Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter 67 - Nov 3

I really don't have much to say today unfortunately.  And also, I'm in a massive rush.  I don't know why it's been so crazy lately.  We're just always traveling to different places to help people out and to just run assignments.  Things are going pretty good though.  

Last monday, was a pretty crazy day.  We went to Birmingham and literally ran around Leicester all day.  We intended to be back by 6 but we didn't end up getting back by 9.  We got everyone the things that they needed though and had a good time doing it.  One thing that was pretty funny was before we went to Birmingham we were playing American Football with one of the teams and Elder Harris ripped his trousers way bad.  We got to the mission home and he was so embarrassed because the first person he saw was President.  On the way home he had to sit just sewing his trousers in the car.  

Tuesday morning Elder Harris had some driving instruction to prepare for his test on Friday.  We went up to Burton upon Trent to drive.  That took a while and when we got back we had a great lesson with this girl named Charlene who is studying Drama and English here at Loughborough Uni.  I felt like it was the best teaching we've had in a while and it was a great meeting.  We were also finally able to see Alex and Ariel again that night which was good.  Unfortunately they were feeling quite sick and we haven't been able to see them in a while.  We also on Tuesday got a call from Jeff (Ivy's fiance) so it was great to hear from him!  We helped him move all of his luggage out of his 
flat finally so he could bring it to Birmingham.  Ivy is now officially back in the UK so hopefully we'll talk to her soon!

Wednesday morning we woke up and drove to Demontfort for their district meeting.  Right after that we went on exchange and Elder Packer came with me to Loughborough.  We had a good time together but it was honestly quite a rough day.  Sometimes as a missionary it just seems like either everyone is okay with seeing you or everyone is mad to see you.  It's strange.  Finding was just really hard on Wednesday.  I had a good time with Elder Packer though.  We had an awesome DA with the Mattsons as well that night which was great.  <-- sometimes I feel stupid writing stuff like that because you have no idea who all these people are...

Thursday morning we had to leave early to exchange back with Westcotes and then go to our own district meeting.  We had a really really fun district meeting.  So there is a TV show called The District about missionaries serving in San Antonio and in San Diego and we watch them for training I guess, what we should do in certain situations.  So we had a district meeting where we made videos of what not to do.  So it was just extremely hilarious videos of when an investigator didn't keep a commitment we got way mad and threw a chair and cried and then another one was just trying to establish our purpose with an investigator and did a terrible job.  It was just a lot of fun and then we all carved pumpkins together.  Our district is sick.  Right after district meeting we went on exchange again.  I brought Elder McCray to Loughborough this time so that was great to hang out with him again.  He's been in a tough situation this past transfer.  We went around and saw some people that he taught while he was here and things like that.  It was good.  

Friday morning Elder McCray and I had a lesson with a new guy named Jack and I was kind of nervous for it.  I just really thought it'd be hard to connect with him I guess but then first thing he says, yeah I lived in Bahrain for a few years.  I was so excited to hear that and told him I lived in Saudi and he said no way? I was born and raised in Saudi before I moved to Bahrain.  He said he lived in Khobar.  That was really a cool way to start our lesson.  The lesson went well and he's a way cool guy.  Right after that lesson we had to run back to the car to get to Leicester to exchange back to make sure we made it to Burton in time for Elder Harris' driving test.  We got there and Elder Harris drove like a champion.  He for some reason was certain that he failed but he passed so that's good.  We made some hilarious videos going home of us just freaking out. (don't put this next part on the blog because some people could think it was disobedient???)  So Friday night was Halloween and we had an awesome dinner appointment.  They made a big fire and sat around it playing the guitar and things like that!  We had a great time.  We played a game at the end where you pick up a hot coal and toss it around in your hands so it doesn't burn you and you toss it to the next person.  ahahaha.  I was a little nervous at first but it was actually pretty cool.  My hands only got a couple little burns on them.  It was a great Halloween (:  We went on exchange with the other elders after that.

Saturday morning came and we had to stand in town centre with a banner for a WWI commemoration thing that the church was having.  There's a lady named Nicky Morgan and she's like a cabinet head of parliament or something.  She's supposed to be pretty important but she was in town centre and she's going to the event so I got to meet her and talk to her for a while.  She was cool.  We were out there for a while so that frankly, sucked.  After that though Elder Hunter and I went around and ate lunch.  Met some funny people and really just did some finding.  We exchanged back later that night and Elder Harris and I went to different people trying to get them to church.  Saturday night we had bought some pizzas then went home to cook them and realized that we forgot the milk so what we did was we had a race.  We put the pizza in and it would be done in ten minutes so we ran to the car drove to the store bought some milk and more pizzas and drove back and made it before the pizza burnt.    We made it!

Sunday Church was good, our Chinese investigator named Joey came and a lot of other people from the other missionaries came.  After church we went to the other Elders to eat dinner before the WWI commemoration.  Elder Harris and Hunter went to teach a lesson while Haynie and I cooked.  It was pretty good and then we had the WWI commemoration.  I loved that event.  Nicky Morgan made it and Elder Harris thought it was pretty cool that she remembered me.  I was expecting this posh car with a driver and everything (thats what they told me it would be like) then she comes up driving a car that reminds me of our ford explorer and she's just driving herself.  That made me think that she's a pretty cool politician.  The commemoration thing had a lot of music like Greensleeves played on the Harp and Gabriels Oboe solo and some really great singing things.  It was just a great event.  

This week should be really good as well.  Its transfer week and we'll get the call tonight. Elder Harris and I are almost certainly staying together though so that should be good.  We'll just have to wait and see.

And I dodge the Christmas question because I have no idea.  ...

Elder Pogue

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