Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter 65 - October 20

Hey everyone!  This week has been pretty good as always.  Really my mission the past few weeks has been really interesting.  It's been really quite a challenge but it's been all good at the same time.  Some of the main challenges has been trying to get the drivers license.  That's seriously been one of the most stressful situations of my whole mission.  I'll just start going through the week though.  

Okay, So last Monday I already mentioned in last weeks email.  We did work in the sister's area all day and it was great.  Elder Harris was taking his theory driving test and passed so that's great!  So after that we went to try to book a practical test for Elder Harris and got one for that Thursday so we were pretty excited about that.

Tuesday came along and we decided that the best thing to do would be to get driving instruction for Elder Harris so we did that all morning.  We drove out to Burton on Trent with the driving instructor and drove around then came back.  We were trying a new thing on Tuesday about trying to find more people to teach so we set the goal to get 30 potentials.  The goal was in all honesty way too high but it definitely motivated us to try to find more people.  At the end of the day we were able to teach a guy named Crane from China.  We had a good lesson with him except it was raining quite badly and we were meeting in a bus shelter next to a busy road.... England...  Crane was really cool and we are excited to see him some more.  

Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning which is good as always.  I think this district is my favorite I've had.  It's really great!  It's me and Elder Harris, Sister Stone and Cook, and Elder Hunter and Haynie and we're all pretty close and we always have a good time together.  Elder Haynie and Harris are both in my MTC group so we've known each other for a while.  After our District meeting we were supposed to teach a guy named Andrew but we couldn't get in contact with him.  We had a dinner appointment with a family called the Brack's.  I really hadn't met them before but I said I was Elder Pogueand he looked at his wife and said, do you remember the Elder Pogue from our mission?  My thought was there surely couldn't have been too many ElderPogue's.  But sure enough he served in Toulouse.  He said he didn't really remember Elder Pogue that well but that he was there you know?  I think they just served in the same district or something when Taylor was a greenie.  After that, we went to see Alex and Ariel because we hadn't heard from them in a while.  

Thursday was supposed to be such a busy day but really ended up just being disappointing.  So we went for Elder Harris driving test, all excited as to what was going to happen.  Unfortunately he failed.  In all honesty, it makes me feel a bit better about failing but I really wanted the car.  He drove like such a champion but then one little moment the tiniest little flaw failed him.  We were pretty upset with the situation after that.  I knew Elder Harris was really mad too.  Just because its such a scam.  Honestly it's just a money making ploy.  Anyways, we saw Anthony after, then were supposed to see Melanie but she had to cancel, then we were supposed to have correlation meeting but that cancelled. For that time we basically just hung around and chatted as a district for a while.  Then we went finding until it was time to go home.  

Friday was another supposed to be busy but turns out disappointing days.  So I had driving instruction planned but the guy texted us saying this:  'man, I have such a hang-over and feel like s**t, can we reschedule?' that wasted lots of our time, we ended up just doing weekly planning.  Then Melanie cancelled again, our investigator Monica never showed up to our lesson, then Crane never showed up to our lesson.  We ended up playing basketball that night so that was fun, and got our mind off of the flogs.

Saturday, was better!  We had service all morning at a newly wedded couple's house.  It was the whole district there and we just scrubbed walls and I mostly cleaned the windows and blinds.  We had a good time there and then we went and taught a girl named Lizzie, then right after Lizzie, we didn't even have to move benches, we taught Anthony, that was cool.  There was a point that from where each of us were sitting, we could see all 3 teams of missionaries teaching a lesson at the same time in the same park.  It was cool to see that great missionary work.  We were supposed to have one more lesson with a guy named David but he flogged, we were able to meet a pretty cool girl though in that time.  We did finding for the rest of the day and had a good time.  

Sunday, we had a good time at church.  Anthony came and we were excited for that but it really just didn't seem like he enjoyed it too much.  Not sure what was up with that.  Alex and Ariel didn't come either so we were disappointed like that.  After church we were able to teach a girl named Zoe and her friend Berryl though.  They're from China and we had a cool lesson with them.  I really enjoy teaching the first lessons.   That night we did some finding then had call ins.  

So it's interesting to say that I've had a good week, when we've been flogged so often and then there are quite a bit of terrible things that have happened in the zone this week as well, so just a lot of not cool things have happened.  I think that why I feel happy about the week though is the line in preach my gospel that says that Success is measured in the service you render and in the progress of others.  So I feel like we've done what we could have, we will try to do more this week anyways though.  

We're really pretty disappointed about the driving situation but I'm taking another test this Friday so hopefully I'll pass. 
I'm glad to hear everything's going well over there!  I hope you all have a great week!

Love you (:
-Elder Pogue

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