Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter #49


This is a short email today,  you can see it's later than usual.  Today we just had other things planned for P-day and are just now emailing at the Darracq's so we have very little time and only one computer.  

This week has been great.  It's weird that at the end of the week I can hardly remember the beginning of it.  Time is flying and so much is happening all the time.

On Monday we had a pretty usual P-day.  Just did some shopping and relaxed.  We had a dinner appointment at this amazing 80 year old woman's house named Diane J.  She was actually the English Olympic swimming coach.  She told us a hilarious story about how one time she got the mafia involved in a situation where a guy didn't pay her for something he was supposed to.  That was just a great time.

Tuesday I got to go to Wales!  We woke up early and got ready because we had zone conference in Rhiwbina Wales.  That was great, I got see see so many people from earlier in the mission like Elders Olivos, Steel, some Elders from my district in Sheldon and Sister Eldredge was there.  We had a nice Eastwood reunion.  President Rasmussen gave some good training and we had a great time.  I love zone conferences.  We taught Ana that night. 

Wednesday we had a full day in Stonehouse.  We taught Tracy, and Beverly then that night we taught Jamie and Angie with Brother Cole.  Good busy day.

Thursday was a nice change of pace for us.  We did garden work for two different families.  Ross and Reg, and Sister Evans.  It was fun.  Literally all day we did garden work.

Friday was weekly planning day and both Elder Chugg and I were pretty sick.  I ended up sleeping a lot of the day.  I hate wasting time like that on the mission, being sick is just the worst.  We ended up briefly seeing Ana that night.  She's planning on making quite a few big changes in her life so we're constantly praying for her. 

Saturday we taught Jamie in the morning and that night saw Kojo at the church.  

Sunday we unfortunately only had Beverly at church.  Next week I really really hope that everyone can come.  We had a good time at church though as always.  After church we went to the Darracqs and went with them to visit some people.  

I'm going to leave what we did today for next week so I can send a picture as well.

As for what you're telling me about the World Cup I pretty much hear about all of that anyways.  I'm so excited for the Netherlands!  USA is doing alright as well so that's good.  I'm actually right now wearing an England shirt.  

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Love y'all!
Elder Pogue

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