Monday, October 13, 2014

62nd Letter From England

Hey Everyone!  I've had a pretty interesting and great week! 

So I'll just go ahead and start with last p-day.  Last p-day we went to some abbey or something and just looked around with the district.  It was well fun, we took some funny videos and just had a good time hanging out together.  It was a nice place and we also ate kebabs.  We then had a dinner appointment with a family called the Leslie's.  They're one of my favorite families here so I enjoyed that. They have tons of chickens running around the back garden and has a room devoted to star wars toys.  After the Leslie's we went and saw our investigator Melanie.  It was a powerful lesson, I really just feel so much charity for her because every time we meet she expresses how much she desires to do what's right but because of her addiction she just can't, every time she tries, she fails.  Hopefully we'll help her. 

Tuesday morning I got to go on exchange with Elder Kerr and we had a great time.  I went down to Demontfort in Leicester and we just worked really hard.  We taught a really hippie girl named Ellie, that was cool.  Then met with some other people and did some good finding.  I found this keyboard music thing in their flat that we played with all night and had tons of fun.  It was a great exchange.  We exchanged back pretty early and came to our district meeting.  Elder Harris and Elder Bies talked to a girl named Felicity from China.  It was a good talk, and she said she'd meet us again but then that night they got a call from Ivy in China!  Ivy said that Felicity had messaged her and said that she met two Americans who will teach her how to pray.  Ivy said no way?  What are their names?  Felicity told Ivy then Ivy said, I'm a member of that church and you should listen to them.  The crazy part was that Ivy wasn't even great friends with her or anything, Felicity just had some prompting to tell Ivy in China about it.  It was great!

Wednesday we had a district meeting in the morning which was good.  Right after district meeting we went down to Leicester again to do a workover with the Westcotes Elders.  I went with Elder Pacler for only about an hour.  We didn't really have much success but it was fun.  We got back pretty late and saw Melanie again that night. 

Thursday morning we went over to Leicester again for a a district meeting and had a great district meeting.  I think my favorite part about being zone leader is just really knowing all the missionaries in the zone.  After that meeting though we had to drive to Peterborough for exchange.  I went with Elder Page.  He's such a great guy!  I loved it.  Elder Page actually when he was a freshman in high school was pitching 90 miles per hour and doing it amazingly accurately and had scouts coming to his baseball games, but then he developed tendinitis in his elbow and can't play anymore.  We had a great time and just did a lot of finding.  We met this hilariously prideful old man that kept saying how perfect he was and showing us all of his achievements, then we were walking down the street and some chavs started yelling at us and one of them threw a lighter at us... Chavs are hilarious.  I got to hear the best street musician I've ever heard though so that was great!  

Friday we exchanged back and went to see Alex for a little bit but then we exchanged again!  Elder Hunter has been sick so I went to stay with him so Elder McCray went with Elder Harris.  I was happy to have a little rest.  I just played guitar most of the time while he slept.  I got a text on Friday night though saying that Angie has been baptized!  I was so excited!  Elder Olivos baptized her in Cheltnum chapel.  I wish I could have gone but the mission rules are you can go if you're a one hour trip or less away.  I'm so happy she made it though!  

Saturday I was still with Elder Hunter and I called Angie in the morning and talked to her for a while.  It was great to hear from her and it sounds like her baptism went really well!  She was very very excited! Elder Harris and I went to teach Felicity and the lesson was amazing!  She is really excited for the gospel and is already feeling the spirit and even told us something about prayer that I didn't know until my mission!  About accounting during our prayers.  So that was great.  

Sunday was a great and relaxing day.  We had church and Felicity came, she loved it and even said she felt very proud to be there.  She said 'I want to join this church!'  It's such a miracle!  We had the primary program so that was great.  After church a lot of members from Melton Mowbury fed us at the church so that was really fun and then we stopped to say hey to Bob on the way home.  We then went to see Jill and Alex and headed home for our call ins.  

Something really funny happened this morning.... so I was telling Elder Harris about a little kid in the ward running around with a rubbish bin above his head saying put him in the garbage.  I was telling him this story and said, he was running around with a.. aaa... a... What is it called in America!?  Rubbish bin was all I could think of.  But Elder Harris had to think and after maybe 45 seconds he yelled trash can!  It was ridiculous that we genuinely could not remember the word trash can! 

Well, that was my week.  I hope you have had a great week!  Love y'all
-Elder Pogue

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