Thursday, August 21, 2014

#56 (Last from Stroud)

Aug 12, 2014


I am so jealous that y'all are all having such a good time in Louisiana!  I was craving some steamboat bills and sausage link all week.  Also, fishing would be so great right now.  That's exciting that you are all up at the Zachary's.  That place seems like a lot of fun.

I've had a pretty good week. I know last week we didn't have much time to email and this week we really don't have too much time either.  We're planning on going to Worcester Cathedral today.

Last Monday we had a great time with the Darracqs, we went to whats called British Camp up in the Melvern Hills.  I'll send pictures when I have more time but for now you should look it up on the internet.  Then after that we all went to TGIFridays and had a little taste of America.  We then all went to the Gadfield Elm chapel.  I had been there with the mission before but it was nice to be there when no one else was.  And we went to see what's called the Painswick Beacon.  There are tons of great views around Stroud, that are nice to go and visit.

On Tuesday morning Peter came out teaching with us to see Angie.  We showed her the Restoration DVD and she loved it.  Peter is such a great guy, he works 3pm to midnight but still always volunteers to come teaching with us at 11 AM.  After Angie we went and stopped by Beverly.  On Tuesday night we went and taught Ana with the Darracqs.  She's still going through some trials but we're working with her.

Wednesday we went on exchanges early in the morning and Elder Retzer came to Stroud with me.  We had a great time, he really wanted to go and see Angie so we went on a walk and taught her the plan of salvation.  We were supposed to teach that Amy girl but she flogged us and we're going to just drop her.  We had a really nice dinner apppointment that night, we had lamb.  Wednesday night was so funny because Elder REtzer and I ended up playing a game kind of like tennis inside of our flat.  We had a great time ahahaha.

Thursday morning we had District meeting and before it we ate at a pub called the Hungry Horse.  I had the best nicest burger I've had my whole mission.  It was called the smokey cowboy smokin' double stack bacon burger or something.   We had a good district meeting and exchanged back.  Elder Chugg and I then went and started cooking because we cooked a dinner for the Darracqs!  Then at half 6 we had a dinner with Diane J.  She is 80 and very cool and nice.  She made us a great dinner and we had a great time.  She introduced me to a musician that I think it just incredible.  Go look her up, her name is Eva Cassidy.  Her story is very interesting too.

Friday morning we of course had to weekly plan and that sucks.  Elder Chugg and I finished preparing for the Darracq's dinner.  We made one of his mums old recipes called Tangoloni.  It was really good.  We went over to the darracqs and ate then all went out to visit Jacqui Webb.

My birthday Saturday and it was good.  We just went on as usual. I got a call from Sister Darracq saying she had packages for us, and she brought us the stuff y'all sent.  I got a package from Kelcy, and from the Huntingtons and I got the rain jacket you sent.  It was a great addition to my birthday to open a few packages!  Then we went and got some Kebabs.

Sunday morning we went to church but unfortunately neither Angie or Ana came.  We were sad about that.  We had a good church service though.  Right after church, Peter was asked to move a members car and he's really never driven before, especially not a manual and on a hill and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  He looked terrified and he just about ran into a chinese family's house and into the church.  We were laughing that the family would be sitting there eating noodles when a big red devil car drove through the wall.  In a chinese accent 'this is unusual, hard to enjoy noodles with car.'  It was hilarious, and Chris was really taking the mick out of peter all day for it.  After that we went to the Darracqs and they made me 'Cafe Rio' for my birthday.  It was so great.  She also made me... a butter cake!  It was really good.  Very very rich.  She had never made it before and shre was kind of disappointed because she thought it was undercooked.  It was so, so good though.

Last night we had a funny experience.  I wasn't feeling too well so I got up to go splash some water on my face so i pulled the string to turn on the bathroom light.  About 5 inches away from my hand was a massive spider.  We spent a few minutes trying to catch it, and it was probably funny to watch us jumping around and trying to catch this thing without it getting too close.  We got a pretty funny video of it.

So transfers are this week, I'll find out very late tonight what's happening but I'm pretty positive I'll be leaving.  I'm excited for a change.

One thing I want from y'all is for you to send me loads of physical pictures.  Just of different things from family trips to just out wake boarding or out in Saudi, anything.  Specifically of me and us though.

I hope y'all have a great week.

Love y'all,
-Elder Pogue

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