Monday, August 4, 2014

#54 (Still in Stroud)

What a week...  I actually feel like you might not even be able to put this email up on the blog because a lot of it is pretty private about these people.  It's been an interesting week, because it's been so full of trials but I'm just as happy as ever right now.  Probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission.  I'll let you decide what to post of the blog, if anything.  But make sure not to put anything about these investigators.
Monday was an average day, did some finding.  Had a great time, and cleaned our flat for flat inspections on Thursday.
Tuesday we had a nice full day in Nailsworth.  One lesson I keep being taught over and over again is that we're blessed for diligence.  We spent all day in the heat, knocking on doors, trying to visit people but nothing.  As soon as we got to our flat though, we received a referral.  It happens like that all the time but if we would have done nothing, no referral would come.
Wednesday was... hectic.  We cleaned a lot of the morning for Sister Darracqs flat inspections.  (lots of things happened today that are personal to people ....) We had a dinner appointment with Sister G that night and we went over and she had a little 4 year old son named Noah.  I played football and cricket with him and he was running around so happy, he even insisted that he sits next to his new friends at the dinner table.  It was great, and got my mind off of the troubles of the other people.
Thursday we had our flat inspections and did great on it.  Probably because I was cleaning all night to keep my head clear.  Then I had district meeting.  It was good, I talked a lot about our motivation and how we should be focused on the Saviour to convert us.  After that I went on exchange with Yate.  Elder Allred and I stayed there and Elder Retzer came to Stroud with Elder Chugg.  We had a good exchange, that night we played football and had a dinner appointment.  Easy day.
Friday we woke up and did some service for a member named Brother Locke.  He actually knows Brother Larsen from his mission!  I guess Brother Larsen was his first District Leader or something.  It was good service, we just tore up a deck.  After that service I went directly on Exchange with the Zone leaders.  I went with Elder Packer in Cheltnum.  We did some service for this man in his 70's who's building a huge add on to his house.  It was hilarious, he was just outside in his g's trying to do all this work he's too old for.  He's a great guy.  Then we had a lesson that went well.  We taught a guy about the book of mormon.  Oh yeah!  Friday was my year mark so we went and saw the Sisters in Cheltnum (Sister Brown's in my MTC group) and burned a pair of tights, and I burned a hat that was in the car.  That was fun.  Elder Packer and I then went to a chippy called.  The Codfather.  It lived up to that name too.  It was the biggest nicest fish and chips I've ever had.  It was so much food.
Saturday morning we had a district leader council in Cheltnum so that was good.  We went to see Beverly then Angie right when we got back, then I had to go to the flat and prepare for my talk on Sunday!
Sunday was good though, we went to church and Angie made it.  I was so happy she came.  Tons of members were great with her too.  I gave my talk and it went really well.  I spoke about the spirit and told a few stories about the dresser, moving to Saudi, seeing the church in Ghana, and that time I just stared at the Christus.   We went to a dinner at the McArthurs house in the afternoon and had tacos which were very good too.

I've learned some valuable lessons this week though.  I feel like the theme of the week was love.  Every aspect of missionary work is reliant on our love for the Saviour, and our love for those we work with.  We love the people, we'll do exactly what we're supposed to, to help them.  If we love the Lord, we'll do exactly what we're supposed to which will consequently help and bless us.  A lot of people get annoyed at missionaries that are the 'rebuking obedient robot types' and I know missionaries like that and I feel like it's because they are just going through the motions for the wrong reason.  If they were sincere and cared about others more than they could be themselves and still do what's right.  I guess it's like that phrase: 'lose yourself to find yourself.'  That's been my biggest lesson this week.
I hope y'all are all enjoying your awesome family holiday without me. (:
Love y'all!
Elder Pogue

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