Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter 64

Hey! :D

 Things have been good!!  Loughborough is the place to be.  Leicester Zone is the best.  So last p-day we really just hung out with the Elders all day.  Elder Haynie is Elder Hunter's new companion and they're just really fun to hang out with.  After p-day we went and taught Alex and Ariel.  I really love spending time with them. and it was a pretty solid lesson.

Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Council MLC.  That's always one of the best parts of the month.  It's definitely one of my favourite things about being in leadership.  So we got a lift with the Nottingham Elders (Elder Matheus and Elder Debeikes).  We got to MLC and had an interview with President, then had the meeting.  It was really great to see everyone again, like Elder Harris as an AP, and Elder Steel, and some people from my MTC group.  President gave a training about genuinely speaking from the heart, and building relationships with people.  I felt like it'll be something I'll use for the rest of my life so that's really cool.  After MLC we spent quite a bit of time preparing for our zone meeting the next day.  One cool thing that President said was 'You KNOW that the Lord is in the details of your life because you have had experiences where you needed help, and he has helped you.'  It was really true when we thought about it.  It's so obvious the work that he does with us. 

Wednesday we had zone meeting in the morning so we caught the train out there.  We did a lot of training in zone meeting about what President had talked to us about. I felt like the meeting went well and it was fun to do.  After zone meeting we had to stay in Leicester all day because we had a meeting with the Stake President.  We hung out with Elder Nogueroles and Smith all that day.  Then the meeting with President Smith was really good.  He's such a great Stake President and is really involved in missionary work so that is a really great meeting to have.  So something really cool happened this night.  So we were pretty stressed because our flat was a tip, we forgot our phone at the flat and we had meetings all day, and flat inspection the next morning and we knew we wouldn't be in till late.  So mid day we asked the Elders to go and get our phone and just monitor it for a while until we could get it back just in case someone in the zone needed to get in touch with us while we were in Leicester.  So that night we went and met with the Elders at the train station at about 9 o'clock and got the phone and keys and headed to our flat ready to spend the whole night cleaning.  I opened the door and the whole flat was spotless.  Everything was very cleaned and organized.  The Elders had spent so much of their day cleaning because they knew we were having a busy and stressful day.  I was so thankful for that. They're awesome.

Thursday we had our flat inspection then headed out to hit the streets.  Talked to a few solid people then we had the Beasley's for a DA that night and had such good Spaghetti Bolognese.  Right after that we had ward coordination which was good as always. 
 Next day I went on exchange with Elder Bies and had a good time with him.  We did some finding, I ate a kebab. Then I conducted a baptismal interview for Aiden, the other Elder's investigator.  That went well. We then we taught a chinese girl named Monica for the first time.  She's way cool!  She gave me a new Chinese name.  It is pronounce Pwah-guh shong.  It means 'poguey-bear' ahaha.  Then we taught Alex and Ariel and had a good time.  

Saturday morning we woke up and went to play football on the Uni.  We had a good time playing for a couple of hours then it came time to exchange back before Aiden got baptised.     We got on the train and got to Leicester but as Elder Harris and I were exchanging back all the trains got cancelled because somebody trespassed!  We ended up missing Aiden's baptism.  We got there about 45 minutes after it started and congratulated him and then prepared for the 'after-party.'  Which was really just a huge fireside at some really awesome members house called the Leslie's.  We went over to the Leslie's and all hung out, had some food, and then Elder Harris and I had a spiritual thought, then we played conkers.  It was one of the greatest things of my mission really.  We just all had such a good time running around with the kids, talking to all the investigators, dancing around, singing, taking pictures, and playing games.  It went really well.  We were really buzzing for missionary work after that.  We talked to a guy named Steven on the way home who seems elect. 

Sunday was a pretty busy day.  We got up and headed to church which was really good.  We were kind of concerned that Alex and Ariel hadn't shown up but then they got there just at the end of sacrament meeting because their car ran out of petrol.  Right towards the end of church Michael B. showed up and started ranting and venting to us about how his mate is being maltreated.  He was really causing a massive scene at church.  One kid even came up to talk to us and he waved his arms in the air and yelled at him to back off because he was having a private conversation, then a little while later another kid comes up and Michael yelled, 'f***in hell!' and walked away.  All in the foyer! It was crazy.  We calmed him down quite a bit and then went to teach Anthony.  That lesson went well, we are working with him to keep praying and reading.  Right after Anthony we went to take a practice theory test for Elder Harris and I made some hot chocolate.  Isn't it crazy that it's already very cold outside these days?  Cold and wet!  We then went to teach that Steven guy.  Steven was really cool!  We taught him about the godhead and about prayer then we all said individual prayers together.  At the end Steven said 'I feel like I can fly, I really just feel fantastic!'  It was a really cool experience.   After that we headed over to the Elders flat so I could do call ins with all of the teams while Elder Harris and Haynie taught a guy named Michael that we have.  We started a nice fire in their fire place, drank hot chocolate and played the guitar for a while after.  It was a really cool night.

I'm excited for this next week, it should be really good!  Hopefully we'll see quite a bit of miracles.  I'm really glad to hear that all of you are doing well, and that everyone is safe and happy and healthy.  

PS: I did love conference, especially David Bednar, Jeffery Holland, and especially Lynn G Robbins, His was the most relate-able to me at this time.  I also like President Uchtdorf's Is it I? talk.  

For a Christmas package... is it almost Christmas already?!  Uhm, I really can't think of anything I NEED, or even things that I'd even want... I'll have to think about that more.

Uhm and yes YOU should definitely call the mission home very soon.  Very soon.  Just in case they're already looking for tickets and things like that.  You'll probably talk to a guy named Elder Gray who's such a legend.  It'll be funny to hear if you understand him really easily or not.  But yes, call the office.   

Can you believe I've been out for 14 months?  Can you believe I go home in less than 9?  I really wonder how much I've changed and things like that.  I think I'm definitely more assertive than I've ever been in the past.  We'll just have to wait and see what you think.  Time is flying though, before I know it, I'll be on an aeroplane, and frankly, that though really scares me.  It's going fast!

I hope you all have a great week! :D
Elder Pogue

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