Friday, January 9, 2015

75th, Loughborough

Hey everyone!  

It's good to hear that y'all have had a great week and a great holiday.  I really don't have too much to say because I talked to y'all already this week.  I really enjoyed skyping!  It was so great to talk to all y'all and Mitchell and Allen.  

We were able to have a zone meeting on Christmas eve which was a lot of fun.  We talked a bit about effective studies and then had a white elephant gift exchange and then went for a testimony meeting.  Early in the morning we had driven to Birmingham to get everyone's Christmas packages and spent some time trying to gather things for the people who didn't get anything, and had them so after the testimony meeting we sent out Elder Singleton and told him to put on a santa outfit so we could surprise everyone with their packages and Santa Clause.  It was good fun.  After that we had some errands to run then we went on a little exchange so I went to eat dinner with Albert Charlton and Elder Eyanson.  I love Albert, he's just such a great guy.  It was a good way to spend Christmas eve.

So Elder Harris and I had a funny idea that we would drive to the other Elders house a 5 in the morning and break in, then we'd just sleep on their floor so when they woke up we'd just be asleep on their floor.  So we did that, but unfortunately our key didn't work.  So we just had to wake them up and they let us in.  It was really fun Christmas morning though.  We went up to their loft and opened all of our packages.  It was great, we were all way excited about everything.  Then after that we all went to Beacon Hill and took some pictures.  Then we hurried back to go to the church service we were having.  It was a great Christmas morning.  So we went to the Rasmussons and Hoopes house all day, which was great and hilarious.  Graham Rasmusson is one of the funnier people I've met.  He bought his wife some earrings and after she openned it he yelled out 'okay then!  Come on, give me a snog!!'  Elder Harris and I were both laughing so hard and the whole family was just yelling at him and laughing.  We had a great dinner there.  Again it was great to skype as well. 

So Friday was boxing day and our p-day.  We woke up and went to Leicester for boxing day.  It was fun and we had a good time.  I didn't find any good deals but I always like watching everyone and see the craziness of the city.  After that we went back to lough and just played some football in the chapel.  It was a good p-day for sure.  

Saturday was great as well.  All day we spent getting ready for Lizzy's baptism.  Making sure she has the right clothes and cleaning and filling the font and all sorts of things like that.  Her baptism was good.  It was a small gathering but the talks were really great and it was just fantastic to see lizzy get baptized!  I'm so thankful for that (:  Lizzy is saying that she'll go to the US and visit all of us sometime.  

Sunday lizzy was confirmed and really this sunday was fantastic.  The talks were all by the bishopric and the lessons were about work.  It got me so pumped up to just always be doing something productive.  I was just really uplifted after church.  We got to finally see Joey again after he's been gone for a long time on holiday, and we also saw Chu who went to Italy for the holidays.  Chu is hilarious, he's Chinese but he tries so hard to be so western.  He told us a hilarious story about how he went into a church and saw a couple of asians and asked 'you Chinese?'  'No Korean.'  'Oh, what's going on here?' 'it's called a mass.'  And the story goes on to him just spending all day with these random Korean girls.  Basically he's just the most confident and just interesting guy I've met.

I can't believe it's p-day again already.  I feel like it's just been a week of relaxing and it'll be difficult to get back into the mode of things.  It should be really good though these next couple of weeks.  

I forgot to mention!  At the end of boxing day we looked out the door of the chapel and it was snowing!  It snowed a ton!  It probably snowed pretty hard for maybe 5 hours that night.  There is actually still a couple inches of snow on the ground.  The roads are icy and things, it's cool!  It's been quite cold though.  I figured out why England is so cold but the temperature never is.  It's the wind chill.  It's crazy.  But after Lizzy's baptism and in the morning before church we spent a sufficient amount of time clearing the parking lots and trying to grit the roads.  

It was great to see you this week! 

Love y'all,
Elder Pogue

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