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73. Dec 13

Well it sounds like you all had a good week so that's great!  I'm way confused as to what your plans are for Christmas and things like that.  I thought you said it'd be just you and Taylor but now you're in Vegas and Dad's coming??  Or are you planning on leaving before Christmas?  
So Into the Woods is an old musical that's way good.  I don't know if the movie is based off of that?  I haven't heard of it really.  I'll have to check it out when I get back.

So this week was all pretty good.  This email though is going to be short... sorry about that.  

So last Monday we did what we do most of the time and we spent a lot of time with the district.  We really just hung out.  At the end of P-day we ended up at the chapel playing volleyball which was a lot of fun.  We really have a great district.  By the way, tonight is 'dodge night' where we find out about transfers.  We'll just have to see what happens!  I really have no idea.  After volleyball we had David come to an institute class.

So the truth is that I don't know where my planner is so I really just have no idea what we did throughout the week.  I can try to tell you but I don't think I'll go through day by day.  I think this will be the first time my whole mission I haven't said what I've done through the days.  

So most of the time we were just doing the basic missionary work.  We've done quite a bit of finding.  Street contacting is easily the most effective way to work and we do it all the time.  It's weird though because sometimes I love it and other times I hate it.  It really depends on how much energy I have. It's good though.  We talked to some really cool people this week.  I like it when the people we are talking to are wanting to talk back.  One thing that we found pretty interesting was when there is a day that we talk to a lot of people and really just do everything we can, at the end of the day we feel really productive no matter if any of them wanted to meet with us again.  

There was one guy that called me over and looked interested and the first thing he said 'Sir Sir!  Do you know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is leading you down to Hell!?'  Also, did you know that Hell was a concept that you don't believe in, oh and Brigham Young this and Brigham Young that.  And You don't believe in this.  I was pretty unhappy with this guy.  I just hate it when people feel like they have the right or the knowledge to tell me what I believe.  I basically just said, thank you for your concern but we have to go.  He said 'No!  You can't, I'm challenging you!  I challenge you to leave the Mormon Church!'  It was cool because I turned around and bore my testimony and then we left.  I don't know why people feel like that's an effective way to try to convert someone.  There was just no spirit with him.  

We had Zone conference this week which was really amazing.  I got to see so many people that I haven't seen in a really long time.  One cool thing was that Elder Tupou and Elder Chugg were both there.  And also Elder Harris so we had a 'family picture' taken.  Zone Conference was just great.  We received quite a bit of training on Christ and his ministry.  So there's something that Michael Gwinye, A recent convert here in Loughborough has been doing where if you see someone and you put your hands over your eyes in the right way, the person who sees has to do a push up.  Elder Haynie tried to do that to Elder Harris and me and failed.  Next thing we know, President does it to us and it was just hilarious.  Then our district got together and got President.  It was hilarious.  President just did this little worm thing on the ground and did a push up.  It was great.  One really weird thing that happened at Zone conference is that the sisters that are in my MTC group bore their departing testimonies.... I can't believe that.

We were able to teach quite a few lessons this week so that was good.  We've basically been working with all of the same people.  David and Lizzy and Jason and a couple of other people here and there.  

One really fun thing, the thing I sent you a picture about was a hotpot activity we had on Saturday.  I think Hotpot needs to get big in America because it'd be a way good date place.  We had a lot of fun at hotpot.

So really it's been a good week and great things are happening.  Lizzy is hopefully going to be baptized this upcoming weekend so we're way excited about that.  It's all been good!  Hey, is it possible to email me one of those pictures of you and dad from a long time ago? Like one where dad has the afro and beard and stuff.  Like the Sadie's one.  

Well I hope you all have a great week.  Sorry for the rushed email.  
Elder Pogue

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