Monday, November 25, 2013

19th Letter from England

Hey everyone!
   Good week..... My bike has been great but I haven't ridden it much because Elder Steel's bike is broken... just aftermath from the miraculous fall.  Yeah for some reason we both still think we'll only be together one transfer.  I'd really love to train but I think the chances of that are low because I'm still a 'young' missionary and there aren't a huge amount of new Elders coming in.  But we'll see.  I just don't want to leave Eastwood right before Christmas.  Transfers are in a couple weeks.  Okay here's my week.
Monday was P-day obviously so we just did some grocery shopping and hung around the flat.
On Tuesday we had a normal day, just full of regular missionary work.  That night we went to the Birch's (Claire Sanderson's family) for tea and guess what we ate... Faggots!  That's what they're called.  We were all kind of giggling at that.  They're like meatloaf, in giant meat ball form.  They're really good!  It was so funny to tell people that we had faggots for dinner though.  That night we did the young men activity.  It went really well, what we did was got the leaders to get behind a door and come up with a scenario and we split the young men into companionships and had them tract these doors.  The leaders and the boys were great!  It was awesome to see some of the people the leaders were and even more awesome to see the way some of the young men handled the situation.  E. S. really surprised me with his descriptions he came up with for the spirit, and repentance!  To describe the spirit he said, 'imagine you're trying to go to sleep and a small cat climbed up onto your chest and curled up in a ball.  That warmth and pressure on your chest with the love from the cat is kind of how the spirit feels!'  And about repentance, 'okay so if you stick your hands in mud then was them, then stick your hands in mud again and wash them again, you can do that over and over again and eventually it will get boring!  But to truly repent you was your hands and never stick them in mud again!.'  I thought both of those were quite genius. 
On Wednesday morning we had the Motivation class again by Sister Rigby.  That always seems to go really well.  Then we went to Ilkeston to do those AUF files which I'm pretty sure I explained in previous emails.  We met a guy named Steve though who is a history teacher and we had a really good conversation!  He is interested in learning more and we went back to him on Saturday, I'll say more about him then. 
On Thursday, we had district meeting, that went pretty well.  We were late getting started though after district meeting, so we didn't have time to do the plans we wanted to do.  We ended up visiting Niel (the sister's investigator) and then walking to our dinner appointment at the Dolphin-Rowlands house. 
Friday was a pretty good day!  We had weekly planning which I hate because it means we're in the flat for a lot of the day!  We also had to do a lot of cleaning because we had flat inspection on Saturday and our flat was a mess!  But we weekly planned and got done relatively early, we went and did some finding in Heanor and talked to this Polish guy, we need to drop off a Polish Book of Mormon at his house and hopefully teach him.  It'll be hard though because he understands little English.  We went to Betty B.'s house that night for a 'thanksgiving meal'  It was really good!  We had Turkey and Potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings, carrots, and other veg, and to finish it off we had a nice apple pie!  It was really nice of Betty to do that for us!  We went around the table and talked about what we were thankful for. 
Saturday we spent all morning cleaning, and did really well on our flat inspection!  We then went up to Heanor and then towards Ilkeston.  In Heanor I got to speak to a guy named Kamal in Arabic!  I always love when I get to use what I know!  He told me that my Arabic was really good!  We then wen to Ilkeston and went to see Steve, he openned the door really excited saying 'I'm a grandpa now!!!!'  He had told us last time we saw him that his daughter was expecting.  So that was really exciting.  He told us that he would be busy most of the week though but we should stop by Friday morning because he had read some of 'the testament' that we had given him and he really wanted to learn more!  We then went all around Ilkeston and met this cool guy named Alex (who strangely reminded me a lot like Alex Zachary) and got a return appointment with him, and he referred us to his parents who we had a really good meeting with and a return appointment! 
On Sunday we went to church but no investigators showed up so that sucked.  Church was really good though.  After church we went to Eats n Treats to help them decorate for Christmas!  I'm so excited for this Christmas season!  I can't believe it's already December and I've already been here for 4 months!  We went to visit some less actives after that and we ended up staying there for about half an hour.  They were really nice and we'll have to visit them more often!  It was a relatively good week especially towards the end. 
Good news, Darren, the guy from the dentist is getting baptised on Saturday!!!!  We're extremely excited about that, especially because he asked Elder Steel to baptize him!  I can't wait to do that, I wish we had a batpism here though!
Okay, so I thought this email was going to be short but it ended up being pretty long!  I love all of you guys and hope you're doing great!
Elder Evan Pogue


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