Monday, January 20, 2014

27th Letter from England (Sheldon)

Excerpt from last weeks letter first:  (Take this out of the blog until next week as it is suppsoed to be a secret)  So I got the call to be a trainer!  I'm so excited for that!!  President called on what we know to be training dodge Monday and I heard the special president's ringtone and answered the phone, 'Hello, It's Elder Pogue!'  'Hello Elder Pogue, how are you?  It's President Rasmussen.'  'I'm great President, how are you?'  'I'm great, now Elder Pogue I have been engaged in much fasting and prayer and felt prompted to give you a call.  Have you been living your life in such a way that the spirit can work through you?'  'Yes president.' 'Are you willing to follow preach my gospel and do the work in the way the Prophets and apostles have outlined?'  'yes president!  'Well Elder Pogue, I'd like to extend a calling to you, I would like you to be a trainer, and train one of the new missionaries, would you be willing to accept that calling?' 'Yes, president!  Of course, I'd love to!'  'That's great!'  Then he gave me details on meetings we have and things like that.  I'm not sure how transfers go because Elder Hoffmann actually leaves a day earlier.  So I'll probably be with other missionaries next tuesday night, then on Wednesday morning I'll go and we'll have meetings then get assigned our 'greenies.'  I'm extremely excited!
Now to this week:
Hey everyone! 

This week has been pretty good so far!  So I guess I emailed Tuesday??  That's right because I got the call that I would be training on Monday.  So because it wasn't put on the blog last week I'll kind of recap.
On Monday I got a call from the mission president, President Rasmussen and he asked me to serve as a trainer!  I'm so excited for that.  I'm already going to be a dad (trainer)! :D  I think Elder Harris might be one of the youngest grandpas (trainer's trainer) in the mission.  He trained me well.  So Tuesday we emailed and got on with our day.  I unfortunately forgot my planner and can't really remember all the details of what we did or when we did things.
Wednesday was interviews with President.  We have interviews for all the missionaries every once in a while.  That went really well, along with that we had district meeting.  I basically just asked President Rasmussen a couple of questions pertaining to some of our investigators.  Those interviews are typically quite rushed because he has so many to do.
On Thursday a lot of the day was spent cleaning and packing for Elder Hoffmann, that's actually been most of the week.
Friday was the trainers meeting for new trainers, so we went to the mission home early.  I was so excited when I saw Sister Stapley and Eldredge walking up to the mission home!  Sister Eldredge is training!  I got to talk with them all about Eastwood and catch up on things that have happened!  There are 19 trainers this transfer and only me and 2 others are from my group (Debeikes and Dunn).  Sister Eldredge is the only missionary younger than my group training.  That was an extremely good meeting, we talked a lot about how our patterns will greatly affect our new missionary.  I realize that I still follow so many of Elder Harris' missionary patterns.  He was the best trainer.  After the meeting we had a dinner appointment with the Hadleys.  Thats always great.
Saturday was a pretty good day, we had a lunch appointment with family named the Rollins.  Their son is autistic and requires full time attention.  He made us burgers.  We then went back to the flat and once again spent so much time packing and cleaning... too much time.  I was mostly preparing my talk though.
Sunday came, I did some last adjustments to my talk.  We had a really interesting 3 hours.  First was priesthood taught by Bro. Hadley.  It was a great lesson.  Then we had sunday school taught by... Bro. Hadley.  That lesson was even better.  We talked about the creation and the class got pretty lively.  A lot of people had good input.  Then we had sacrament meeting conducted by... Brother Hadley.  He just did everything this Sunday!  I spoke first, I was pleased with my talk.  It went a little longer than expected.  I can't believe I prepared a whole talk without a computer.  That just seems crazy to me.  Then Elder Hoffmann spoke on repentance that was really good.  Then a guy from the stake got up and said he didn't have time to share the message he wanted to but felt prompted to share a story. Basically it was, do your home teaching and magnify your calling.  It was a really powerful meeting.  I could tell it was a little weird for Elder Hoffmann to say goodbye to everyone.  We went to our flat and I literally cleaned all day.  I worked some miracles in the kitchen and living room.  I'll send before and after pictures. 
So today is Monday and we spent the morning as a district and went to a Siek temple!  That was really cool!  They gave us a slideshow and taught us a lot about their religion then even gave us free food!  They're really nice people.  It's an interesting religion.  My week has been really good so far.  I can't wait for Wednesday to get my new missionary!

Hope y'all are all doing great!
Elder Evan Pogue

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  1. I bet Elder Pogue's talk was brilliant, I know his teaching is, he is an inspiration to everyone who meets and gets to know him.