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August 19

This week has been insanely great.  I'll start by saying last week was transfers, so there have been a lot of changes.  Last monday we went up to the Worcester cathedral with the darracqs so that was very nice.  I always loved hanging out with them on p-day.  While we were at the whole foods store I got a call from President to be a zone leader.  I was actually a little surprised but excited for the change.  Monday night the way we get transfer calls is the zone leaders call the district leaders and the district leaders call the district.  I answered the phone and we were all in a conference call and Elder Packer said, Elder Pogue, you are going to be the happiest missionary in the mission.  So I was called to serve with Elder Harris again!!! This time in Loughborough.  (Luff-beruh is how you pronounce it).  Can you believe it?!?!

Tuesday we were supposed to do some service but we got rained out so we went and spent time with Ana and helped her pack her bags to move.  Tony made us some pasta and we had a good last day in Stroud.  I'm going to miss that place so much.  I'm sure it's the most beautiful area in the mission.  I worked on getting my bags packed also.

Wednesday was transfers in the morning and that was kind of stressful because all of the bikes and luggage would not fit under the coach.  We eventually figured everything out and got people there.  I met up with Elder Harris and helped people get to where they needed to be then got in the car (which I'm excited to be in) and left.

Thursday we went and met all of the investigators and recent converts.  I love Loughborough so much so far.  Most of our investigators are chinese students.  And we have a couple of recent converts that are chinese students as well.  We are just teaching all the time too.  I love these chinese people so much already.  They are very very cool.  The chinese students also just always invite their friends to learn about the gospel.  They have no fears.  Barry is one of the recent converts we see the most.  He is incredible.

Friday we started a service project for this guy named Bob.  We are making a new porch for him. It's really a huge job and none of us are completely sure about what we're doing but so far it looks really nice.  We'll finish that tomorrow hopefully.  Bob is great guy too, just one of the members named Reece's neighbor.  That night we got a call from Reece and a pipe had burst in between the top and bottom story of the house he lives in and his house was flooding.  IT was not good at all.  We helped him get that all under control.  We also played basketball with a bunch of the students on Friday night.  That was really fun.

Reece actually shares a house with a few members of one of the best female cricket teams in the world.  We teach them sometimes but they've been on tour since I've gotten here so I haven't met them yet.  One of them is the best bowler in the world though, so that's really cool.

Saturday we had another great day of just going and teaching all day.  We went and picked up a recent convert named Ivy that just got back from China.  She is so cool.  Elder Harris was really happy to see her and I was really happy to meet her.  We also spent a lot of time working on Bob's porch and then there was a ward bbq.  I'm actually serving in Elder Price's mission presidents ward.  I was able to meet them on Saturday.  Sister Ford freaked out and talked about how much she loves all of her missionaries.  They're really cool.

Sunday was great at church.  I love this ward.  Everyone here is very good at missionary work.  Always so welcoming and inviting.  Barry actually bore his testimony and at one point in it, invited all who had not been baptised to be baptised!  It was great.    We had a great DA right after church and then later that night went over to Barry's house to teach a couple of investigators named Alex and Ariel.  After that, another investigator named Anthia made us a huge proper chinese meal.  It was great!  I'm actually pretty good at using chop sticks too.  I can tell that by the time I leave this area, I will be in love with the chinese culture.  I actually already am.

So this week has been pretty great to say the least.

So I'm going to start taking my driving tests.  Dad is right, everyone talks about how hard it is, but we'll see.  If you hit a curb even a little bit when parking, you fail.  If you forget to signal once, you fail.  It's insane.  But it should be fine.  I'm going to book my theory test right now though, so some money is going to be withdrawn but I actually found out that it will be reimbursed.  So what I'm going to do is book it with your money, get it reimbursed in cash, then buy a suit with it or something okay?

I forgot to mention, at transfers Elder Eunice who is the other missionary that elder harris trained was so jealous.  He said 'President, I see that you have a father son companionship going.  I think it is in order that a second father son companionship happens in the near future.'  President responded 'Elder Eunice, do you really think that lightning would strike a third time??'  It was so funny.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Love you,
Elder Pogue

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