Monday, January 6, 2014

25th Letter from England (Sheldon)


So here's my first question, what are you doing in Louisiana by yourself for a few weeks?!  Why'd you stay!  Poor dad is going to be so lonely, he doesn't even have a dog to keep him company... is that taboo to talk about??

So for some reason, I'm in a weird mood right now and would like to take a minute to talk about some funny quirks of the English.  
1. The young english generation (chavs) have much less moral standings and values that anything I've ever imagined.
2. English people tend to say bye about 100 different times in at least 50 different ways before you can actually leave (ta!  Bye now!  Bye!  Cheerio!  Take care!  bye again!  Bye bye!  Ta!  See you later!  Bye!  Alrighty then!  See you later!  Bye now!  Bye!)
3. For some reason chavs think yelling and swearing at you to leave their country is good ole and I quote, 'English banter'.
4. They apologize ALOT if they almost run into each other on the streets.
5. There's much more but I'll end with they 'can't be bothered'. 

 Now I mean these in the best way possible.  I'm trying to be satirical about it all, much in the same way every American is 'fat' and things like that. In all honesty, I LOVE it here.  It's been great.  I love the people!!

My time in Sheldon has been a challenge but I've also enjoyed it.  I'm almost for sure not leaving this transfer but I'm having a good time!  I'm actually really looking forward to next transfer, to start off a transfer kind of knowing the members, knowing where I'm going, and having a little more to work from. It should be good.  

So for my week, 
Last Monday we emailed, then we hung out with Jeremiah and Jake!  (a couple of young men from the ward.)  We spent the day going to charity shops and buying cheap treasures.  Elder Hoffmann and I had a Christmas Miracle!  We found a £4 waffle iron!  I also found some good CD's, and was able to download a nice gospel CD from Amazon.  :D  We had a great time.  Monday was the start of my seriously considering buying new shoes.  Both of my black pairs of shoes are warn down far too much to be good for my feet.  I just want to make sure I buy a decent enough pair.

On Tuesday we tried to go around, find some new investigators, and see some potentials.  We talked to a few people, got a few return appointments, but without much luck.  Things have been like that for a while, but it's okay.  I'm optimistic for these next couple weeks.  President promised that January would be the most baptizing month in years.  We had to be in the flat by 6 because of the risk of drunk chavs stabbing us or something daft like that on New Years Eve.  We spent the time playing cards and listening to some old talks.  It was nice.  We talked until midnight when we heard tons of fireworks going off.  I can't believe it's 2014!  Where has the time gone?  How have I already almost hit my six month?  I'm not ready to go home!  (;

On Wednesday, it was the new year.  So I got to start of the year with a wonderful cold that gave me a fever and took my voice away for a couple of days.  That was not so great.  We spent a lot of time in the flat, fearing mixing the fever with the cold and rain.  At 5 we had a dinner appointment at the Martins house.  He's our ward mission leader.  Then we had ward coordination.  

On Thursday We had district meeting!  That was a lot of fun!  Actually to back up a little, we were supposed to have a breakfast at a members house called the Wilkins, then we get nearly there, then we call the other Elders and they had 'forgotten' to tell us that the appointment was cancelled!  We ended up going to Lidl, buying donuts and having breakfast at their flat.  (:  We then had district meeting, it was a nice meeting where we talked about the importance of working with members.  We then had lunch at a chippy, where I got a kebab that was the greasiest thing I've ever seen.  Elder Hoffmann bought some pickled cockles...  <-- I refused to try one, but it was fairly unanimous that they were disgusting.  I don't know what they are.

On Friday we had a funeral to go to.  This man named John Pritchard from the ward died, I never met him.  It was a nice service, the first funeral I've ever been to.  The spirit was very strong there.  We then had lunch, started weekly planning, and had a dinner appointment at the Hadleys house.  They are cool!

On Saturday, our day was devoted to  helping a lady named Sister Wright move into her new home.  Only us, and one member showed up.  That was disappointing and we ended up taking about 6 hours of heavy lifting work.  We got most of it done just in time though, Brother Camiasani drove us to our dinner appointment at the Watsons house.  Brother Watson is a cool guy!  He's just in the wrong country though!  He likes fishing, carving wood, cooking, and he just bought a mandolin to learn how to play.  He reminded me of someone you'd find in Louisiana.  

Sunday, was another good day at church.  Fast and testimony meeting, for some reason I let Elder Hoffmann to convince me to fast for lunch and dinner instead of breakfast and lunch though...  So I ate a couple waffles and a quesadilla.  We went to church, taught priesthood on the Holy Ghost.  We had a nice testimony meeting, Elder Hoffmann and I passed the Sacrament (it's been ages since I've done that).  After that we went to see a media referral we'd gotten!  This indian lady who lived in Holland 8 years before answered the door!  She had talked to the missionaries 8 years ago!  I'm excited to start teaching her!

So now today is Monday and we're actually in Birmingham library.  It's huge, and looks like a birthday cake.  The poshest library I've ever seen.  Maybe I can find a quick picture.    
 We have Zone P-day today then a dinner with Bishop Stilger and his family.  I'm looking forward to this!

So I recognize that this email is written in a different mood/style than usual, I'm not sure why!  I've had a great week, and really look forward to the weeks to come!  (15 days and a new transfer!!!)  

I love you all!  Hope you've had a great week and a happy new year!
Y'all are the best!
Elder Evan Pogue
Bye!  Bye now! Ta!  Cheerio!  Bye!  See you!  Take Care!!  Bye!  Love you!  Bye!  Be safe!  Careful how you go!  Bye!  Ta! Bye now!  (:

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