Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter #51

So, Mom,  I'm sure you're going crazy to know anything about transfers.  Not much is changed, I'm still here in Stroud with Elder Chugg.  I was called to be district leader though.  I'm excited to be in Stroud for another transfer really, things are about to pick up with all of our investigators I'm sure.  This week has been pretty good. 
About my drivers liscense, is expires on my birthday but that doesn't even matter because I can't use it after July 25th.  You can only use an American license up to a year after being in the country.  I can get a UK license if I get call to be a zone leader, so we'll just have to see.  Don't worry about getting it updated or anything though. 
The weather has been brilliant, really just perfect.  Not too much rain surprisingly. 
So this week has been good, Last Monday we obviously got a call about transfers, so that was exciting.  One guy we talked to on Monday night kept saying that we are indoctrinated and decieved which really bugs me because they must think we're idiots or something.  We get that a lot though.  I remember Taylor said something about the attitude of some of the UK people being a bit colder than Americans and that true for a lot of people.  But it's really just different, not necessarily bad.
Tuesday we got to do a little bit of service, just to move some things around a garden and clean up.  On Tuesday night we got to go see Jamie and Angie with Brother McArthur.  They are doing way good.  We also gave them a Children's Book of Mormon and they think it's so funny how intense some of it is, like Nephi cutting of Laban's head and Ammon chopping off arms, different things like that. I guess it's not the ideal bedtime story for toddlers. 
Remember that Italian lady named Carmella?  Wednesday we went to see her, and also some potential investigators from past missionaries.  We talked to a lady named Amy and set an appointment for her on Friday.  We went to see Carmella and she has continued to read the Book of Mormon.  That's so exciting but, I'll mention her later.  We had dinner with the Turners that night.  Joe is preparing to go on a mission and should get his call in the next couple of weeks.  We met up with Jamie in Stroud.  He sold his playstation and bought us McDonalds, how cool is he?  That was just the first of his good deeds of the week too. 
Thursday we had to clean in the morning for a flat inspection from the letting agency, and then we decided to do our weekly planning, because our Friday was booked.  So we did that... boring day.
Friday was good, so we went to see Tracy with Peter and talked about the blessings of the gospel.  We shared Mosiah 2:41 about the commandments making us happy.  And talked about how we recieve revelation step by step and not instantly all at once.  Peter is the man, he worked until 4 in the morning then came teaching with us for 11.  He's such a great guy.  That afternoon we met up with Joe Turner to see Carmella and Amy, we knocked on Carmella's door and she asked if we could stop coming around... her priest had spoken to her. (more on that later)  That really sucked but we went to see Amy and she let us in.  We taught her the restoration and set a return appointment for this Friday.  We're not sure how actually interested she is but it's exciting that we got to finally teach the restoration to someone!  New investigators are dead hard to find.  That night we saw Ana with the Darracqs, she's doing fine.  She's a bit nervous about moving into a new flat with just her and Sophia, and having to work, and being alone and things like that.  She's moving forward with faith though and that's really great.  We're excited for her.  She gets to start moving in in about 3 weeks.  So for our 4th of July we just taught lessons.  We sang some American songs though and hung up a little flag for the day though.  It was good.  It's weird to think though that it was a year ago that I went to see Emily Warren in Galveston.
Saturday we went to Stonehouse all day.  We saw Jamie and Angie again and taught them a quick lesson.  Jamie gave us some pizza, good deed of the week number 2.  Then went around Stonehouse, tried to see Beverly but she wasn't in.  We tracted on quite a few doors.  One guy answered 'hello, if you're from the Mormons then goodbye!' and shut the door.  We get that about every day.  The problem is that everyone has heard about us.  A little knowledge is worse than no knowledge.  We had a BBQ at Jamie and Angie's where we met some of their friends.  That was well fun.  Jamie cooked us some burgers and sausages, good deed of the week number 3.  What a man.  It was fun to do something like that around the 4th of July.  We got to our flat last night and noticed that the musician guy that lives across the road was moving tons of boxes to his car and I asked him out the window if he was moving, he said yeah so we went to help him pack up his boxes.  He's such a cool guy, his name is James.  We talked to him as we were bringing the boxes out.  Turns out missionaries had helped him move in in February.  He said that having someone to talk to and to help him really made his night.  I love doing service like that where you can really feel how thankful the people are. 
Sunday only Ana came to church but she had a good time.  The quote of the week is by Chris Curren, he's so funny.  He said, ''live your life in such a way that when you wake up, the devil says 'oh crap, he's awake.''  Elder Chugg said something really cool in his testimony he talked about when we teach people we get the opportunity to see the joy of the gospel in others.  We get to watch them change and we get first hand to really see the fruits of the gospel.  I love being about to do that.  The gospel really is the best thing we could ever have.  After church we celebrated Chris' birthday at the Darracqs so of course we had delicious food and cake.  We were able to go give Jacqui Webb the sacrament after that then go back to the flat for our weekly call ins.
This transfer we have some great goals.  I realize that we haven't been finding too many people or anything like that but the people we do work with are great.  This is a really hard mission but we get to do things all the time to improve peoples lives.  I really wish more people would just give us the initial chance.  If they would just hear the first message of the restoration, they'd listen to all of it.  I love this work though. 

 I forgot to add this bit:   Right after church the bishop beckoned us to his office and said 'I just got a visit from a local police officer.'  That line scared me a bit!  I guess what happened was Carmella (the old Italian woman) had spoken to her kids about us coming and they notified the police!  It was kind of ridiculous but nothing bad.  So I guess we're lucky we weren't arrested!  Needless to say, we won't be visiting her again.
Elder Pogue

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