Monday, August 4, 2014

#55 from Stroud

Hey Everyone,

I really don't have much time this week to write, we're at the Darracqs flat at the end of p-day.
I am really jealous about everything y'all have done!  I really can't believe that y'all went on a Breaking Bad tour.... That's hilarious.  It seems like y'all had so much fun so that's good.

This week has been good, we've done a lot of service and just working with what we already have. I really can't believe it's Monday already.

Last p-day we had a pretty good day, we went to Gloucester and saw the Cathedral again and did some shopping.  We ended up having to do our planning at the end of the day so nothing really happened.

Tuesday we had a really nice change of pace. We did service all day.  We helped a member named Sister Evans do her garden, then Angie, then Beverly.  Beverly actually only had a push mower so that was a new experience for me.  It was a great day full of just service.

Wednesday morning we went to teach Beverly and that was great.  Always enjoy that. We stopped by Angie's after. She's doing really good.  We later were supposed to go see Amy with Chris C. but she basically flogged us.  Sad..

Thursday morning we had district meeting which went well.  We later had a dinner appointment with the Mansfields and we were going to help them build a shed but they called earlier and said there was supposed to be bad rain so we had to cancel that.  We just ate dinner then went to see Jacqui Webb.

Friday we were supposed to see Angie with Peter but Angie wasn't home and then we just went to do service for the McArthurs.  We did all of their weeding but it started to pour rain.

Saturday we had a ward BBQ and we did a sack race.  It was the second race and one of the members ran into the wall at the end and dislocated her shoulder and gashed her head open.  That was a not so great start but the activity ended up going pretty well.

Sunday was good, Angie made it to church again so we're proud of that!  After church we came to the Darracqs with Diane Jameson and had an amazing meal.  I was so full afterwards i just felt sick.

Also!  I really hope y'all have had a great anniversary and dad has had a great birthday.  Talking to other missionaries and seeing the people I work with here, I realize how lucky I am to have y'all as my parents.  Hopefully y'all found the time to do something nice.  (:   I love y'all!

Hope y'all had a great week!  Love you,
-Elder Pogue

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