Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter #47

Hey Everyone!  This week has been a week of tons of finding.  Not much else, and not much success but at the end of the week we were very, very blessed.  I really don't have much to say about the individual days.  It's weird because we do a lot and we try to make effective use of all of our time but sometimes things just don't seem to come. 
We had a regular p-day on Monday and that was good, Tuesday we spent the whole day in Stonehouse knocking on doors.  I really hate tracting, I prefer street contacting but we felt good about tracting that day.  We knocked on lots of doors but nobody was interested.  We saw Ana and Tony with the Darracqs after though.  That was really good because we were able to show Tony a video in Italian about receiving revelation.  He recently quit his job and is job searching.  Ana doesn't want to move or anything so it's kind of a tough situation for them.  We were able to share D&C 8 and 9 with Ana about receiving and acting on revelation.  Hopefully that helps, and they'll find something soon.  They bought a car though so that's good.
Wednesday we thought we'd try something new so we went to an area called Cashes Green and tracted all day.  We met a few cool people and got a couple of potentials but really nothing that seems too solid.  It was pouring down rain all day.  We had ward council that night which went really well.  When we got home I took of my shoes and only my two pinky toes were very bruised.  It was really weird.  That went away after a couple of days though. 
Thursday morning we had a zone meeting in Gloucester.  It was a really good meeting about working with members.  It was nice to see all the missionaries in the zone.  Elder Olivos was happy to see us too.  I think he's doing alright in Evesham though.  Sister Stapley and Dodds were visiting from Birmingham and told us something Sister Rasmussen had shared with them.  She said that when Nephi got back after a hard day of slaying Laban he never told his wife awh I'm too tired to pick up the chisel and write about what I did today.  That was a little bit of a rebuke about the missionary area book but it made me think about how much I suck at being consistent in writing in a journal.  I've written every day since then though.  We had a dinner appointment with the Cole's that night.  We tracted on some doors but one guy in particular was especially harsh.  He was saying that we were a cult and we were deceived.  He was just very hard- hearted and close minded.  I feel bad for people like that.
Friday was of course the dreaded weekly planning day.  We got about half of it done then went to teach Tracy. 

Saturday we were meant to meet a lady at the chapel for a lesson, and have a barbecue but the bbq was cancelled and the lesson flogged unfortunately.  I was excited to teach that lady too.  She needs the gospel; everyone needs the gospel.   We ended up doing some service for a family called the Hawes.  We were doing hedging.  I started laughing so hard because Elder Chugg was trying to save all of these snails and put them safely somewhere the whole time then Sister Hawes comes out and picks up a couple of the snails and says, awh gross, snails!  And throws them off a ledge onto the ground.  Elder Chugg's face was horrified!  It was so funny.  That evening one man just went crazy on us.  He was acting out of love though.  He was saying how sorry he felt for us being so deceived that we'd follow this cult.  He was telling us that we weren't Christians and that our Jesus was a different Jesus than his.  He just wouldn't even listen to us at all.  At one point we showed him the Book of Mormon and he said 'that book belongs in the bin.'  Then I asked if he had read it and he said that he doesn't need to.  It was just an interesting conversation.  He was very, very, very against us though.
Sunday was a miracle day.  I just couldn't even believe everything that went down on Sunday.  The big thing is we had 8 investigators at church!  Yes, 8!  That was a new record I'm sure.  So shout-out to Angie and Jamie and Tracy who all came!  I was so happy when I saw the cars pull up with them in it.  We also had Ana and her partner Tony.  Beverly, a girl named Hannah who is a friend of a member we'll hopefully teach this week.  Then a former investigator named Thomas.  I never imagined we'd have 8 at church.  It was just an insane miracle.  I really hope they all enjoyed it.  I know 3 hours is a long, long time to people who are new to it.  It just takes some getting used to.  So Sunday was just a really good day.  We had the BBQ thing right after church then had a Dinner Appointment with the McArthur's.   Then had more food at Sister Jacqui W's house!  We were full up by the end of the day.  At Jacqui's we gave her the Sacrament and the spirit was very strong during that time.  I love going to her house because we always have delicious food and the spirit is always strong.  Those two are probably closely related :P 
This week isn't looking too eventful yet, but hopefully some cool stuff will happen.  Elder Chugg is doing amazing.  He's adapted really fast to missionary life and is doing great talking to people.  Sister Darracq said that he's the quickest changing new Elder she's seen.  I don't know if we'll stay together again after this transfer, we'll just have to wait and see. 
I am loving my mission so far, I can't believe I've almost been out an entire year.  Time has just flown.  There's a quote in the Best Two Years where Elder Rogers says something like, 'Gosh, time just passes you by so fast, don't let one moment pass you by.'  I feel that way.  Time is just going like crazy.  I love my mission so it makes me sad to think I'm nearly half way done.  I've met so many cool people, and learned so much.   Most of all my testimony has grown so much.  I heard something from Brother Cherrington before my mission about Mosiah 18:30 about how the 'Waters of Mormon' are so beautiful to the eyes of those who came to the knowledge of their Redeemer there.  England is beginning to be that way to me, and hopefully I'm helping it be that way for those I teach. 

Love y'all,
Elder Pogue

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