Elder Evan Pogue

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