Monday, August 5, 2013

3rd Letter from England

Hey!  I know it's only Monday and I have a few minutes and I WILL NOT be able to email Wednesday.  Wednesday is transfer day so I'll be up early and will be on my way to Birmingham!  I'm really excited for that!  I'll be able to email you on the mission p-day which I think will probably be Monday.  Sorry about that.  I got two Dear Elders today from Mom and one from Kelcy so that was awesome.  It'd been a while since I got anything so I was really wanting mail.  I got the amazon box on August 1st.  I opened it and THANK YOU MOM!  You're the best!  I haven't gotten a chance to play Catan yet but I'm so happy you got that for me.  The socks have been useful too.  Happy Birthday Dad and Ivy and Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Hope y'all are having fun with Piper and Rhett and Ivy over there.  I have a lot more to tell you but I've only been given five minutes today.  I'll have a lot more to say by Monday after several days of being in the field anyways.   Things like where I am and my companion and all that.  Sorry I still haven't been able to send pictures.  Maybe next week from Birmingham. If anything comes to the MTC after Wednesday they'll forward it over but just start sending stuff to the mission address.  I love y'all and miss y'all. 
Elder Evan Pogue

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