Tuesday, May 6, 2014

42nd Letter from England (Stroud)

Hey Everyone!
Sorry, this is obviously a day late.  Yesterday was a Bank Holiday Monday so the library was closed.  Right now I'm in a bit of a rush so this email probably won't be too long.  It has been a really good week though.  When I came to Stroud I had goals about what I would try to do in this area and so far all these goals are going very well.  
On Monday we went with the Darracqs again to see some sights. We went and ate at this place in Gloucester called Revolution that was pretty good.  Later, I spent a good amount of time chasing lambs around a field trying to catch one but they're fast!  Plus while you're running after one you have to jump over all the little sheep poop.  My mission goal to have a picture holding a lamb has not yet been accomplished but it will happen.  We had FHE with Ana and her family Monday night.  It was a really great activity and we had a good time.
Tuesday we got to go on exchange after our district meeting.   I went to Yate with Elder Keir.  Yate was very flat and they don't have much going on as far as missionary work goes so it was pretty boring.  It was good to have a bit of a change of pace though. 
We exchanged back early Wednesday evening. We saw some of our investigators that night.  I really don't remembered what we did though because I didn't write it down. 
Thursday was the interesting day!  We got to go to London!  We woke up and got ready then the Darracqs came to pick us up.  We headed off and drove a couple of hours to London.  It was weird driving by Heathrow and thinking about the amount of times I've sat there but never imagined the outside.  We went straight to the place where Elder O needed to go to take care of his business.  That didn't take long and turned out really well. After that we went  to eat at a Peruvian place in a part of London called Elephant and Castle.  It was really good food!  We didn't really get to see much of London but on the way back we drove through a couple really nice places.  We drove through Oxford and saw Oxford University.  That's a really cool area!  It was funny thinking about how all the students that were walking around were geniuses.  We then drove through a little town called Burford that was super cool.  It was a really nice drive anyways.  We got back and had a quick lesson with Ana.
Friday we were busy all day.  We had a lesson scheduled in the morning but got flogged.  We then went and taught B, J and A, and A.  We had planned for a lot more lessons but didn't have time. 
Saturday morning we weekly planned and taught three lessons again.  Just basic missionary work days. 
Sunday was good!  We were sad because J and A weren't able to make it to church that day. Ana also couldn't come.  We had been excited for J and A to come and experience church but they will next week I'm sure.  We went to the Darracqs after church and ate spaghetti that was really good. 
So this week was great.  J and A are reading my blog now haha. (HELLO J and A!) They call me Judas all the time (like after Judas Iscariot).  I'm not even sure how it started but it's funny.  They're awesome, and always say that we're like family to them.  I hope y'all get a chance to meet them someday! 

I'm really happy to hear that all of y'all are doing well!  I wish I had more time to email but I'll catch you up more next week! 
Love y'all!
Elder Pogue

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