Saturday, June 7, 2014

Letter #46 from Stroud

Hey y'all!

I watched Piper's graduation videos and was crying I was laughing so hard.  Ballerina moves in the middle of the stage, it was so funny.  I didn't watch all of the 11 minute one though.  I can't believe how tall she looks now.  It seems like she's grown a ton!  I guess I really haven't seen her in about a year though.  

To answer your question, if you want to send me something, send it to the mission home.  

What else have all of y'all been up to?  Happy that you saw Andrew. I miss Andrew tons!  Hopefully he's doing well.  It seems like a lot of my friends are in Aramco at this time so that's really weird not being there.  
I talked about last Monday in last weeks email because we emailed on Tuesday.  Did any of you look up cheese-rolling?  Make sure Taylor looks it up because I think he'd really enjoy watching that!  It was crazy!  Go watch some videos.  

Tuesday after we emailed we were supposed to teach a lesson to a lady named Stephanie with Peter, but we knocked on her door and she wasn't there.  I felt really bad that Peter had come all that way but she wasn't even home.  That's okay though because we ended up teaching Tracy (Jamie's Mum) Beverly and Ana that day.  We saw all of them with Elder Darracq.  Tracy is way cool, and seems to really enjoy us coming around.  Beverly is the same as always... and Ana is doing well as always.  The Darracqs 9 year old granddaughter had a spiritual experience that was a basis for all of the lessons we had that day.  It's a neat story about the Holy Ghost helping her leave behind something she looked to for comfort to go more to Heavenly Father for the comfort.  

Wednesday we had a lot of time to go around and talk to people, this whole week we've had a lot of finding time.  Wednesday we didn't end up finding anyone to teach.  We gave one guy a Book of Mormon but he wouldn't give us his number or address.  We went to see GM again on Wednesday.  He is really cool.  Our job was to keep the kids busy while Sister Darracq taught a lesson.  

Thursday we had a district meeting in Yate.  That was the same as always, just going and eating lunch then having a meeting then coming back to Stroud.  After that we went to Stonehouse where Jamie and Angie and Tracy and Beverly live.  We talked with Jamie and Angie and one of their cousins.  

Friday was our hated weekly planning day, we actually only got half of planning done until we went to see Tracy with Elder Darracq and Sister Darracq this time.  That night we taught Kojo (a recent convert) about temples and talked about our favourite scriptures.  

Saturday was an interesting day, we spent all morning in Stroud talking to people because there is a Stroud market.  It was a fun environment.  I heard a guy playing the Banjo, and you know how much I love banjos.  There were just tons of people but it seemed like everyone was too enthralled in their market to talk to us.  That's okay though, after lunch we headed off to Stonehouse when Elder Chugg got a nail in his bike tyre (english spelling for tire).  We headed back bought some tools and went to the flat so I could teach him how to fix it.  It ended up us having to go back and forth from the store to get new things because they kept selling us the wrong size of bike tubes and things like that!  We probably went back to the store 5 times and it took forever to fix the bike.  That was pretty much the whole of that day.

Sunday we had a really good meeting, Jamie and Angie had said before that they couldn't come on this Sunday because her dad was going to be visiting them that afternoon.  We missed them but they'll come next week.  They promised that they, and Tracy will all be coming next week so we're extremely excited for that!  Testimony meeting was especially nice.  After that we had pulled pork roast at the Darracqs and it was so good.  She's the best cook.  Then Sunday evening was funny.  We decided we wanted to adventure off to do missionary work in a town called Bussage so we cycled to this path which ended up being a narrow, steep, horse path.  We spent ages walking up a hill, then got to a huge steep road and walked up that.  We noticed we were on top of one of the commons and were no where close to Bussage.  We asked a guy how to get there and he basically told us the path we were going takes us straight down a huge steep valley, then straight up the next one, and that it's very dangerous.  After a couple of hours we decided to cycle down that steep hill we walked up.  We got to the bottom extremely fast, and maybe a bit dangerously.  Then we realized we never even made it out of Stroud.  I felt kind of pathetic.  It was a fun adventure though and I got a few good pictures.

One of the pictures is when I cooked us dinner last night, and it was the hottest thing I've ever eaten.  It was just crazy, and delicious, but my stomach has been on fire all morning!  It was mince, egg, chopped up chips, corn, garlic sauce, hot chilli sauce, tonys, it was very good.

Elder Chugg is a really good missionary and we're getting along great!

I hope everything is going well with y'all.  I'll try to finally get a few pictures sent today.  


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