Monday, September 15, 2014

61st Letter from England

Hey everyone!  It's weird sometimes as I sit here I honestly can not remember what we did this week.  It was a good week and I'll try to remember some things!  
I feel bad that Dad broke his toe!  You should have listened to him ahaha, maybe it was revelation...  I was thinking about Chili's the other day and how much I'd love to go there.  I miss proper American food sometimes.  

I'll try to go through the week and tell you what we did.

Monday we had a pretty normal p-day, as I said I went to Leicester to take my theory test so that went well.  Then we just relaxed and emailed.  After p-day we went street contacting and talked to some Chinese people then we went to the flat and prepared for zone conference the next day.

Tuesday was great, and a long day.  We woke up and basically headed straight for zone conference.  It was good to see everyone and great to see President.  I was asked to conduct the meeting which was cool.  We had a lot to do at the conference.  We had to get all the Subway and had to help set up and everything.  It's weird not just showing up and having it all done for us.  We had to do some training on teaching the law of tithing. President always gives really good training.  The best part about these meetings is seeing all the missionaries though.  That basically lasted all day.  

Wednesday we had a pretty good day.  We went and saw Alex and Ariel, and Anthea and taught all of them.  We had a lot of time to find as well.  We had to go to Leicester in the evening and meet with the stake president about the missionary work in the stake.  It was a good meeting and we had a good time.  While we were there we booked a practical driving test for me on Saturday morning.  We had the opportunity to teach a lady named M. that is going through a ton of stuff.  She really really wants to be baptized but she is addicted to heroin.  Heroin is so popular here in England.  It's just insane.  Wednesday we also said goodbye to David who is now back in China.  That sucks.

Thursday we went on exchange with the Elders in Glenfield.  I went with Elder Magda and Elder Harris came to Loughborough with Elder Harris.  Confusing.  Elder Magda is hilarious.  He's from Hungary.  One thing he did made me laugh so hard.  He was cycling down a hill and he put his stomach on the bike seat and stretch his legs out like he was superman, then he started moving his legs like he was swimming.  It was hilarious, I was laughing so hard.  We had a good exchange and were able to teach a couple lessons to their investigators.  

We exchanged back Friday morning then went to teach a lesson to a guy named K. He's from Nigeria.  I don't think he's too interested.  After K. we went to the church and I drove around the parking lot for preparation for the driving test.  It's ridiculous because I've driven for so long and have never been a bad driver but still needed to get used to it again.  We filled up the baptismal font then had a dinner appointment with the Hardy's.  Brother Hardy is the most knowledgeable person about the gospel I've ever met.  He's a genius.  He was a CES institute teacher for 40 years and just retired.  Basically the whole dinner was him telling us interesting things about the scriptures.  Right after the DA we went to Ariel's baptism!  Elder Harris baptised her and I gave a talk.  It was such a great service.  The spirit was so strong.  It was great to have another baptism after so many months without!  Her husband Alex will be baptized soon, then hopefully Anthea!  

Saturday morning we went to help a recent convert named Michael move house then I went for my driving test.  I drove like a pro.  I don't think I've ever driven as good as I did for that test.  My examiners name was Dennis, he was so hard to talk to!  He was very cold and stoic about everything.  So basically, I failed my test.  I can't believe how strict they are here about driving!  Literally my mistakes were the tiniest things you could ever think of.  One of them was his fault even.  And the thing is, if you get a mistake it's an instant fail.  So for example, he told me to turn right but because of traffic I couldn't get into the correct lane, so I missed the turn.  That was two serious mistakes, instant failure.  Ahah It basically all just depends on who your examiner is if you pass or fail.  
The highlight of Saturday was something called hotpot.  We went to some Chinese friends house and had hot pot which is basically a dinner where we all sit around a table with boiling water with spices in it, and raw meat.  Then we gradually just put what we want in and a couple minutes later it's finished and ready to eat.  It's great!  It's just a really social dish because you keep talking while the food is cooking.  I don't understand how it cooks so fast though!  I loved it.  

Sunday was good, Ariel got confirmed and we had a great sacrament meeting.  The worst part of the whole week though, was after sacrament meeting we had to say bye to Ivy.  She's on her way back to China.  That really sucked.  After church we had a really funny dinner with a family called the Rasmussen's.  Brother Rasmussen was one of the funniest guys I've ever met.  After that we just had our call-ins.

So this week was good.  It's the worst saying goodbye to these Chinese people though!  I was feeling pretty sick with a cold a couple days of the week but am better now.  I'll retake my driving test very soon.  As soon as I can.  I can't believe this transfer is already almost over.  It's gone way too fast.  

Transfers are not this Wednesday but the next!  

Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Pogue

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