Friday, January 9, 2015

69th Letter from England (Loughborough)

Hey everyone!  
So I really don't have too much to report on this week, it's really just been a continuation of last week so it's been good but just not too much is new!  It's really been a pretty uneventful week.  So last monday night we had a pretty cool event at the church where we had some people come and we all had hotpot together.  I think it'd be such a brilliant business plan to make hotpot places in america.  I love eating hotpot.  We got a pretty interesting text from our investigator David who'd been doing so well and basically he had been looking on the interenet and ran into a lot of things about the temple so we went right over tehre to talk to him.  We had the spirit really strongly in the lesson and Were able to resolve his concerns.  It was a really cool experience to really just work through the spirit and try to answer these questions he had.  
On Monday night we had to do all of our preparations for zone meeting the very next day because we just hadn't the time beforehand to do it.  So we had a pretty late night of just trying to plan an inspiring meeting with a pretty difficult topic to be inspiring with.  I think we got to bed at about half one.

tuesday morning we woke up and went to Leicester for our meeting.  The meeting went alright.  I guess it was exactly how i'd thought it'd be.  It's strange to be used to giving zone meetings now.  I guess that was only my 3rd, but I was a lot more comfortable than doing my first.  After Zone meeting we went on exchange where Elder Wagstaff came with me here to Loughborough.  We got home a little later than we thought we would so we had to shoot off straight to a DA in Melton Mowbray and guess what they made  us to eat.... Jambalaya!!!  He heard I was from Louisiana and made it for me.  It was way good.  It had chicken, Sausage and shrimp in it and was really just delicious.  I could have used some Tony's though (;  I was so happy to have it. After that, we went to teach David the plan of salvation and really it was just another really great and powerful lesson.  Completely by the spirit.   For some reason teaching him is just different than everyone else.

So on Wednesday morning we woke up and went through our regular routine then exchanged back at noon.  Then we drove straight to halfway to Birmingham to exchange with the Assistants.  Iwent with Elder Higham and Elder Harris stayed here with Elder Harris.  I had a good time in the office.  We really just did a lot of finding and their area is not the easiest but it was kind of fun and interesting to see what the assistant life is like.  Elder Harris seems to be enjoying it.  I bet it's nice to just be involved with literally everything that happens in the mission.  Nothing too special really happened though.  One thing I noticed was how persistent Elder Higham was when he talks to people on the streets.  I was well impressed with that.  Honestly, he's probably one of the most sincerely great guys I've ever met.  Elder S. Harris really loves serving with him.  

On Thursday morning we woke up and went downstairs to the mission office and some guy from Customs and Immigration just showed up and had to interview us about what we were doing in England.  He was the most unprofessional government worker I've ever seen.  He just had no idea what he was even supposed to do and then he started acting like he knew everything about his church because his wife teaches theology.... (we asked him who she's teaches... it's 3rd graders.)  So he just was kind of trying to spout out a lot of random things that weren't true and it was just kind of a crazy experience.  We then went finding before exchanging back.  After exchanges we had to shoot off to a meeting with the Stake President, President Rasmussen and the missionary representative for the stake high council.  President Rasmussen actually got stuck in traffic and was only there on the phone, which honestly was a bit relieving.  It was a great meeting and really got us pumped up for missionary work.  One thing that was pretty cool was that one of the guys asked President Rasmussen if he had to seek a lot of comforting council about his call as a mission president and President said, 'Well when you've made covenants with God to serve in any calling given to you and then President Uchtdorf, who you sustain as a prophet seer and revelator, gives you a call and extends a calling you know that it's what the lord wants you to do.'  I realized that our calling as a missionary is much the same.  

Friday morning we did some weekly planning which sucks as always.  Maybe I just need to change the way we weekly plan...  We then did quite a bit of finding and had a DA with a family called the Corbins which are a really great couple here.  They are way converted to the gospel.  I really love meeting people like that.  After the dinner we were able to teach Lizzy and David.  In our lesson with Lizzy we talked about personal prayer and at the end we each knelt down and said a personal prayer.  The spirit is so strong every time we do that.  Our Lesson with david was pretty good as well.  

On Saturday Morning we had our flat check so on Friday night and Saturday morning we were cleaning like crazy and got it pretty clean.  The wilmotts came and sadi it was good.  Then we went to Melton to do service work for the Buntains who are a family that just moved into the Ward.  We just helped them move for a while.  After teh service we brought David to the chapel for a chapel tour.  The spirit was extremely strong in the chapel which was cool.  There was really just a sacred feeling and we all felt it.  On Saturday night we taught a girl named Lucy and Mariana a first lesson and did the prayer thing with them as well and it went well.  Elder Alldredge and Debeikes had to come up from Nottingham to give us something so we went out to eat with them and there was a massive fair going on in the middle of town center all week.  A massive fair.  So it was fun to walk through and to just kind of watch all of the fun.  We kind of hung around for the last hour during our dinner time and just thought about going on rides and things like that.  ahaha, sad huh?  

Sunday was good.  David and Lizzy and Joey all came which was good.  David and lizzy really enjoyed it but Joey still wasn't the biggest fan.  It was a good time at church though.  Right after church we had to drive to peterborough and back which took a lot of our day.  We just ended with call ins so it was a really uneventful day unfortunately.  It was alright though.  

I think it's way cool that Alex and Jen are getting married this weekend.  It's weird to think that a year and a half ago we all went to the Belle and Sebastian concert together ahha.  That's cool though.  When is Taylor Z's wedding?  

I really hope that all of you have had a great week!  

Elder Pogue

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