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Letter 66 - October 27

Hey everyone!

This email will probably be quite short because I don't have my planner with me but I do have some exciting things to tell you!  This week has been pretty good over all.  That's so exciting that Taylor Z's getting married!  Especially right after Alex ahaha, they'll have a busy few months of weddings.  

So last Monday we had a good time, after we emailed we just went and played some baseball in the park which was a lot of fun.  It was weird how much I missed it even though I haven't played in years.  Sometimes on the mission you just don't even realise what you miss. And one thing I've definitely noticed is you don't realise how long it's been since you've done some of these things.  After baseball we cycled right down to the train station to meet up with the Prices!  It was so good to see them!  I really enjoyed hanging out with them for a little bit.  We went and ate at a place called Revolution.  The food was good but just like every where else in England they don't give you very much.  It didn't even cross my mind that the Price's might have thought that.  I guess I'm just used to that.  We talked a lot about Saudi and all of that.  Elder Harris really liked meeting them as well.  And they're right, I am doing well and I do get on really well with Elder Harris!  It was just super nice of them to take the time to find me. We were supposed to have an appointment right after that, but we got flogged.  One thing was really cool though, I started talking to this Chinese guy and we really connected immediately and the spirit was so strong there.  We set a return appointment for the next day and he's just such an awesome guy.  His name is Joey and it was definitely the best street contact I've ever had.  He sent us a text saying that we were like his brothers.  He's not really open to the gospel yet but he's getting there.

Tuesday morning we met with Joey at Costa Coffee and it was just the most cold, rainy, windy day ever and we really wished we had a car.  Meeting with Joey went really well.  The hot chocolate wasn't the best but it was good.  We talked to Joey for a while and one thing that was really funny was that there was a young English kid and a young Japanese girl just making out like nobody's business on one of the couches just at the coffee shop.  It was hilarious and kind of awkward.  After Joey we went with Steve for driving instruction to Burton.  It was a good drive but I didn't really feel more prepared for the test or anything.  I'm just ready for all of that to be over with.  We got back a little later then went to a DA to the Hoope's house.  They're one of my favorite families here in Loughborough!  We got on the bus to go out there and who walks on but the same kid that was making out at Costa Coffee.  We laughed so hard just at the sight of him.  We had a really great meal at the DA then afterwards we were given a lift back to teach Crane.  Crane gave us a call and said it was too cold... so that sucked.  By this time it was just time to go home so we did.  

Wednesday morning we had our district meeting as usual. Honestly, I know you probably hate to hear this but I can not remember what we did for the rest of that day to save my life.  I bet we just spent most of it finding...?  I know we found a few cool people.  We weren't really able to teach very many people though this week.  I think we had about 8 lessons.  Which compared to my time in Sheldon is incredible but we hope that in the next couple of weeks we are teaching about 20 lessons.  So hopefully we'll get there!

Thursday was a day a lot like Wednesday, just not really much to do.  All of our investigators were way busy with course work so that really sucked.  We were able to teach a girl named Zoe that we met last week!  We just kind of ran into her on the street and we saw an opportunity to teach her again right there and then.  One thing that's been really great about this transfer is our district here in Loughborough.  It's such a great group of people.  I'll just list them off really quick.  Elder Ammon Harris from Kayesville Utah.  Elder Truman Hunter from Alberta.  Elder Nick Haynie from Utah.  Sister Jessica Stone from Cedar City Utah, and Sister Cook from Idaho.  We had ward coordination that night and had a great time afterwards just laughing and talking all together as a district.

Friday was my driving test and the worst part was that it wasn't until the afternoon.  We tried to do some weekly planning before but we didn't really get too much done to be honest.  We headed to the chapel to make it there by 1.  So Steve came and met us, then I drove to Burton on Trent to warm up, and then I took my test.  So this time, I finally passed!  It honestly was the best feeling!  That was easily the most stressful thing I've had to do on my mission and I felt like so much pressure was just taken off.  Honestly, I drove way to perfectly for it to have been me.  I was definitely being helped.  Right after the test I drove to Peterborough and we exchanged with Elder Lee and Elder Jones.  Elder Jones came with me and we went straight to interview the Elders investigator named Joey for baptism.  She was extremely ready and I was happy to do that interview.  

Saturday morning we had a service project but weren't really able to help too much.  It was one of those events where there are far too many people there to help.  Which I guess is a good problem to have.  After the service Elder Jones and I went for lunch then we had to exchange back so I drove to Peterborough and picked up Elder Harris then we got back just in time for Joeys baptism.  It was a great service and we are excited for her!  (It's a chinese girl who thought that Joey was like the name Joy... we just call her Joy.)  Right after the baptism we had a trunk or treat activity and our new investigator, Joey (another Joey) came!  We were kind of nervous for him to come to an activity like that but it went great!  Brother Hoopes (served in Taiwan)  at one point came up and spoke mandarin to him and he was buzzin for it!    He really really enjoyed the activity and at one point was even walking around with a tray of donuts giving them out to people.  That was really such a fun night!  Saturday night to Sunday morning was the night that we got an extra hour of sleep so that was great!  Much needed.  

Sunday morning came along and we were hoping that Joey would come but he was busy.  We had a little miracle because a guy named Chu did come to church.  We had talked to him on the street the other day about the Utah Jazz and then his bus came and he left.  We never invited him to church or even mentioned it but he showed up somehow!  That was great!  Lizzy also came.  She is a really really cool new investigator that we're excited for!  After church we had lunch with Joey and his friend Andrew.  He made us some fried rice so that was good.  Then we went to teach lizzy and had a great lesson with her.  After that we had to  go do our Sunday night call ins... I was so tired that night.

This morning has been pretty fun.  After our call ins to the Assistants we headed off to the mission home to pick up supplies for the zone.  We met up with some missionaries to help them with their district p day then went to the mission home.  I got to see Elder Harris and President and Sister Rasmussen so that was good.  We didn't stay too long but we had a good time on the trip.  We're in Leicester right now emailing.  We really dont have much time though... 

So this week has been pretty good over all!  I'm really excited for this upcoming week though.  It should be great.  I hope that you're all doing well!  Sorry, no pictures again.....  I dont have a camera with me or anything.  Next time we're emailing at the same time and place as the sisters, I'll get some pictures from Sister Stone to send y'all.  So hopefully next week, maybe.  Hope you all have a great week!  

Elder Pogue

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