Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter 63

Hey!  It's so crazy that you are just chilling in Sri Lanka right now!  I can't believe all those pictures of snakes and lizards and boars!  Sure you're freaking out all the time about there being so many snakes?  Sri Lanka looks like a really cool country though!  So this week has been pretty good.  I really feel like not too much has happened that would be interesting to say but I'll try to remember stuff.  (just a side note, the guy on the computer ahead of me is updating some type of profile and creating a forum that is titled 'The Banisher of Demons is looking for some female fun'.. and his profile says that he used to be a competitive swimmer, and kickboxer... and there is no way  that's true.  I can't believe what some people use library computers for! Poor guy... I feel bad for him. haha)

Last Monday we just did normal stuff for p-day.  Then that night we taught Felicity a lesson and the lesson was okay, but we found out that she'll be traveling for the next month and a half then when she gets home she'll basically be heading right back to china.  We had a dinner appointment with the Kears that night which is always good though (:

Tuesday morning we got a call telling us that we would have interviews with President Rasmussen on Thursday so we had to order subways and do all types of things to get ready for that so we spent a little bit of time working with that.  Most of the days this week has been spent trying to find new investigators.  On Tuesday we also taught some lessons, we taught our Nigerian investigator named Michael and our investigator Anthony. We felt like the lessons could be going better, but we'll see what happens.  We were called earlier that morning and a member wanted us to do some service for her friend.  We ended up doing that for a couple of hours then teaching her children to pray.

Wednesday the same lady wanted us to do some of the same service work again so we went over there and did that for a few hours.  That was alright then we did some finding afterwards.  I really don't remember what we did for the rest of Wednesday.  

Thursday we had our interviews all day.  We had to wake up early and get the train to Leicester and then just hung out at the chapel there all day.  My interview with President was really good, it was about 30 minutes of him telling me that I am the presiding priesthood authority for the missionaries in the Leicester Zone and he told me some of the things I need to make sure I'm doing.  It was a good interview.  That all went smoothly, then after interviews we had a DA with the Mattson's then we had our ward coordination meeting.  Somehow miraculously though we got 4 potentials that day even.  I think we talked to 6 people and 4 of them told us that they'd like to learn more.

Friday we had our weekly planning at the chapel and planned a lot about what we would do with the zone this transfer. We did a day of finding and taught a few lessons. 

Saturday was good, we were on exchange and played football in the morning. Then we went and taught Anthony again.  It was cold and rainy though unfortunately.  Then after that we went finding.  We watched conference that night which was really good.  Alex and Ariel came.  After conference we went to eat at the Cheng Do restaurant.  It was so funny, I pulled something out of the soup, looked at it and put it back.  Then I saw Alex eating it and I asked what it was, he said something in Chinese then translated it on his phone.  It was intestines!  

Sunday we spent the whole day at the chapel watching conference which was good as always.

I'm so sorry but you won't be getting any pictures today!  I only have 4 minutes left!  

I hope you had a good week and make it safely back from Sri Lanka!  Love you!
-Elder Pogue 

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