Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter #48

Hey!  So I did get your letter!  I opened it an it was blank but if you highlight over it you can see it.  You accidentally made the font white or something.    Glad to hear that Max is home and Alex is on his way.  I'm sure Max was a good, solid missionary.  I'd love to hear some of his stories.

Transfers are coming up in just a couple of weeks.  I have no idea if I'll stay or go.  Trainers usually stay with their boys for two transfers but sometimes that doesn't happen.  We'll just have to wait and see. Elder Chugg is a really good missionary and we get along well.  We balance each other out in a lot of ways.  We always end up having really funny conversations about weird things.  I can't think of an example right now though.  

I actually was feeling like it was such an unproductive week but there have been a couple of cool things.  P-day was alright, I ended up buying some shoes from (mom this should make you happy) Clarks.  I like them a lot.  The shoes I had are barely hanging on.  We did some shopping and then went to the flat.  Monday was mainly a day of cleaning.  I missed Stanley!  That guy's the man.  I wonder how he would do against one of Sister Darracq's flat inspections. 

Tuesday we had one of our favorite DA's with a member named Mike C.  He brings us to Tesco to get sandwiches then to a place called Stratford park where we eat and feed the ducks.  We had a good time with him and while we were there we saw a potential investigator named Jake.  I went and talked to him and we ended up teaching him the Restoration in the park.  He didn't seem actually interested unfortunately, but we're hoping.  We went and saw Ana and Tony that night with the Darracqs and showed Tony that video called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father.  It's a really good one.

Wednesday we had to spend a lot of it cleaning for flat inspections.  She likes everything to be spotless and our flat is not easily made spotless.  Just because it's so old and falling apart.  The paint is falling off and we are constantly fighting mold in the bathroom.  It's crazy, we need a new flat, but that went alright.  We went to Choir that night and Joe P. came with us to teach Jamie and Angie and answer some questions from Church.  We had a good lesson and set goals for their marriage.  They're super excited about that and so are we!  

Thursday was the start of the slowness of the week.  We had district meeting in the morning and after district meeting ate at this amazing Italian place.  That was very good and very filling.  We then had flat inspection where the reckoning comes out.  It's almost like final judgement.  Sister Darracq pulls out her magic glasses and her face changes, and for a moment, she isn't the Sister Darracq we're used to!  I'm actually just kidding, we love flat inspection, she is strict but she always brings us cupcakes. Just a couple hours later though we had a dinner appointment and we were stuffed.  We could barely make it up the hills to our flat!  That night we went and checked on some members nobodies heard of in years and years but none of them are interested.  

Friday we got up early and caught a train to Birmingham.  It's nice to train through Birmingham and see places I'm so familiar with from serving there.  We had our follow up trainers meeting with President Rasmussen.  It was a good meeting, I'd heard the stuff before but all good reminders.  I got to talk with Elder Martin from Sheldon ward and he's doing well.  I also got the shaver which is good, thank you!  The meeting was fine but by the time we got home it was so late.  Then we had to prepare the flat because Elder Henry and Faricci (who's from Albania) were staying the night.  Elder Henry was taking the ACT at  a college here in Stroud.  Sister Darracq made us ribs that night and it was great!  

It was fun having them over, they left by 7.30 the next morning.  We had a Dinner appointment that afternoon with Ross and Reg who I can never forget.  Reg is 80 and 20 years ago he was hit by a car that was going 60 mph.  He can't hear and things and he's just so funny.  If I tried to explain him it would not do it justice. 

Sunday was good, unfortunately Jamie and Angie and Tracy weren't able to make it ):  Jamie and Angie's little girl Jay-Cee has been sick the past few days so they couldn't come and Tracy's granddaughter was getting Christened so she couldn't come either.  They should be there next week though.  It was so great having them there last week.  Ana and Tony came, and so did Beverly.  We taught the Gospel Principles class so that was fun.  Reminded me of Eastwood when Elder Harris (I miss that guy like crazy) and I would always teach the classes.  It's weird because I know how he felt now because I know I didn't say too much in those lessons as a new missionary.  We went to a DA at the Langmeads house way out in Berkley.  (UC Berkley is named after this place).  His sons are in Bahrain actually playing a gig for the military base there.  They're called Boomin' and also Bite the Shark.  Then we went with the Darracqs to teach Garreth M. who is such a cool guy.  His only hold up is tithing unfortunately.  He'll get past that one day though.  

So overall this week hasn't been bad, just not as effective as I'd like.  There was one really cool moment for me which is actually very ridiculous.  We were in our flat about to start planning on Saturday and our windows were opened.  I hear from across the road 'Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.'  I kind of went crazy.  That's the first time I've heard any Avetts since being in England and I've never met anyone who have heard of them. That line reminded me of my first email from home on the mission Mum wrote that line at the bottom of the email.  I actually went outside to see what house was playing it so next time I see them I can talk to them!  

I hope all of y'all are doing great.  I can't believe it's been almost a year already either.  It's flown by.  I love my mission so much though, it makes me sad to think that I'm halfway done.  I was looking over an email from Kenny in Sheldon and he said he's almost been out for 6 months.  I remember when he left and it does not seem near like six months!  It's been great out here.

Love y'all
-Elder Pogue

Here's another one just for his dad:
Ey Op me Duck!
Do you know what language that is?  English.  I still don't understand that phrase. 

Happy fathers day!  Did you have a good day?  I hear you had a big dinner with a bunch of people.  That sounds like fun.  Basically I don't have a lot of time to tell you all the things I want to but you should know that you're the best.  I was sitting in church the other day and thinking about the Father's day talks and what I would say if I was speaking and I was just thinking about a lot of memories with you.  Some are funny, some are stupid and I don't know why I remember them.  Like in Colorado once you told me I used too much toilet paper.  What quality advice from father to son.  I was just kind of laughing at that.  But other things are going fishing when I was young and all the camp outs.  Your leadership during the hurricane and moving to Saudi.  Your patience when we were bad, and all the sacrifices you make so we can have what we want.  In all seriousness, President Eyring gave a talk in Priesthood session that talks about our 'heroes' and how we will all be an example to someone, we'll all be someone's 'hero'. You should know that you've done a good job.  A great job.  Because I look up to you so much for everything you do.  I think about the way you taught be to do what's right.  The things that have lasted.  Like when you used to say the who's a smart man!? and all of those. I never realized how good I had it until being out here.  I hear stories now about fathers (and mothers) and the way they raised their families, or I see the bad examples they set and I realize now that I am so so so lucky.  

I keep telling my companions that I'm turning into you when I do something. But I'm actually pretty happy about that.  For example, the way I weigh everything before I spend money and a lot of other things. 

I hope you had a good fathers day.  
I love you dad.


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