Friday, January 9, 2015

76th, Loughborough

Hey!  That was a great email from y'all!!  Thank you! :D  But I'm way sorry because I literally have no time AT ALL.  I'm basically just emailing to say sorry and hopefully I'll have more time next week!  I can go through really quick some highlights of the week, then next Monday I'll try to do a two week thing if you remind me!  I think that story about Taylor and Marlee is hilarious!   That's just such a hilarious story!  And I can only imagine sacrament meeting... I kinda miss  bizarre testimony meetings!  

So last monday the highlight was we went to a DA with Brother Hardy who is easily the biggest scriptorian I've ever met.  He just got me buzzing for scripture studies, which I already was, but just in a different way.  It was way cool, we just sat down and he pulled out his scriptures and just said, ask me anything.  He's such a great and cool guy.  

On Monday night after a family home evening activity that was great, we went on exchange and I was with Elder Haynie, we always have a great time.  I love him, he's just a great guy and we have loads of fun.  
Tuesday we got to teach a girl named Iffah which is a member referral that's way cool, her parents aren't really supportive or anything but we'll keep working with her.  I'll tell you more next week.  
Okay well, that didn't work.  I'm totally out of time.
So things I'll tell you about next week: this is more of a reminder for me.:
New Years,
Exchange with Elder Severe
Zoe and Michelle

I'll have to go through all that next week!  Love you!  
Sorry,  I know you, especially mom,  hate this and it sucks.  
Elder Pogue

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