Monday, December 30, 2013

24th (Sheldon)

Hey everyone!!

It really seems like there is nothing to tell any of you about because I just talked to (my family) on Skype on Wednesday.  But I'll go through the normal week as usual.  But first: to answer your questions. So we've been really reaching out to the ward and building relationships.  We've done a pretty good job and there are several people who I am getting quite a bit closer to.  Elder Chardon is in the other Sheldon team with a kid named Elder Peek.  My companions name is Elder Michael Hoffmann from Clinton Utah.  We get along fine, no fighting or anything like that. We're here to build up the ward and to really get them excited to do the work.   When Elder Hoffmann leaves I'll almost for sure stay here.  I know we're working on getting sisters here in Sheldon so Elder Chardon might leave.  Or just come with me.  Hopefully that will be the case.

Okay so this week.
Monday was not p-day so we just emailed really quick then went to try and do some work.  We had a potential from Yemen named Adam that we saw.  After that we did some other work around the area.  Then we decided to go caroling to members to try to build relationships.  That night we carolled to a family called the Maloneys and they invited us in for dinner.  Then the Matthews and we also saw a guy named President Abbott from the ward.  It was a great start to meeting all these people.

So Christmas eve is when we started getting a lot of work done.  We had district meeting in the morning in Solihull, then ate at subway.  After that Elder Hoffmann and I went caroling and were able to stop by 4 members houses.  All but one of them were able to let us in and the one who didn't only didn't because she was alone and that's against the rules.  We shared the Nephite Christmas Eve story from 3rd Nephi 1 and talked about how Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace (by the way, did y'all see the Christmas Devotional??  Elder Nelsons talk was amazing.)   I was getting excited for Christmas and to open all the presents!

So Christmas morning comes along and I wake up, take a shower and put my onesie on.  The first thing we did was open presents.  I had bought Elder Hoffman a box of Kraft Macoroni and Cheese, a delicacy for any foreign missionary.  I was shocked when I opened the things y'all sent me.  There was so much in there!  I love the Ghutra Ties the most I think.  It was weird seeing the Pez in the stocking!  I got kind of emotional ahah!  Then Kelcy sent me some icebreakers because I love those, and a picture in a frame of us (the one she posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago.)  That was nice.  That day we went to a family called the Camisani's.  They're from italy and we had italian starters, lasagna, then turkey and potatoes, then a cake!  It was a lot of food!  and extremely delicious.  We hung out with them.  Then of course we skyped home.  That was such a quick 40-50 minutes!  I'm glad to hear y'all are all doing well!  I can't believe the Zacharys are moving though!

Thursday was our P-Day and we went to Birmingham for boxing day.  Tons of sales.  (oh yeah, to answer your question, I didn't spend any of it I just took it out just in case)  I didn't end up buying anything but Elder Hoffmann bought some stuff for his family.  It was really hectic!  We went with Salin (our investigator) and he brought his friend named Tony who told us that he is interested in learning more about the gospel!  Such a huge blessing.  The other Elders also came, and brought a member Kenny Jones with them who I'll speak more about in a bit.  Some of the lines going into the stores were so incredibly long!  It was just daft.  Especially Next, and Hollister.

On Friday we had to Weekly plan then go and stop by a couple of less actives, neither of them were in.  We had a party to go to that night!  Kenny Jones's mission farewell!!!!  I'm so excited for him!  He's officially gone, he was set apart last night (sunday) and left at about 6 AM this morning to the Provo MTC.  He's going to be speaking Spanish and serving in the Texas McAllen (I think) mission.  He'll be a great missionary.  His farewell was fun, it was at the church and most members came.  We had some texmex food, sloppy joes and things like that.   We went on exchange that night so I was with Elder Chardon in our flat.

Saturday Elder Chardon and I wake up, and study.  We then went to visit a couple of members and just talked to everyone on the way.  We ended up getting about 6 potentials mostly with solid return appointments!  That's pretty good compared to how we've been doing.  I had a great time on exchange.  We exchanged back late that night and Elder Hoffmann and I didn't end up getting back to our flat until 10:30!  If you're in later than that you have to call president.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church.  Went to a joint sunday school, Priesthood Relief Society class.  It was by the bishopric on Hastening The Work of Salvation.  that's really good.  I'm excited for this new year.  It was Kenny's farewell talks that day, and so he talked, then his mom talked, then bishop talked.  We sang a special musical number in between and by we I mean us Elders and a few women.  I don't know why they keep wanting us to sing!  We got in after church and ate.  Then went to visit some more members and less actives.  It's been a pretty good week so far.

I'm getting a cold which sucks but its alright.  Just sinus' and all of that.  It was hard not to be with all of y'all this Christmas season but also very good being here.  I'm growing every day.  It's amazing the knowledge of the gospel and of the scriptures I've gained.

I can't believe that Piper is 4!!!  That's insane!

What are your plans for new years eve, I'm so grateful that nobody is going to try to convince me to go to a ridiculous stake dance and end up succeeding because I'd realize I had nothing better to do.  Ahaha, we have to be in our flat by 6 on New Years Eve...

Send me that package with the Tonys!!  (bold??)  and whatever else it was!  I'm dying without it.

I love and miss you all!

-Elder Evan Pogue  

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