Monday, August 12, 2013

4th Letter from England

Hey Everyone!
It's finally P-day!  This week has really been great but I guess I have to back up further than that because I never got a chance to tell you about my last week at the MTC.  So We went on that church history tour but that was kind of boring.  We saw places like where Elder Kimball and Fielding first stayed in in the 1830's and where President Hinckley stayed while serving his mission.  The Pageant was absolutely amazing.  The show was great and singing in it was such a good experience.  You could tell that the crowd loved it when we walked in and sang Called to Serve then Redeemer of Israel.  I was a little bummed because Elder Holland and I think Bednard were going to the Pageant but they went the day my group left...  So I think the foreign language speakers got a devotional from them.  
Okay so I guess you know that I am in Eastwood.  It is part of the Nottingham district I guess but we don't really ever go into Nottingham.  I love it here so far.  It hasn't rained once.  But maybe it'd be good to order me a rainjacket from the Amazon.UK thing?  I'll need one for sure.  It's a miracle I haven't needed it already.  Elder Harris is really awesome.  He's from Orem and he's just a great guy and a great missionary.  He's just been on his mission about 4 months so its crazy that he's already training me.  We get along really well.  There are two other Elders in Eastwood named Elders Pauly and Smith.  Pauly is german and he's super awesome and so is Smith. He's from England.  Elder Smith's grandparents are actually in the ward here so thats super crazy.  
  My first day here we had a lesson with an investigator that went really well.  Unfortunately he didn't work out.  So far we've just done a lot of finding.  Which means tracting and talking to people on the streets.  Its been going really well so far.  We live in a nice little flat and the other Elders live just like a 5 minute walk from our flat.  Today I am going to get a bike and a backpack.  The bag I have hurts my neck so bad and it makes me look like a Jehovah's Witness so that sucks.  (there are a lot of JW's around here)  President Rasmussen was quoted saying about backpacks 'I'd rather you look like a student than a Jehovah's Witness.'
  The members in our ward are so nice and they love the missionaries.  This week we have Dinner Appointments almost every day so we are well fed so far which is awesome.
The weather here has been pretty nice, I've only worn a jacket once so its not too cold yet.  But it will get cold soon im pretty sure. 
Its so cute that Piper and Rhett keep telling people that!  I love them.  I'm jealous that y'all all got to hang out together that week.  I hope you had butter cake for my birthday (:   We actually kind of celebrated my b-day.   There is an Elder in Derby who's birthday is the 7th so we had a District Meeting on the 8th and we had cake and they sang to us and stuff.  So that was really nice. 
There's been a couple awesome things happen so far I guess.
Miracle #1 of the mission- I have not missed a single day (besides fast sunday) of eating breakfast.  Crazy right? 
#2 There were sisters in Derby who had a french speaking investigator and the member who was translating for them moved out of the area and they had no idea what they were going to do.  So they just didn't tell anyone or anything but then when the transfers came there was a girl in my MTC group that spoke french and she was called to Derby with that sister!  So that's really awesome.
If I think of anything else to say than I'll write it.  I'm going to try to upload pictures now if I can... on a different email though. I really can't believe how fast these weeks are going.  It really is going to go by so fast. 

Hey here are some more things and hopefully pictures.  Just add these into the last email and make it sound good.  Sorry everything is so scattered its hard to remember everything and I don't have the thing where I wrote stuff down in with me.
I'm already using words that I wouldn't in the states like proper, holiday, toilet, dinner (meaning lunch), cheers, mate, flat, trousers.  So that's funny.  Maybe I'll have an accent by the time I come home. 
Elder Harris is 18 and his birthday is on the 29th of august.  He went to USU for a semester. 
I did meet Brother Rojas but he wasn't my teacher (Mr. Zack's missionary companion's son).  He's a really nice guy.  He said his dad told him to look for me.  We really just said hey and that's it.  I guess Elder Clement and I had the same MTC teacher.  I just know that from his blog.  Sister Bennie.  She was super awesome.  I had her and Brother Day.  They were super amazing teachers.  and I've learned so much already.
I receive mail every two weeks so that's that.  I don't guess I want to receive mail at my flat so just send it to me through the mission home.  I'll get that.  I'll write back whenever I can.  I got emails from some of my friends saying happy birthday and stuff like that so that was really awesome. 
Here are the pictures insha'allah.
Okay that's not working too great.  I'll try to send more next week.  I need to figure out a better way to do that.  But hopefully you got a few pictures.
Miss and love y'all so much.  -Elder Evan Pogue

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