Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter 68 - Nov 10

Hey everyone!  So this week has been really quite good!  It's been busy but really rewarding and fun even.  A lot of exciting things have happened. So last week I emailed y'all saying that it was dodge night.  Well we got the call and yes, I'm still here in Loughborough with Elder Harris.  I'm excited about that.  Some really cool things was that Sister Stone was training.  Sister Cook is gone and Elder Hunter just went to Peterborough so he's still in the zone.  
Tuesday came along and we expected to be pretty busty with transfers.  Not a lot really came up though.  Tuesday night we had a really cool lesson with our investigator named Zoe.  Zoe is from China and is really busy with class and things like that so we just met her outside in a park.  and it was really cold outside.  She's been going through a hard time with her family back home and we're just trying to help her.   So we taught her and the spirit was strong and after the lesson we asked her if she was cold.  She responded, 'my body is cold but your words have warmed my heart.  That was a really cool moment that we had. Zoe is awesome.

Wednesday we had transfers so of course we were pretty busy.  In the morning we met up with the sisters and ate at a place called muffin break then we drove them to Leicester.  we drove back from Leicester and helped the Elders out, and drove them to Leicester and did some other errands in between.  The start of the transfers all went pretty well.  In between that time we did mostly finding.  At half 4 we had to be back in Leicester for the new teams to come in.  One thing that's just great is that Sister Stones new companion is from Taiwan and she's amazing.  Her name is Sister Chen.  Also, Elder Matheus is Elder Haynies new companion.  He's from Kayesville Utah but he's a mandarin speaking missionary so thats really cool too.  So basically Elder Harris and I have a huge disadvantage here with not knowing Chinese ahaha.  Really it'd be my dream to learn it.

Thursday morning Elder Harris and I had MLC so we were pretty excited about that.  I always love going to see President and all the other missionaries that are on the council.  The training was good and it was all about church attendance.  We were there for a while.  The meeting was good.  We went home after and met with a new investigator named David.  David is english and we went in and just taught him a regular how to begin teaching lesson but it was amazing as the spirit directed what we were saying.  We found many times we would say just exactly what the other person was about to say.  It was a great lesson and he said we could come back the next day.Right after that as well we met a girl named Lucy that was really cool.  Then right after that, Elder Harris had a great lesson with Joey and I GQed a girl from China.  She said her name was Ivy and she was really really cool too!  We were able to teach her to pray and it was great.

On Friday morning we set some time aside to do some weekly planning, then we had a district meeting.  So the morning was very uneventful. The district meeting was good though.  So i just told the Sisters that you want them to send pictures of me so maybe they will soon.  They actually said that they can't send pictures from this computer.  Sorry.  So on Friday evening we went to see David again.  So actually the first time we saw David was on Wednesday.  But we saw David again and taugh him the first parts of the Plan of Salvation and talked a lot about Agency and the lesson was just incredible and completely run by the spirit as well.  I talked a lot about how prayer is a two way conversation and how sometimes it's good to just pause for a while after you pray.  So we knelt down at the end of the lesson and prayed.  After the prayer we were just in silence for probably 3 minutes and the spirit was so strong.  David then said, ' I feel like something is uprising in his chest and that he felt really great.  Then he smiled and said 'I want some more of that!'  I was so happy.  Really it's times like that on the mission that things are so great and it makes you want to keep doing it.   We met up with Ivy again right after that and talked a lot about different things.  She said how she feels like she has a lot of friends in England and one moment I really thought was funny was she said 'I was just wondering if... we could be friends?'  I love these people (:   

So Saturday I woke up and I was feeling way sick with a cold and it was freezing outside but I really didn't want to stay in the flat all day, so I just layered up as much as I could and decided I would go and teach but try to stay in the car most of the day.  So we went first things and taught Lizzy in the Sainsbury Cafe and had a good lesson with her.  We're excited for Lizzy, she's way cool.  Then, we went and taught our Chinese investigator named Chu.  We taught him in the Doner Master and we had a really good time.  The sisters actually came in and talked with us too.  I really enjoyed that time because it was nice just to have a casual lesson but at the same time we taught the whole Joseph Smith story and it went really well.  Then right after that we taught another David (chinese) in McDonalds.   felt like the lesson was good and the spirit was there but we just didn't have much time with David.  Then after David we went over to see Jill and Alex.  Jill and Alex are so great.  The spirit is always strong in their house and I really like going to visit them.  After we saw Jill we went again to teach the English David.  We had another great lesson with him where the spirit was strong and he said he'd make it a goal to be baptized on the 29th of November.  It was really just a day full of really spiritually powerful lessons and tons of blessings.  Saturday was great.  

Sunday morning unfortunately nobody was able to come to church because of Sickness and school and who knows.  So we were sad about that.  There was a baby blessing in the ward so there were a ton of people visiting.  It was weird when I saw the Wilkins family walk in from Eastwood.  I can't believe how long ago that was.  It was great to talk to them for a little while.  We didnt have any investigators at church, so we just sat towards the back with the Sisters and their investigators.  It was also remembrance Sunday so a lot of people were talking about the great war and all these things.  Sunday was really good though.  I still wasn't feeling the best after church.  We had a really great dinner appointment with a funny miracle.  So remember what my least favorite food is?  Mushrooms.  So she comes out with this massive soup looking thing with only mushrooms (I didn't see the chicken) in it.  I was thinking... great....  So i take a big scoop and poured it on my plate and there was only chicken on my plate.  ahaha it was great!  After that dinner we went to see Jill again and then we had to head home for our weekly calls and to plan for our Zone meeting.  

I finally feel like we have a pretty good teaching pool and are having great times in the lessons and things like that.  I'm so excited for this transfer in Loughborough and for everything that will be happening.  It'll be really exciting as well to see how the chinese speaking missionaries do here. 

So hopefully things will just keep going well (: 

Elder Pogue

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