Monday, September 1, 2014

59th Letter from England (Loughborough)

Hey Everyone!  I'm still recovering from the Sheep guy, it may be a little too soon to mention that... ahaha.  I'm actually thankful for the 3000 pens.  They are very useful sometimes.  We can never say we don't have any pens because there are always about 3000 floating around somewhere.  

I'm basically for sure only serving with Elder Harris for 1 transfer but I'm just thankful that I get to at all.  So I think dad is right.  
Nigel is going to Oxford?  That's crazy!  It's really a beautiful area. we drove through it on our way back from London with the Darracqs a few transfers ago.  It's really close to Stroud actually.  
Sounds like y'all are doing great.

Last Monday was great, it was bank holiday Monday so the library was closed but we just went to Barry and Ivy's house and emailed there.  We literally spent all day at their house.  Ivy cooked all of the missionaries Chinese food and we just had a massive meal together.  They have an apple tree in the back garden and we always pick the apples and throw them at another tree, baseball practice.  Barry also taught us an amazing Chinese song on the guitar.  It has to be one of my favorite songs now.  We never left their house that day because after p-day ended we taught our investigator Alex at his house then we taught our investigators Frankie, Danny and Yang at his house.  We then went and taught our investigator Michael.  
Tuesday morning we woke up and went straight to Bob and Gillian's determined to finally finish the service work. We didn't quite finish but we nearly did.  Right after that we went on exchange.  I went to Leicester with a missionary named Elder Sibyeng from South Africa.  He actually goes home in a couple of weeks.  We had a good time, but didn't have too much success.  He's such a funny kid though. 

We exchanged back the next morning and had district meeting in Loughborough.  Then we had our district lunch which is always fun.  The sisters had to run off to a lesson though.  Really all of our days are typically filled with teaching Chinese investigators and Barry and ivy's house.  Really Barry and Ivy are the best fellowshippers and teachers.  There's another recent convert named David that is really just as good too.  Barry goes home to China this Thursday though and I really think I'll probably cry.  It'll be cool in like 20 years we'll be watching conference and we'll here him sustained as a general authority.  He will for sure be a future church leader in China.  

Thursday morning we went to Peterborough for their district meeting, we were going to go on exchange but we decided not to because we had too much going on.  It took ages to get there though and ages to get back.  It was a good meeting though and I got to see the Peterborough Cathedral.  Then when we got back we had a dinner appointment with a family called the Sandersons.  They're actually Claire Sanderson's cousins.  Right after the DA we had ward coordination meeting and that went great.  A man from Logan Utah randomly showed up and was buzzing for our coordination meeting.  He was over for business and just likes to go see the local church buildings, he was lucky we were there.  

Friday was a really fun and kind of funny day.  It was Elder Harris Birthday so we went to Ivy's in the morning and she made us some noodles for breakfast.  Noodles are in their culture for birthdays because they represent a long life.  It was delicious.   So we went to Derby for my theory test and I... failed!  Ahaha, It's such a stupid test.  So the multiple choice is really extremely easy, but then they have something called Hazard Perception which is the stupidest thing in the world.  Basically there are these really obvious hazards and you have to click when you see them.  That's so easy except you have to click exactly when it wants you to and if you don't you fail.  So the test is easy but nobody really knows what they want from you.  So many people fail it.  There was one Elder that failed 7 times.  We had a good time though.  We went to the Derby mall for lunch.  We had Kebabs at the same place we used to back in the Eastwood days.  It was really weird being back there and knowing where to go and seeing the familiar places.  It was kind of like we had never left.  I'll retake the test soon though.  After Derby we had just a little bit of time for District finding and we found a couple of potentials but then we had to shoot off to a lesson with Anthea.  We had a good lesson with her, hopefully she will be baptised this weekend with Ariel and hopefully Alex.  After that lesson we went to meet with a recent convert named Jill and she took us out to the Driving range for Elder Harris' birthday.  It was so fun, and made me really want to play golf a lot when I get home.  

Saturday we were supposed to have a baptism for Ariel but she had to shoot off to London on Sunday Morning so we decided to just wait for this Saturday and hopefully Alex and Anthea can join her.  We had a good day Saturday though because we did finish Bob's patio!  It was really great to be done!  After so much time especially.  After that, we taught Alex, Ariel, and Anthea and got fed by all of them!  I am loving the Chinese food.  My favorite on Saturday was a chicken curry and it had a hint of coconut taste in it.  

Sunday we had a great church service.  Both speakers did amazing and it was all focused around reading the Book of Mormon and how the scriptures are our compass.  It was a great Sunday then right after church we helped Barry and David get interviewed so they can have their patriarchal blessings.  I'm so excited for them to do that!  They are getting them tonight, before they leave on Thursday for China.  We had a DA at a family called the Young's then went to a really quiet wooded area and just read our scriptures for a while.  The spirit was really strong there and it was just really peaceful and nice.  Then we went to Bob and Gillian's for a BBQ with their neighbours and all the other missionaries in celebration of the patio being done and nice.  It was great!  Bob is just one of the greatest people I've ever met. 

After the BBQ we had to go in to do our call ins with the district leaders.  It's pretty boring but I really enjoy talking with the different teams in the zone and also it's great because our zone is just doing amazing.  

So this week has been pretty great and we have a lot of exciting plans for this next week.  

Also, I've had this weird infection or something on my big toe for like 2 weeks, it reminded me of Taylor on his mission, because he had the same thing.  I don't know why I thought about that.  I think it might be better now though.  Elder Harris is really converting me to DoTerra.  I put it on a blister I had on my thumb, and ulcer I had in my mouth and on my toe and they all seemed to miraculously heal.  

Hope y'all have a great week!  

Elder Pogue

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