Tuesday, May 27, 2014

45th Letter from England (Stroud)

Hey everyone!  Sorry this email is a day late, it's the season of bank holiday Mondays...  which I see no purpose of other than to not have to go to work.  So the libraries were closed yesterday, but in all seriousness, I'm happy they were!  And I'll tell you why in a bit.  I'm also a bit rushed this week.  It's always the week that I have no time that I get the most emails!  Anyways, I'll jump right into it. 
Last Monday was dodge night, as you know.  It wasn't anything too big though, I knew I was training and Elder Olivos assumed he was leaving.  That day we had zone p-day in Cheltnum and had a good time playing sports and all of that kind of stuff.  That night we got the call at 10:30.  I'm still here in Stroud and Elder Olivos went to a place called Evesham which is actually in the same Zone.  Not too far. 
Tuesday we spent a good chunk of time packing his bags and going to see people like Jamie and Angie and Ana before he left.  That night was extremely good!  We were supposed to have a dinner appointment but she forgot so the Darracqs bought us some  Fat Toni's pizza, which turns out is the best pizza in the world!  It was a great time and delicious!
Wednesday morning we had to wake up early and get to Cheltnum train station to head to Birmingham.  We met up with Sister Heikki and Brown, sister Heikki is actually serving in Eastwood!  I'm so excited for her!  We got to the home and went and had pizza.  Then we went into our training meeting and there were only 4 elders coming in!  It shocked me, Me and Elder Holman are the only ones from my group training this time.  I was looking at the 4 elders the whole time thinking, which one is mine?  I got Elder Chugg, from 'Las Vegas' but really he's from Boulder City.  We got the coach back, and got to work!  We were all pretty excited, but I remember my first coach ride to our flat and I hated it!  It was hot and I didn't know anyone.  Hopefully Elder Chugg didn't feel that way!  We had dinner with the Darracqs and then headed to meet Ana.
Thursday we went on a bike hunt and had a dinner appointment with the Mansfields.  We didn't get a bike that time.  It started storming while we were in our dinner!  We ended up walking like 5 miles to Stonehouse and by the time we got back we were both extremely tired.  We just needed a bike. 
Friday Morning we got a bike from the same store I got mine and then did our weekly planning.  We ended up seeing Beverly that day and teaching her a quick lesson.  Elder Chugg is a very clean guy so that'll take some getting used to!  Maybe I need it...  He also is doing a great job at talking to people.  Much better than I was. 
We had to go and find a gift for a member named Peter on Saturday morning then we headed off and did some finding.  Nobody really took though.  Elder Chugg was saying how shocked he was how mean people were and I have been shocked at how nice they are here in Stroud!  At 5 we had a dinner with the Hines family who actually live in a cottage owned by a famous jazz singer named ch... something. I don't remember.  Sister Hines is her house cleaner.  It was an amazing little cottage.  I took Elder Chugg to meet Jamie and Angie after that.  I'm not sure what he thinks about them yet!  They're going to laugh when they read this on the blog but they take some getting used to.  They're so awesome though.
Sunday Morning we woke up and got ready for church, then headed off ready to meet everyone.  Unfortunately Jamie and Angie didn't come again and Beverly wasn't there either.  We were really counting on Jamie and Angie being there this week!  They said how much they wanted to come.  I know they will be there next week though.  After church we headed to the Darracqs and had meat loaf and Benoffe pie in celebration for Peter's birthday.  It was so so good. 
That was all great but the highlight of this past week has been, the Cheese Roll!  Yesterday for P-day we went to an event (that was actually blocked off by the police) called the cheese roll.  It was crazy!  Basically, there's a cliff face, with some grass on it, and someone rolls cheese down the hill and a group of people chase it.  They end up rolling and it's such a dangerous event!  We got pictures and videos but I'll have to send them next week!  Look it up on youtube or something!  There were only a couple broken arms this year, but I thought one girl was dead by the way she was rolling down this hill!  The videos don't give the hill justice though.  It's SO steep, It's hard to stand on the sides to watch!  After that we went to see the Gloucester cathedral where parts of Harry Potter were filmed.  It was a beautiful place and the best p-day I've had!  Look up the cheese roll online!
Other information is that Claire Sanderson from Eastwood ward got her mission call!  She's going to the China Hong Kong Mission!  I think that's so crazy!  Also on the way to Birmingham I took out some money because the lady told us that the train ticket were 40 pounds but they were only 20.  So I have personal funds in my wallet now and not in the bank. 
Love you all!
Elder Pogue

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