Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6th letter from England (Nottingham, Eastwood)

Okay hey!
Sorry about yesterday.  I'm not quite sure what bank holiday Monday entails either but I know the library was closed and a lot of the shops were too.  Anyways we're emailing today.  And yesterday we were at the church and I intended on emailing you  but then we ran out of time kind of.... which really just means I got distracted in a crazy game of darts running through the church building and building forts and stuff.  But that was yesterday and I have a whole weeks worth of stuff to tell you first!
Last Monday for P-day after we emailed you we went to Derby (pronounced Darby) and went shopping and stuff there.  We met up with the two sets of missionaries there.  Two sisters and two elders.  One of this Sisters, Sister Dixon actually is good friends with Steele Crandall which is funny.  We shopped around there and in a sports store I saw a man with a beard and 3 boys all wearing thobes!  We had a brief conversation in Arabic!  I just said hello how are you and stuff but it was awesome!  It made me kind of miss Saudi ahaha.  Elder Harris seemed incredibly impressed which was funny.  I hope more events happen like that again! 
Really time here is flying.  I cant believe its been another week.  There werent very many day to day events that I can distinguish to tell you but a lot of progression with the events from last week.  Which I guess Ruby told you some about?  Ruby first off is amazing, and yes it was me that added you but she wanted me to.  She has a facebook group that she made that is like Latter-day saint converts or something??  I knew that you'd love Ruby.  She is awesome and I completely intended on her telling you more about what we're doing!  I cant remember everything of course! 
Anyways, we do have a baptism set up for September.  His name is Sean and he is awesome!  We were just in Ilkeston last week and we went to a less active members house which I think I told you about in last weeks email.  Anyways we just talked about football really then we got to our flat and we had a text asking if we could meet with him again.  The first lesson we had he cooked us tea (dinner not actually tea of course) and he loved the lesson then we've gone back twice since and we go back today immediately after the emails!  He is awesome!  We haven't even taught him things like the word of wisdom yet and he's coming to us and telling us that he's stopped some things because he felt like he should.  He's a great guy.
Our ward is awesome, there aren't too many different accents really... I don't think so at least.  I don't know I haven't really paid attention.  
Other than teaching Sean we really haven't had much time to do much.  We did a lot of tracting and talking to people without too much success.  One of the days we went over to a Spanish members home to help him change his electricity provider then we took his son out tracting to help him learn English.  It was insane because I took him and Elder Harris went alone.  We were in sight of course but Andy (the kid) and I knocked on about 13 doors and not a single person answered.  
On Saturday we actually taught English at the church...  I wasn't too sure about that but it ended up being really good and we're doing it again next Saturday!  There are a good amount of Spanish members here.  
Now Elder Pauly as a young Rod Stewart is interesting.... I don't know about that but he does look like a teenager straight out of the 90's.  I actually joke a lot with him about that!  This is his last transfer so he's going home extremely soon.  
My bike is a great bike and its been working fine!  But somehow I've already popped the front tire, got it fixed and as I'm typing this I think there's another small hole in it.... I don't know what my issue is!  That's fine though it doesn't cost much at all to fix.  
I should get some mail on Wednesday because I'm going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders so that will be awesome!  I can't wait.  Any packages send Ill get on September 6th when I go to Birmingham.  Anyways I'm really glad that you are sending stuff!  I know Kelcy has sent me stuff too so that will all be awesome to get.
In finality you, mother, are failing miserably at your only job!  The Avett Brothers have announced their new album called maybe Magpies and Dandelions???  I don't know but its sad that I know that and you don't.... (:  
I like when you send me facebook comments, yes.
And about Mawmaw.  I'll definetely be praying for her.  Please keep me updated with that.  Tell her I love her and that I'm praying for her!
If I remember anything that I forgot to write about I'll send it next week.  Sorry for the rush.
Love you all,
-Elder Evan Pogue 

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