Monday, December 30, 2013

23rd Letter from England (Sheldon)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Reading your email was so hard this week!  I can't imagine all of you in Louisiana without me... but that's okay.  The other day at church Elder Coppin (a senior, public relations missionary) said something like 'looking forward to Christmas gumbo??'  and he just laughed at the face I made.  He could tell it really hit a spot.  I wish I had time or money (or knew how) to make some!  How did Taylor and Mitchell do fishing??  I guess I'll talk to all of you about this on WEDNESDAY WHOOOO!  So today is technically not P-Day our P-day this week is going to be on the 26th of December, boxing day.  We probably won't email then though because we're emailing now and we want to go to Birmingham to get in on all the cheap sales, especially because Elder Hoffmann is going home soon and needs to buy souvenirs.

So I guess I'll go through the week as normal, even though this week has been very very uneventful.  Last Monday we were at the Stilgers house to email.  After that we got together with Elder Peek and Elder Chardon (the other Sheldon Elders) and we tried to go to a Seik temple but we couldn't go in because we needed a reservation.  We'll do that some other time.  That night Elder Hoffmann and I did our weekly planning because we didn't have an opportunity before then.

On Tuesday we got with Elder Peek and Chardon again to go over a list of less actives in the area and plan to meet them all.  Elder Hoffmann and I were going through our area book and found a lady with very little information except for the fact that her husband is a member and she wants to be baptised so she can be sealed to her husband.  We tried to contact her but we haven't found her in yet.  Tuesday I got our white board and drew a nice tree on it and put my presents under it.  Its not quite the same as having a real tree but it's better than nothing!

I'm sorry this week is so boring.  On Wednesday we went to Zone Meeting in Harborne.  It was a good meeting.  My new zone leaders are named Elder Kulow and Elder Parr.  They're really nice.  That meeting lasted a really long time though  we barely got in on time to go to our ward coordination meeting.  Elder and Sister Morris (senior missionaries) gave us some caramel popcorn that is extremely good.  It's nice getting ready for Christmas!

Thursday morning I was feeling sick so Sister Rasmussen told us to stay in the flat until I felt better.  It sucks being in the flat so we left as soon as we could really.  It just feels like so uch time is being wasted.  We tried again to contact that lady that wants to be sealed to her husband.  We also have been going around and trying to find members who are on the record that have kids that never got baptized.  That night we had a lesson with our investigator, Salin.   We watched the biography of President Monson with him and talked about the prophets.  Have you seen that documentary?  Its dead good.  I think its called On The Lords Errand.

Friday we had our weekly planning session again... the most boring time.  Our appointment that night was cancelled too so that sucks.  We have this potential family and I really want to teach them because they seem so nice!

Saturday was just like all of the rest of the days.  A lot of finding, going to try to see some members and less actives.  We really have had no success.  I've been studying this letter though that Elder Steel gave me from a missionary in the 80s.  It was cool as I was reading the part where he had the hardest time on his mission and he mentions that he was in a small town in the suburbs of Birmingham named Spark Hill.  That's really cool because Spark Hill is part of my area now.  Its nice to read another missionary's experience here.

Sunday church was good. A lot of members gave us food and a few presents!  That was nice.  After Church we got flogged by this guy from Yemen named Adam.  We were late though so it was more our fault.  After that we went and had lunch.  Then at around 4 we went to a methodist church service where they were singing Christmas hymns and stuff!  I really enjoyed that.  We met a lot of nice people and we were able to share a little bit of our beliefs without being disrespectful.  Only if they asked (because we were guests in their church).  We spoke with the reverand and he offered us some cordial because he knew we didn't drink tea or coffee.  It was really nice and they had a really good choir.

It's been raining like crazy here.  I'm so glad i bought those rain trousers a few weeks back!  I just really want it to snow already!  It's been well cold enough.  And also very wet.  Just not snowy yet.

So I guess the primary purpose of my emails today were supposed to set up skype times... so we are going to skype at 5 oclock our time.  So that should be about 11 for you i think???  Be logged in before that also though just in case.  I don't know which account I'll call from.  maybe mine maybe theirs.  Just if you get a call then tell me.  WAIT!  What's your skype name?!?!!  If I don't know it I'll have to call from mine but tell me what it is just in case!

I love you!
-Elder Pogue

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